Yes war at Full Moon is fun as always!   All are kicking ass taking bases and just generally having fun.   It makes me soo happy to see this, here are a few silly pics…

the soldiers wait while the commander rolls up

omg we soo have to play trampoline war

it be soo much fun dbloc is writting the rules for us to have a competion

ooh she shows up to kick ass like this??

they prepare to go base hunting

now we are in december  and at the end of the year , i’m looking back at some the things that have happened in war , we have grown to a massive amount and have some fantastic soldiers now we have many that have gained officer Rank . Thomsen Rayner, Clea Enchanted,valariexisabella,and Monster.

we Have a few made it to Captain Rank Bird Chrome,Brandy fowler and krazywitch

Now this is where the roles get harder so I’m looking forward to see who gets these next year Major and General these roles are not easy and to gain these we need to see some initiative taking place helping full moon warriors to progress, by arranging tournaments ,bringing new players helping to train new players and taking army out for group fights as from officer should be doing these things but if we see hard work and all or some these things taking place u will gain these roles but it does take hard continuous work  :))

and I made Dbloc a co commander as i would be lost with out him what he does for war

got this week and more will soon follow .

arena.and bullet holes

these girls are waqrriors

tanya officer

party in the arena


cereal 2

army girls

takin bases

my dead bropng_001

full mon royals_009


my mf rezz day

rezz day jerek 1

rezz day stuff_013

rezz day  dancing in arena


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