Where are those dragons??

not had a great week this week , so thought I would do something different to take my mind off all the madness at the moment so I dress myself in a kinda warrior outfit  and head off into the sl unknown.

dragon hunter 1

First I find and Inka Sim that was pretty but wasn’t right for my pictures , I then find this Sim called Dragonlalth . I’m stood there waiting for it to rez chatting to people in another group then realize there a whole bunch of people stood around me armed with  weapons . I quietly say greetings to them all and inquire if I need to be careful as will I be  picked up by a dragon in its claws and whisked away. I’m told to keep one eye on the sky’s, but all the dragons in the area are friendly and if there is any renegades about with all the warriors around they wouldn’t have a chance . So I begin to relax knowing I’m in safe hands.

I’m told a lot about this Sim and given a back story about it they all seemed very relaxed and easy going, as if you remember one post I did recently I didn’t  have a good experience on an RP Sim and found them to be rude and aggressive towards me. so to find such welcoming and helpful people was refreshing and encouraged me to want to find out more about their world .  Having always been a vampire and not really explored to what is actually out there for people to do in second life, as I’m constantly hearing and seeing on Facebook “I’m board !” this always amazes me as I can honestly say I have never been board in sl, but there is so much one can do with a lil imagination and a sword on this Sim your ready to go.but saying this I think if u become a resident then there is intensive training .

Now I did have a little trouble rezing but I always find on a new Sim it takes time for my computer to  Recognize a new place so I’m hoping on my third return to get pictures I will have better luck.

vana dragon lands 1Now if your dragon riding or even a dragon these lands look stunning to be riding through  these georgous skies.  This Sim was huge I think its must be about four Sims together .

dragonloith 1

The back story and explanation about these lands was very detailed so for a beginner you really do pick up the picture of whats been created here .

All that was asked of me was to wear the wanderer tag so folks on the lands knew I’m just visiting and not attack me , this I think any of the elders can give you . but ask when u splash down all where very friendly and helpful  so no need to worry.

Run Hazy run there is Dragons after you!!!

Run Hazy run there is Dragons after you!!!

dragonlolth 1

This is the story of Dragonlolth for those that are interested I found it fascinating . The work and details that they have put into this Sim is wonderful and defiantly worth just going to have a look if not to RP there.



The heirarchy of Uhre:

UHRE  (Pronounced Yuuerr) is an EMPIRE…

The Empire is ruled by the TYR

The Provinces of the Empire are called PROTECTORATES

There are also TERRITORIES of the Empire under soverign governance

Protectorates may be Governed by UPHOLDERS

Some Protectorates may have JURISDICTIONS (cities and villages)

Jurisdictions may be overseen by LADIES, LORDS, BARONS. BARONESSES, ALDERMEN or MAYORS


The Empire of Uhre is a group of Protectorates (provinces) ruled by the Tyr and Territories (under separate soverign governance).  Protectorates may have an Upholder who oversees the activities within it.  In Uhre there are 7 Protectorates…. they are Bant, Ghioz, Hypatia. Lava Dome, Anaea, Sadda Vale, and Old Uldam.  There are 7 Territories; Auchter, Lundene Vana, Hird of Aigeir, Singing Woods, Vana, Nurutumbo and DragonLolth. Each of these territories is under soverign governance.  Uhre is surrounded by 4 seas; Belegaer Sea, Baeshra Sea, Ulfenhiem Sea and Sunstruck Sea.

The nature of the Empire is shared among many races… all of which are currently autonomous and free to roam. Dragons, however, are the supreme beings in the Empire for it was because of them that the Empire exists.

Dragons are divided among those that are Benevolent and those that are Evil.  In Dragon lore, those that are benevolent are related by blood to the god Bahamut, the second of the egg-hatched Dragons.  Those that are evil are related by blood to the god Tiamat, the first egg of the hatched Dragons. A Demigod called Aldarin lives deep in the Lava Dome whose sole purpose, bestowed by IO (pronounced EYE-oh) is to protect Dragon-kind from peril.

Dragons have eleven (11) gods. IO (pronounced EYE-oh) was the first created by the blood (lava)  and heart (fire) of the earth.  Lore says that IO came to the surface of the earth and took two boulders and hurled them into the blood of the earth.  They emerged as eggs and soon hatched as Tiamat and Bahamut, the first Dragons.

The 8 other Dragon gods came to be as the race evolved and each left their own legacy for Dragon-kind.

The Lava Dome is said to be the place into which IO hurled the boulders; thus it is a very holy place for Dragon-kind.

The ruler of the land of course was a Dragon… the first being a descendant of Tiamat.  He called himself the TYRANT of the land.  This Dragon ruled with violence and slavery.  He was mean and killed the other races that dwelled in the lands adjacent to the Lava Dome.  As he murdered and destroyed, he commanded the other Dragons that served him to take ownership of the lands for a vast distance.  He created the Empire and called it UHRE, which in the ancientest of draconic languages means “DRAGON DESTINY”.

Generations of TYRANTS ruled the land, some with the shroud of dragon fire and some with the veil of kindness and good.  Those who ruled with goodness convoluted their title from TYRANT to TYR, in an effort to maintain the heart of Dragons and keep history on the right course.

well that’s me for this post I hope you enjoy  as much as I enjoyed writing this and  discovering a truly magical land.  I will be doing more exploring  so watch this space as tomorrow I might be an elf or a robot u never can tell, its so what the mood takes me:))

hugs and love to all u

What Hazy is wearing


.::delusions::. combat ready make up @ black fair sadly over

::pinkie:: brilliant eye shadow aquamarine

by snow – hybrid eyes jade
Damned – sprays megga pack


Emo-tions –  gloria black


kunglers camelia silver – necklace

Hod dragons tail gauge

yasum lip and nose piercing

mandala nails


lazybones leather cutoffs black

lazybones -bralette black leather


The End of the World as we Know it!



Okay Dearies,

It’s more then about time I showed off my inner Goth side and flare for the dramatics.   Every time I visit the World’s End Garden sim, I am amazed.  It is so gorgeous, whimsical, stunning that it can turn even the worst mood around.  There are plenty of places to sit, think and relax plus cuddle for the romantics out there!  Exploring this place truly is an experience so make sure you go!  I mean it, GO!  also join the group ladies to receive about 6 awesome outfits for free 😀  Including, drumroll please, the one I’m wearing in this picture!  The detailing is exquisite and it comes with the flower hat which is gorgeous.  One of the best group gifts I have come across lately.  Hope you liked this look as much as I did!  Ta Ta for now ❤ Cait



I just love this headdress!


Hair: Wasabi pills Julia

Dress:  World’s End Garden group gift

Neacklace:World’s End Garden

Hat: World’s End Garden

Poses: Purple poses;Barbara

.:Sand Storm:.


Hello again!

Thought I would do  quick post for this picture I finished editing!  I’m loving gimp lately and working on the photo editing skills.   We have some amazing digital artists on the blogs we follow and they inspire and awe me everyday.  Anywho, the blue in this Hucci dress really popped against the beach scene and this wispy hair from Boon is one of my all time favs.  I am on the constant quest to find quality curly hair on SL, so If you have any please comment and link!  This look also features these new mesh hands that when tweaked to match look very cool and come with a dozen nail options.  Hi5 😀  Please like and follow us if you enjoyed!

❤ Cait

Dress: Hucci Corora Dress: Monaco blue

Hair: Boon WMO003 Hair chocolate

Lashes:  Mysteria Eyelashes

Lip Gloss: DA lipgloss pack

Hands/ Nails/ Jewelry:  Mesh hands Vika designs

..::Girl on Fire::..



Hey everyone!

So this combination is a throw back to my short exploration in neko style, more then a year ago  but, when I saw this mesh hoodie from Magika all I could think of was fishnets and kitty collars.  The detailing on this dress was so well done, i forgot my mesh obsession of 2012/13 .  Then added my favorite grunge boots from DRD (Unfortunatly no longer available in world but on market still).  I just love this hat, it goes from cutsie to throw down in t minus 2 minutes!



“X in the box  ’cause aint nobody checking”







Hair: Magika Clumsey

Boots:  DRD Lazy heel dark red

Dress, gloves, tights and collar:  Black Velvet

Poses: Image Essentials In world link.

Hope you enjoyed 😀

what an exciting week we have had

well its all been going on this week  first of all we opened a fmd – full moon designs  in the ghetto , now Fmd is hugely important to us as it drastically helps toward our tier all donations are hugely appreciated  and if u make any thing and want to donate an item that will help advertise your collection with a link to your store or how people can get in touch whit you contact either me- Hazy Cygnet , mat Ronin or Whitney Glendale and we can get you set up . In the top oneyou will find some cool gestures  made by the king himself,a custom tip jar soo what ever you want , and profile pics where im doing an introductory offer of one for 200l and buy two pics get third free.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Finite%20Fini/176/95/3504 this if for the ghetto store

this one is for main store down on main sim where we a few samples of the pictures i take we have some t shirts and dresses come and check it out


ok then we had an embracement on thursday, which was for CupCake who is Robs minion and she hasnt been in sl long but she was soo eager to turn vampire and has learnt to sl walk as it were so how could we refuse

Her liege bites  his minion leaving just a drop for the royals.

the duchess jumps and takes a good healthy bite :))

The prince prepares to bite this sweet young human

The queen pushes her victim to the ground and drinks her sweet blood

Sadly she didnt rise this time and I soo wish she did as I know it would have been soo exciting to cupcake but sooo be it .

But with most the royals being late as usul , lol, but it turned out that we ha a good amount of royals and clan came to watch and of coarse  we ended the embracement with wait for it dun dun dun THE DOUGIE!!!

let me teach you how to DOUGIE!!!

family come dow from the galleries and dougie with the royals

The Queen and Kimmy show them how to DOUGIE

Now on wednesday was sandra our dear ducheses 4th rez day yes i said 4 she really is this old :)) and to celebrate we held FMC in the palace with a medieval theme  and what a great night we had  mat djed for 4 hours and a brilliant set as always can never fault our KIng he really is soo attentive to all our musical needs , he really willl whom ever ‘s party it is have the music they like and always pics his tunes soo carefully can never fault him on that , so for Sandra’s party was mixture of the old cheesy 80s tunes which we all know and love – we are family, Im a survivor  and many more classics , we had a lil country and the usual very sweet love songs he picks or his girl always brings a tear to ones eyes.

all the family made this such a special event

Layla shakin it medieval style

The prince looking very gallant

The rezday girl

happy birthday to our Duchess

Lady Brandy

so a brilliant night was had and mat took in tips 13000 soo this will go very thankfully towards tier he was over the moon said he has never taken so much in djing tips before ,

it goes to show with a great turn out how well it brings in the tips and how much this helps to run the tier so thank you every one for making our Duchesses night a special one to remember.


Photo contest

This a cool contest is for a vampire theme u need to have a flicker account and go to the sim


This is the rules for the contest

Illuminati Domus: Paradise Lost presents:***Vampires Photo Contest*** 4th June – 6th July 2012

Find your inner vamp in our fun new Flickr photo contest! You don’t have to be a vampire, or a member of the Illuminati Domus family in order to enter our contest, and you can take your inspiration from legend, novels, films, whatever you wish. Be creative and have fun! Your photo must be taken at Paradise Lost island and include vampires as its theme, in order to be eligible to enter the contest.

SLurl to Paradise Lost: slurl.com/secondlife/Changthangi/66/208/58

Dates of the contest
June 4th – July 6th 2012

1st prize – $1500L
2nd prize – $1000L
3rd prize – $500L

How to enter
1. Take photos of yourself and/or others in a vampire theme on Paradise Lost island, and post them in the Illuminati Domus:Paradise Lost Flickr group:

The contest is being held in the Illuminati Domus:Paradise Lost flickr group. You may enter as many times as you wish and the contest is open to everyone in SL.

*All entrants must follow these rules otherwise they will be disqualified.*

2. Photo editing is allowed, but not essential. Feel free to experiment with any inworld effects you can create – SL’s shadows, depth of field and windlight effects – at your leisure and take the most imaginative and creative shots of Paradise Lost Vampires that you can. If you want to try editing, and you don’t have software, you can download GIMP editing software for free atwww.download-free.com/photo-editor?source=ga. You can also use www.picmonkey.com to edit work quickly and easily. There are many other free editing websites available too if you want to give it a go.

3. Your pics can be in any style you wish, as long as they are to do with vampires and are taken on Paradise Lost. Use your imagination! Will you be Count Dracula; an ancient Egyptian vampire; a Victorian one? a modern vampire?!

NB – The roleplaying Vampires in the Illuminati Domus family are “enlightened” vampires who try to fight against their evil origins, many were tricked into becoming vampires when they were new to SL and they never bite anyone who has not shown an interest in being bitten! But anyone can enter this contest and dress up as Paradise Lost vampires or find some vampires to take photos of!

The photos can include any vampire themes, and do have fun, but please, don’t include anything that could be described as pornographic or that contains too much gore!! (The flickr group is not an “over 18” group. If you have any questions, please contact me.)

4. The title for each of your contest entries to the Flickr Illuminati Domus: Paradise Lost group should be:
“Paradise Lost Vampires – Contest Entry” – you can add a subtitle as well if you wish. If you don’t include this as your title, your entry will not be accepted for the contest. If you include more than one entry, please number each entry or give each one a subtitle as well as the main title.

5. Only the three winning photographers who enter on flickr will receive the prizes. If you choose to share your prize with the person/people in the photograph/s this is up to you. The Judges’ decision is final.

6. The closing date is final, anything submitted after this time will not be accepted.

7. The winning photos will be chosen by a panel of judges. By entering the contest you agree to allow Illuminati Domus to display your work on Paradise Lost Island.

8. The three winners will be announced on Flickr and the Illuminati Domus inworld group on July 8th, and the prizes given on this date as well.

Good Luck!

SLurl to Paradise Lost: slurl.com/secondlife/Changthangi/66/208/58

Any questions, please send me a flickrmail
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This is a cool contest open ur flicker account and get taking the pictures and show what cool vamps u really are
hugs Hazy
P .S only two days till the draw soo hurry and get editing:))

Flamming demon



Pictures by Hazy

These are a few that I have entered

Death returns to Full Moon

Hanna has been lieged to me for a couple months now , after our random meeting in our club one night when no one was about , she was in full moon when she was Deaths minion but we never meet her as death liked to keep himself to his self  we didnt get to meet too mnay of his minons ,

soo I bumped into Hanna and brought her to join the rest of the family , she immediately became one the family and has settled in and become a very defiant full mooner.

I spoke to Death greymoon about a month ago he agreed that we can arrange a swap for her soul,but then he hardly been on line , so I waited patiently , knowing that the time would come when is gonna happen, then other night Hanna ims me “Hazy Deaths on line!” soo I msg him and he replys with of coarse , I told him I was going to check my bloodlines page and find him a swap , he insists that I may just have her no swap ,

what a nice gesture  on his part , so with Hanna making us laugh while I reap and bring her soul back home to rest

welcome home Hanna

reaping from death for hanna’s soul

Hanna’s soul returns to full Moon