mistletoe?? noo not yet Im still in Autumn mode!!

DBRC jumpsuit 3Now I love love love this store ^V^DRBC^V^ always have But to discover they are part of my blogging  review group We Love to blog well you can only imagine the delight on my face ( one massive happy grin !!!) yes yes I am one happy bunny so here you are girlies, I have a few outfits to come and show you but today I will start off with the jump suit That comes with a hud with a large number of really cool diffrent textures each one i seriously loved My fav was the one in this first picture, i loved how the jump suit was all in one even shoes built into it  it sexy ooh yes very very sexy and I love the edge to it  as not too girlie is more gothicky punkie type . OOh boy you lot are so gonna love this store if you not yet discovered them and arnt you lucky Im given the chance to introduce you :))

DBRC jumpsuit 2

DBRC jumpsuit 6



the skin In in is For this round of Designer Circle  called Evelien By 7Deadly{S}kins I have got on my own makeup so I am going to put in the picture so you can see how the skin is  without me dressing it up . I wish I could ever get eye lashes to look like this Below , I have been trying eyelashes for years Mesh none mesh ones with a hud ones without what ever i try they still never look good on my eyes Wot on earth am I doing wrong that everyone else can make them look so great!!!

Evelien V1 poster



What Hazy is wearing…

eyeshadow- lila (Violet) By Zibska

eyes- Voodoo ( Nebula) By Buzzeri

jumpsuit- jade By::DRBC:: @Suicide Dollz

necklace- heavy spikes By [Glow]Studio

nails- halftone Havoc by  Dark Passions (Koffin nails)
ring-winter joy (Holiday Cluster ring in dark wood (Rare) by [CIRCA]
@ The Thrift Shop ( Winter Ed)

hair- *GLoris* (BLack) By Emo-tions
skin-evelienV1  By 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Designer Circle – discount store

hands (casual) Feet (High) Avatar enhancments  By Slink

bamngles- Lira By Maxi Gossamer




Back to School Now My Dear

first of all Id like to remind you its that time of the month again when  its time for The Monthly Mob , we had the first one last month Freak show  this month is 7 Deadly Sins , if you rember me telling you Its a group of blogger getting to gether and doing one big group themed picture , and each of us blogging our own stuff and promoting other blogger with us , Its alot of fun , and we always looking for new blogger to come along and get involved so im Mena Lancaster and let her know your intrested , it be too late for this round but please c opme on you bloggers next month will be equally as cool.

MonthlyMobAdvert1Secondly we got a new sponsor yay n stufff!!!!! so will be showing  lots cool stuff from them  C.H , they are a brand new store but expect some exciting items coming from them:)

-CH- Logothe first outfit from them I am going to show you Is for the event Back to School

Which started on the 11th september and on till 25th so you still have alil time to go down and check it out

back to school

I was always a naughty girl at school and would wear heels , dye my hair and was constantly ion trouble ablout my hair , ooh and jewellary we wernt alllowed either So it would be confiscated and given back to me at end of the day but still i would insist  I supose it was me trying to keep my individuality I was not going to let them mold me their way hahahha I never been able to conform to anything!!!!

So as you can guess I had fun with this outfit

What Hazy Is wearing…

Jackie skirt (Marine) By CH @  back to school event
julie shirt (White) by Ch @  back to school event
house ties ( red) by Bother ( sadly not available  But many ties around )
shoes-lux heels( Pink/Green) by .;Glow designs:. @ The Designer Circle
pose – sugar girl by Gola Industry Discount

Skin and shape Patience Caramel By 7Deadly{S}kins

hair -f052 Pastel by .;Cheveux;.

makeup- make (Erba) By Zisbka

soo next one my lovley sponsors Rowena Designs has given me these cute shorts and top as with all her items  they have a hud to be able to mix and match the colours ( I love this ) never short of an outfit colour or have to go out and buy 16 of the same outfit to get the diff colors you want

rowena designs mutli colours

shorts and top – Katie By Rowena designs

skin- patience plain By 7Deadly{S}kins

shape-patience caramel by 7Deadly{S}kins

makeup-Night shadow By The Hellish Diva [THD

Nails-wild gold polish By Zoz

hair- raindance By *Soonsiki! @ SwagFest 2

necklace-voodoo by =Sweet Lies Designs=
In both pictures Patience skin and shape is used by 7 deadly{S}kins which is the newest release in store so hop on by and see what you can find also Up top of the store Is the garage sale all skins are 10 lindens So hurry before you miss out:))