Imma cute Bomb you beware!!!!

Full Moon Blog has a new sponsor which I am very excited about CuteBomb who have items in Carnevil when that round is finished they are in store for a while , This outfit was very well suiting as we are building a ghetto on my sim, I thought it was a pretty urbanyish outfit:). friends are setting up a roleplay thing < I hardly been online so I am out of the loop a bit but I will tell you all about it when I manage to find some time as real is kicking my ass at the mo and just finding time to log in let alone blog and or even have any input to whats going on at my sim it is bugging me out but hey ho it is what it is  so yup CuteBomb guys one to watch for sure:))

here my pics xxxx

cutbomb &Kaerri 2

cutbomb &Kaerri 1

cutbomb &Kaerri 3

cutbomb &Kaerri 4

this adorable teardrop seat is another wonderful creation by Kaerri who i am actually falling in love with everything they come out with is soo beautiful , attention to detail is fantastic so yup if you not discovered Kaerri yet you must !!!

what Hazy is wearing…

skin-presley( taupe) by 7DeadlyS{K}Ins @rock attitude
foot chains-warrior anklet ( copper) by Promagic

Top-cross2top by Cutebomb @ CarnEvil round 8
Pants-rollala jeans ( strips) by CuteBomb

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

tattoo- essence MM14914 By Letis Tattoo
bangles- athena ( silver) By Maxi gossamer

hair-valorie by Tameless

hairbase- shaved chessBy DeeTaleZ

panties- yummy panties( gold) by Supernatural

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

ace tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

nails-my bats are melting( rare) By Dark Passion( Koffin Nails@ Luck of the irish

hanging teardrop chair set by Kaerri

ok im so sorry i wrote this about two weeks ago so sorry if links arnt correct but check the stores inworld if u cant find at events sorry guys real kicking my assxxxxx



Mish mash it up

mishmash wltb1

mishmash &calendar girls pose3

pose used here is by Something New  Calendar girls and is available at Olala Event

sold singley for 25l each or all 7 for the price of 6

the dress is by MishMash  Fusion and a few diffrent colours to choose from I loved this electric pink I used an old skybox  which is called gothic and i loved the bright electric modern look with the old dark gothic look behind

sleeping punk queen1 the collar is part of Livid‘s accessories for their spring collection and the shoes Ooh the shoes :)) are by UNIQ PhaZe also the adroable crown is a rare gacha (Gold) and I loved the hair from Tameless  Sloan finished my look of perfectly

mishmash wlt2

here is the Picture of the rest of the gachas for Something New posees calendar girls .

Calendar Girls Collage

What hazy is wearing …

nails- Butterfly spring tips( magenta Purple) By Zoz

hair-sloan( fantasy) By Tameless
dress-automatic flowers (floral Hot Pink) By Mish Mash Fusion
shoes-jen heels (Purple) By UNIQ PhaZe

hairband-gacha Princess crown(gold rare) By UNIQ PhaZe

tattoo-asherah ( faded) By G.I.D

face tattoo-atlan face tattoo By Idiot @suicide dollz

collar-hell spiked By Livid

Skin-Jezabel(taupe) By 7DeadlyS{K}ins and  im so sorry to say as im late posting this is now not available:((

but the skin in now Raven is soo pretty my next post will be with raven .

rings & Bracelets -The Bohemian by Blushed

Ring-(Left hand) mortem togam By (Celestinas Weddings Outlet)

Pose- Calendar Girls By SomeThing New @Olala Event


my boots are made from the sky!!!

masoom 1

masoom 6

masoom 5

masoom 2

masoom 4

Masoom have a bunch of items at the Wash Cart Holiday Sale so its really worth popping over there as wow such amazing deals to be had. sale on from december 17th till jan 31st all items 10lindens except for one 50lindens now thats cheap and madness to miss out!!!
cute cute nails from Pathos a designer I havent heard of before I think must be new to We love to blog but they really pretty nails checkout their marketplace store

the cute scrabble , and the lil figure playful Alex and the to do board is all by Serenity Style and adorable as ever I kind of rushed this decorating as I have been so busy on my sim Im sorry and forgive me its not beautifuly decorated but these items spoke for the]msleves I thought and needed no more to show them off as they are cute and anyone can see that they need them for their house Well thats my excuse and im sticking to it!!!! But pop over to The Chapeter Four and see what there is .

What Hazy Is wearing…

nails-crisslink Hud By Pathos

top-girl 69 bina long top by Masoom @ wash cart Holiday sale (poe 7 hunt item)
sale on from december 17th till jan 31st
all items 10l except for one 50l

cute scrabble, playful alex, things to do by Serenity style @ The chapter Four ( Chapter 19) event started on the 4th jan

boots- stormy 24 pantones by Sky

hair-lily by Tameless (fantasy pack)

skin-skin-Aisha v2 ( Almond) By 7Deadly{S}KIns  @Designer Circle

bed- twilight forest nook bed by [CIRCA] @ naughty or nice hunt


Chained Melody

somethign erotic 6

Something Erotic has some extremly sexy Poses with props made selectivly for an adult sim But , I am not one who is into BDSM but I do find these poses extremly sexy , I had to rez my dungeon I bought my self a few months ago for doing pictures of coarse Cough!!!! laughs maybe I should become an Sl Madame I could do stomping on some guys in heels !!!!!

My outfit  is by UNIQ Phaze I love the lacing details in the back  the dress is leather and looks soo real  I  love it  and the shoes also made by UNIQ Phaze with atwo huds one to change the back and sides of the shoes  and one for the bow around the top  i think they very pretty and the fact they are slink makes them even better , now when i see shoes that arnt slink I turn my nose up  No no no I dont think i could go back to the silly colour huds to get ur skin matched ughhh .

I have Bought myself the slink body and lola’s but still trying to figure it all out. What I dont get is how you get mesh clothing to fit  around the big boobies  , I am sure they must be able to be shrunk somehow as for me at the moment they are far too large I want to shrink them up alil But I can’t figure how to do that ( anyone know  how to shrink boobbies do hit me up and let me know:) )

something  erotic 4

something new 7

something new 8

something erotic 9

What Hazy is wearing…

necklace-adalind (vermillion) By ECRU

dress- lala by UNIQ Phaze

shoes-booclazz ( slink High) By UNIQ Phaze

tights- fishnets by Bax

blindfold- Steel By Erratic/Chris

Hair-Gin ( Fantasy ) By Tameless

skin-EveleinV1  By 7Deadly{S}Kin @Designer Circle – discount store
Piercing- Nose swirl By Pekka

eyes-voodoo (Nebula) by Buzzeri

Pose & prop – chained melody by Something Erotic

Nails used- for the month of December Crow has a box of a Skin with slink applier for nails and hands n feet will be in Mad Hattery and a ridiculously cheap price my your mad if you don’t pop on by I will be showing the skin in my next post but I loving the nails I had to pop them on for this one!!!!


my oooh my i can Tweet !!!!

this is a super quick post to show you this pretty dress by Glitterati   it is for  their 6th anniversary ( and in Sl we all know that is a big achievement ) as a gift so pop on down  as if you pick this gift up you haven saved a pile of lindens to spend in store!!! See my thinking here ??

ok so no wasting time skip along to the store as this is a really pretty floaty dress it will be perfect for all those christmas parties that will be comming up, I got alot of comment( good ofcoarse ) while I was wearing this .

ok I am gonna have to skip out as real life is calling me to go and do deads I have to do:((

so here are the pics for you guys enjoy. OOh and lastly Pictures were taken on the Done Wiv A Twist sim and i only explored a tiny bit I will be back for more exploring !!!!

glitterat  3

glitterati 2

glitterati 5

glitterati 6

glitterati 1



What Hazy is wearing…

dress- ariel the little mermaid (6th anniversary gift) By Glitterati

skin-jennifer By 7Deadly{S}kins @Lovley Jubblies

eyeshadow -Maike By Zibska

necklace- Octopussy ( green) By Chop Zuey

hair-wren By Tameless

ring-winter ring ( Gacha) By [Circa]@ Thrift Shop ( Winter Ed)

eyes-voodoo (Nebula) by Buzzeri

bangle- lira by Maxi Gossamer

Hands (casual ) feet ( High) Avatar enhancments By Slink

poses used – adrianna by Belle Poses


Peek Into Wicca’s Wardrobe

wicca's wardrobe 1


wicca's wardrobe 2

wicca's wardrobe 3

wicca's wardrobe 4

wicca's wardrobe_005

Wicca’s wardrobe is at Room69  with a special Autumn edition outfit , with a jacket or a top option  Its incredibly sexy and  and space agey , it comes with a really great hud  to give you lots of colour options for all the diffrent straps  and sections on it You could have a multi colored outfit  or make them all the same colors like i did., Topped with Tameless hair  and tailed with Maitreya gold boots That I am loving , I am now lovng this outfit and want to keep it on . so pop on down to Room69 there so many great designers you will be spoilt for choice belive me . and is open up till the 20th of Nov so plenty of shopping time for you !!!!

What Hazy is wearing…

earrings- spiked (Gold) By RYCA
Boots- Laud ( Brown) By Maitreya Gold
skin-tatiana Rose By Crow

hair- Lily ( fantasy) By Tameless

necklace-angel heart (TWO) By ::GB:: now not available
eyes-voodoo (Nebula) By Buzzeri

jacket- Cayla jacket (Autumn edition) By Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Room 69
pants- Renraku ( Autumn edition) BY Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Room 69

top- zena ( Autumn Edition) By Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Room69

poses used gagalicious By Fly Lily!

Location pictures were taken Virtual decay

My full Moon

Well this has  made my day Crow have a skin out called  Sophie FullMoon and its really pretty , so with some sweet lies I have in my inventry that I have never used as yet and the pretty wings by Crow I think it all made my outfit , I was tempted to put fangs on ,well Full moon we are Vampires , But the skin needed nothing else added  as  thought it so pretty.

Crow has moved to a new location and has a brand new collection and it opend yesterday 30th October I have so much to show you But I wanted to give you a small peek  to poke your intrest and want to pop on over there and see all the lovley things to be had.

crow & sweet lies 1

crow & sweet lies 2

crow & sweet lies 4

What Hazy is wearing….

skin-sophie ( Fullmoon) By Crow

nails- metallic brights (slink) by Crow
wings-tatiana seventeen By Crow
sceptre-athena Sceptre( Rare )  (Old gacha) By Sweet Lies Designs
eyes- voodoo ( Nebula) By Buzzeri

makeup- eyeshadow hippy By Mons
hair- mallory ( Fantasy) by Tameless

outfit-braclette, belt,skirt,top -nicte (Red) By Sweet lies Designs

crown -hera crown( Common) by Sweet lies Designs

earings & necklace -inca moon By phoebe

pose used poses used demure by Quixotica