I am LIVID with u baby!!!


anarchy in the uk with livid &supernatural


multi livid &supernaturakl & sn pose


Livid has out this great punk outfit for their spring season outfit , and Im loving it , as was a punk in reallife for many many years this outfit went down well with me , and as with all their outfits beautiful texturing , the accesories also come with it the lil horns , the collar and boots ( but I am not wearing the boots the boots I am wearing are Supernatural lethal heels and this they are they would make any man swoon over you and deafinatly will not be easy to walk in LOL

and the poseses used today are the New release from Something New  called calendar Girl for the Olala Event

what Hazy Is wearing…

outfit- blasphemy Hoodies&skirt By Livid

collar-hell spiked By Livid
horns-hell By Livid

hair-GAS760 ,KCP393 (Pink) By Boon
skin-jezabel( taupe) Cleavage By 7DeadlyS{K}ins @[B] unique
nails-Butterfly spring tips( magenta Purple) By Zoz

panties -Yummy(Gold) By Supernatural

boots-lethal (Black) By Supernatural @Weib

lip piercing- By Hollyweird

face tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

body tattoo-asherah By G.I.D.

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

Tiny monster Mother & Baby By Masoom @Luck of the irish Gacha Event

pose used Calander Girls By Something New@Olala Event



































Swinging 60’s

I was born a little later just missed the 60’s I’m a 70’s child , but what a fantastic vibrant era , mainly what the 60’s was remmeberd for was clothing, music, drugs, dress and  sexuality, people where doing things that had never been done before, The decade was also labeled the swinging sixties because of the fall or relaxation of social taboos especially relating to racisim  and sexism that occurred during this time. Hippies. These groups created a movement toward liberation in society, including the sexual revolution, questioning authority and government, and demanding more freedoms and rights for women and minoritie, The movement was also marked by the first widespread, socially accepted drug use (includingLSD and marijuana) and Psycadelic  music.

This is the time I have focused on to do my photo shoot  The 1960’s With serenity style having brought out an exclusive recordplayer and cupboard  and the two Retro floor puffs with a few diffrent sit animations   in and some gacha’s  , so why the 60’s today I hear you asking?? let me tell you Ooh the excitment!!! Today is the start of  Fashion’s Story Event  2014 let me tell you about this if you havent heard the talk on the grape vine already …

Fashion’s story fair was born in September of 2013, an event created by Uklea MadDoll.

This is an annual fair, designed to recreate a real journey into the world of fashion, a blast from the past, that slowly brings us back to our days!

There are in fact 4 distinct Areas, each dedicated to a specific historical period:

* 20’s -30’s Area

* 40’s – 50‘s Area

* 60’s -70′s Area

* 80’s – 90‘s Area

This event is even alittle cutural!! ,Since the designers will try to represent to the fullest, with their creations, the historical period they have chosen!

This year there will be  alot of new and exciting stuff

* The street market:

where all items  will be sold to priced discount from 30L to 60L

* The Gacha’s Area:

Where visitors can try their luck by playing with only 50L

also can not absolutely miss the treasure hunt, which will last for the duration of the fair ..

* The Secret Dressing Room HUNT:

in the previous edition this treasure hunt  was liked very much and was hugley popular!

what you have to do is find a variety of objects around the sim, inside them will hide the Landmark for The Secret Dressing Room!

It will be in this special room that the hunter can find all the prizes. Now how exciting does all this sound omg I have been soo excited about this event for months  as Uklea MadDoll is hugley talebnted  and creative and anything she does is done to perfection. some great designers are involved Something New, Serenity Style,La boheme,Lushish Catz,M.second,Pulse,Center Ville Store,Trinte,Bad Apple Designs,Be-Dazzled,Fasiowl Poses that is to name just a few I not even touched the surface  there is much much more for you tooo see and lots lots fun to be had

So for my first post On this wickedly cool event Is Serenity style with her lovley 60’s -70’s style Items , and hey guys watch this space as over the next few weeks there be alot more from me coming from this event , but dont wait on me to tell you wass there and my styling go see for your self and lets compare :))


60s retros erenity fashion story 1


60s retro serenity  fashion story 7


60s retro serenity fashion story 6


60s retro   Serenity fashion story 2


60s retro  serenity fashion story 3Tv with anims- by Retro Radar

black star clock by Retro Radar

rug- harlequin by Retro Radar

60’s egg chair- by mm

skybox -anastasia By A.S.S.

prefab book shelf F04 by The Afterburner

Retro hangers-retro boxes (Rare) By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event
retro frames (Ultra rare) By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event
retro frames (Ultra rare)By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event
retro hanger (blue red & yellow) By Serenity Style available@Fashion’s story Event

retro puff (cream) & retro puff (Blue) By Serenity Style available @ fashion’s story
vintage record player & chest By Serenity style available @ fashion’s story

woodstock poster by Serenity Style available @Fashion’s Story Event 2014

retro boxes (rare By serenity style Serenity Style available @Fashion’s Story Event 2014

What Hazy is wearing…

Hair-electra (Black) By Truth
nails-petals &Butterfly By Voodoo Dolls
shoes-The Monster sh By Precious Designs
dress-vintage goo dress (canary) By Cracked Mirror

skin-malena v1 (taupe) By 7Deadly{S}Kins Available @ The Boho Culture Fair 2014

Who doesnt Love to shop at The Thrift Shop ??

Im going to make a really quick post for you guys tonight asd I have been editing pics till  stupid o clock but I desperatly want to get this post out before I go sleep Aghhhhhh !!!!

Ok So This post I am featuring My wonderful sponsor Of my favorite Poses IN secondlife Ooh demmit You Know who I am going to say dont You?? hehehe Lol Somethihng New  Has some adorable exclusive poses and one for you guys too (Yes and I actually got my `Boyfreind On to take pics Yes and he loves iT!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!) and these wonderful Poses are on sale at The Thrift shop for not alot of lindens Soo Hurry on down to see what you can find ( wait finish reading my post before you skip off now)

waagwan lord of his home 4

waagwan lord of his home 5

waagwan lord of his home 6

waagwan lord of his home 1

waagwan lord of his home 2

waagwan lord of his home 3 What Waagwan is wearing…

pants-jaw breaker grunge jeans BY Razorblade Jacket

Boots- tonka boots By Juice.:.

face tattoo -::manea:: By GhostInk

skin-leo ( goatee included) By Prodigal

earings-dragon ‘s tail gauge BY .HOD.

necklace-RINen&Hook(gold/Riosary By :Sey.

ring-bloodbond ring By Bloodlines

hair-gas760 By Boon

side table by Lisp

retro relax cushion/w vice mag by ::La Flat::

restoration ladder bookcase By Lisp

4 decorative license plates by Love To Decorate ( an Old free gift)

gramophone By Closet Freaks

two Posters made by Me Hangs my head in shame as I no idea who the artists are:((

Moroccan rug with 22 texture changes b y Harambee ( all proceeds go to charity)

Chair &leopard /w Pose -Lord of his Home By Something New @ The thrift shop



Ok hazys turn :))

MIRROR MY HANDS FINALWhat hazy is wearing…

carina corset & skirt By Rowena Designs

shoes-belle (Black) By ::Miss Canning::

necklace-zulaikha lattice By Maxi Gossamer

tights- ornamental By Bax

hair -Lca518 By Boon

earrings- rink 3row hoop By RYCA

makeup-maike eyeshadow (Blue) By Zisbka ( a touch of punk Nouveau)

nails-dark spring gold( dazzling Blue) By zoz

eyes-voodoo(siren) BY Buzzeri

skin-patience By 7deadly{S}kins

Hands-casual feet high By Slink

Ring- kuckle ring (crown) by {GFD} 

ring-indian summer ring ( black/silver)by {Glow}Studio

Pose- Mirror My hands  By Something New @Thrift Shop

thrift shop is on from the 8th september For 22 days



Thrift Shop 6.0

Little Red Indian

When I was a kid I was always on the side of the indians , I hated the cowboys , the Indians lifestyle looked so romantic and ( yeah i know they where getting killed by cowboys) but on the whole they seamed to have such a wonderful life, So when I saw these poses By Something New  for the Wild west fair Starting August, 22th 2014 – September, 5th 2014 Theme: Western a new modern, sexy style OOh what fun And look at thse poses How can you not love them

first we have The Indian Princess

indian princess 1

indian princess 2

indian princess 3

indian princess 4

indian princess 5

indian princess 6

indian princess 7

What hazy wears..

makeup-warpaints gacha- tribal by Bite& claw

necklace-squash blossom necklace native american by Inca temple

hair- white feather by Emo-tions

outfit-azza by Songfeather

Pose and Props Indian Princess By Something New    @ The wild west fair



then we have cowgirl For these pics its for a` child avatar so I made a really quick teenage avi and this woirked too I think


cowgirl 3

cowgirl 2

cowgirl 4


cowgirl 5

The Pony made me laugh he look like he might colapse at any moment  But thankfully he made it through!!!!

What Teenage Hazy Is wearing…

outfit cow girl Norma` jean by alines Ryba MIA

hair- white feather by Emo-tion

pose and props – cowgirl By something New   @ wild west fair

and last but not least is the Sheriff poses Now I only had one of me didnt have anyone to coem on and be the shooter so I played around with this picture and came up with this :))sheriff kill

sheriff shootingOutfit is same as in the cowgirl pics so I wont repeat myself:))

Pose and props Sheriff By Something new @ wild west fair also Blog for the wild west fair

so see you at the fair that is starting this friday and some great stuff to be had have fun  hazy xxxx

My Electric Obsession

posesWe all love poses, every one wants and needs a pose for their pictures , us bloggers and photographers are constantly looking for new poses , and my word there are some really great pose makers out there now My favorite  are made by my Dear friend Ally Dwyer For Something New  poses  , she really puts feeling into her poses . and brought up a very good and valued point on face book the other day asking why dont bloggers credit the pose makers much ?? and really why dont we?? I mean we all need them right?? they are equally as important as that cute little black dress your about to blog  Right? so why do the pose makers get forgotten??

so I am dedicating my blog page to her today So for Something New Poses

Ally is wonderful and If there is a peticular idea you have and  dont be affraid aproach her and im sure if its not totally impossible she will help you achieve your dream pose , but be sure to check the store and marketplace as she has made some really wonderful poses that I know  you will adore. So have fun and go shop yourself some new poses:)) and remeber to credit the person who makes your poses they want credit too !!


Something New


Too much cheek!!

Too much cheek!!


Ooh My Gawd!!

Ooh My Gawd!!



Ooh Yeah!!

Ooh Yeah!!







Hazy wears in these pictures

boots-red envouge boots by holly @designer circle

skin-rayenne tan By WOW @designer circle

makeup -deardriu facepaints by HOD @ we ❤ role-play

makeup- eyeshadow& liner Hippie(Navey, green) By Mons

top -pinstripe perky crop top by ^V^Drbc^V^

ears- sylph by illusions

hair- Elyse(Black& white) by Truth

necklace-triple moon flidais by Celtic Myst-magik jewellery & deco designs since 2006

jacket-snuggle match coat ( with Hud)by Yasum

Jeans-rockabilly capris by ^V^ DRBC^V^

bracelet -right arm-out damned spot bracelet gold by Chop Zuey Jewellery

left arm- boho bracelets ( gold & Lapis)by Maxi Gossamer

POSES BY Something New Poses and Props

Something New

Electric Obsession

Electric Obsession


guitar love 2

love guitar

What Hazy wears in these pictures..

closed eyes makeup by Boudoir

makeup -deardriu facepaints by HOD @ we ❤ role-play
makeup- eyeshadow& liner Hippie(Navey, green) By Mons

hair-Electra by Truth

stockings- ornamental by Bax
corset-creature feature boo-lesque corset by ^V^DBRC^V^

ears- sylph by illusions

skin-rayenne tan By WOW @designer circle

boots-red envouge boots by holly @Designer Circle
necklace-triple moon flidais by Celtic Myst-magik jewellery & deco designs since 2006

bracelet -right arm-out damned spot bracelet gold by Chop Zuey Jewellery
left arm- boho bracelets ( gold & Lapis)by Maxi Gossamer

Pose –  Electric Obsession By Something New Poses and Props


Something new inworld store





I still melt down like a candle buringing every time we touch!!

OOh Have I got  some poses for you today they are fabulous. They are from the Fabulous  and wonderful Something New as always Never fail and comes up with some really inspirational Photography poses and props

I so excited about them I’m going to show u with out rambling on :))

a mans barrel 1So first of all we Have a mans barrel with 4 poses in and only 3 prims  . and we all know men’s poses are hard to come by I love this one specially as I managed to convince my man to jump on and do a photo shoot for me as it really is his favorite  past time hahahhahahahaha! NOT.  But he did want a new profile pic which yay he now has  hehehehe.

a mans barrel

3 of me and waag

This a stylishly cute pose  and any excuse to have a cuddle with my man ::))


hazy on couch



hazy on the couchThe couch pose  Hazy all ready for her massage >> taps foot humm I think they left me here !!!!



pinata all 3 of us


hazy plays on her own

Hazy plays on her own :))


we 3 get sweeties!!!!

And The pinata pose is for a hunt The Happy Birthday hunt all the details are on the Hunt sl blog page  but here is the taxi to get you there but check the blog page as all the hints for the hunts are there

The hint for something new hunt is :- Everyone Lusts for cupcakes

There are 83 hunts involved in the Happy birthday hunt soo get ya hunt on but be sure to pop By something new’s now for your favorite props and poses

check out the facebook page for new releases

and for the other poses check out the store here ya Taxi xxxxx have fun Hazy  xxxxxx



“I’ll affect you slowly as if you were having a picnic in a dream. There will be no ants. It won’t rain.”



Its that time of the month again The April kollective Is here with the theme Spring Picnic   . This is where designer and blogger get their heads together and come up with a design inspired by blogger its so much fun, and it get us alll communicating ,

Well my designer is the wonderful Allyson Dwyer ryne  the maker of the poses and props Something new ,And it has to be said she is wonderful to work with :)) we do seem to just bounce of each other and come up with great ideas,

so this month we Give you Picnic at Hanging rock , now for those of you who are far too young to remember  this is a pretty iconic  British made film from the Early 70s and really scary for its time  , looking back at clips of it now i thought was really funny , but trust me in the 70s that was really scary Like Dr who was < we now laugh at us all hiding behind the sofa when the darlics came out , but lets have it said the kids of today are so desensitized to scary stuff with Internet  and all the possibilities that has and all the gruesome games out there now .

watch this clip and you will see just what I mean this trailer sums up the film perfectly.

So we wanted two poses one scary and one super cutesie . so the two pictures I found for inspiration is this of the  four girls holding hands as they disappear of into the rocks.

picnic at hanging rock

Well the lovely Ally captured this spot on  and I wanted to do a old fashioned shoot and a modern day shoot  so  i got ma best girlies together ,we got on our dresses From The Muses  and did our thing:))

come and picnic

off to picnic


we picnic good

old fashioned hangers rock


and the modern shoot…

tall rock 2

rock clmers rocks. 1

hangers rock I wanted to show how this pose could be used  for any role play  shoots you might want to do and also any modern shoots you might want to do or just picture three friends hanging out together, it works how ever you wish it too.

now the second pose was inspired by teddy bears picnic  as every child knows that song and i like to think of a lil  girl marching down to the woods setting up her teddies and having a picnic with them then during the pose making the idea   changed alil  and with Easter just around the corner it was perfect  here let me show you the pics before u die of suspense lol.

picnic toodles  on side


picnic  silver

silver n eggs

so Both Poses can be bought at the April Kollective  Look for the Something new Stall  and buy buy buy  also have a look at all the other great items around on the other stalls as all there at wonderful prices and only there for April never to be had again so get down there what are you waiting for??

For something new store- taxi here

Models in the Picnic at Hanging rock old fashioned picturs Is Kallieme resident ( frothy), Wiccanbeauty( Wiccs), and Hazy cygnet

And in hanging by the rocks Modern shoot – Is  Kallieme (Frothy),Rachealcait984 (Cait), hazy Cygnet

In Easter Toodles model is one my daughters  looking adorable I might just add . Silverstarr (Avampia Firelight)

the Taxi to get down to the April Kollective

Flicker for April kollective

Will be open from the 6th april for all you wonderful people