I hold the key To the ravens Lair !!!

ravens key 2

Im loving this Pose from Something Erotic called ravens key Its new Soo hop along and pick it up and I love to see hjow creative you all get with this pose I had fun with it I love when I get the chance to wear my wings . I love these wings I got in  gacha about 2 years ago but Im not sure if the store is still available cause I cant seam to find any info on it at all :((

ravens key 1

raven key Koffin nails 7

The pretty Nails Love Immortal By Dark Passions- koffin nails are available at With Love fair



vine roses 6Im soo Loving this Head Piece  Its  coems in a number of colours this one the purple was my fav By Macabre  and available at The Thrift Shop

wild rosees

last picture another New items available By Something Erotic  called wild roses , Im loving this I  took so many pictures and loved how they all came out But times is of the essence today so I only edited one for you Hope you like it :))


What Hazy Is wearing IN  all the pics :))

headband- Veine roses ( Purple) By Macabre @ The Thrift Shop

body- Ante ( Purple) By Supernatural @ CarnEvil

nails -Love Immortal By Dark Passions – Koffin nails @ With Love fair

wings- black( Bloody)  Old gacha by The fallen ::Mo::

hair-Aviva ( Colours )By Truth
lip Piercing- UnderLip Plugs  By Pekka

Nose Piercing- Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

necklace-Siren’s song ( Purple) By { Ali}The Ugly and Beautiful

skin- – AVRIL (Special) Chestnut by 7 Deadly s{K}ins available @ The Thrift Shop 

pose used ravens wing By Something Erotic ( New)

second pose used Wild Roses By Something Erotic ( New)






A Hazy Kinda Love

love love love 2

love love love 1

Yes Serenity Style has some beautiful items out for the season of love, yes I know valentines day has passed us but  we still all loved up  and  these items are so sweet will look great in any room to remind you we need to love more , love those around us , love our beautiful earth yes you can pick them up at With Love fair if your quick only a few more days left.

ooh and my smexy shoes and head piece By Supernatural never  ceases to put out sexy for us the shoes can be picked up at Weib  and the  head piece can be fouind at Streets of Love till the 22nd February.

and yes I know you wondering who made the corset Pretty isnt it? well At this round of Suicide Girlz By Macabre

and my skin well I dont need to tell you who thats by do I?? Ok well incase you didnt know 7DeadlyS{K}ins yup yup it really is and beautiful as always

ok on to the last few pics n credits enjoy my lovely peeps xxxx

love love  shoe 6

love love love 7

what hazy is wearing…

skin-avril ( chestnut)Special by 7DeadlyS{K}ins @ The Thrift Shop

corset & Panties-My LOLITA Corset (Red) By  +Macabre+ @Suicide Dollz

head piece- ivy head piece (green) By Supernatural @ Streets of Love

shoes- Marie Red v2 L.::Supernatural::. Marie Red v2  by Supernatural @Weib

hair-charlene (reds) By =Dela*=

Akhan Amulet II by ::Axix::

Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

Ring-Bad Ring (Gold)  By ^^Swallow^^

 items in the House…

lovely bedroom by Serenity Style @ With Love fair running till the 20th

cute love (rare)
love window
love ladder
love scrabble all By Serenity Style @ with Love Fair


Ooh Not tonight dear, I got a Headache!!

lunesa I can honestly say I have never used that excuse  , I not one to say no when the occasion arises what ever the situation you  know sex cures all ills so if your feeling alil crappy and not up for it just go with it and not only will you have a great time But it will also make you feel a whole lot better .!!!! a headache what headache!!!!well thats my cure for your headache :))

the pose is made by Sweet sacrifice Exclusive for Fit for a Princess february round

what hazy is wearing…

jeans-Dotted Skinny Pants by Lunasea Fashions

top- MUAH Sweater (black) W/Hud By Lunasea Fashions

boots everlasting ( Purple) ( for slink High) By Pulse

hair-the Misty II by Olive

finger& toe nails Garash (Grape) By * Pulcino*

face piercings Sophia – Jade (Septum) by (Yummy)

skin -AVRIL Apricot Special by 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ The Thrift Shop

pose Feigning a headache By Sweet Sacrifice   @ Fit for a Princess

Does the cupid of love really exist???

cupids arrow 12

cupids arrow  8

Love is in the air with valentine’s day on its way so yes you are going to get all the hearts and romanticy stuff for the next few days from all us bloggers :)) yeah but honestly you gotta love it a day to let the one or ones you love  know how special they are :)) I think its a great day should be more of them through the year ( I got the best card for my other half I cant wait to give it to him :))) I wont tell you what it says cause well he prob read it and that will ruin the surprise  so not gonna tell ya but it made me laugh anyway :))

so gone it seems are the days when u give  the ones you love a card with a question mark in it or has it do people still do that?? it seems that the mystery of it has gone or maybe it is still done and cause im in a relationship it maybe that things are different so let me know I want to know if the mystery is still there and guessing who the one who loves you is??

so here for you is the great gacha poses from Something New that are available at the Streets of love

ok I know i am rambling again so here you are the rest of my pics:)

cupids arrow 6

cupids arrow14

cupids arrow 1

cupids arrow  pink glow

cupids arrow  necklace 7

cupids arrow  nails 4

cupids arrow  shoes 3

 What Hazy Is wearing…

Sophia – Jade (Septum) by (Yummy)
Unicorn Cameo Necklace – (Classic Ivory) By (Yummy)
Unicorn Head Chain – (Gold Horn) By (Yummy) @ Collabor88

Betty’s Boudior [Blush Brocade] – By *{Junbug}*

Piercing – UnderLip Plugs – by .Pekka.

GAS760 hair (pink) By Boon
KCP393 hair (pink) W/Hud By Boon

Baphomet Horns – Celestial By Remarkable Oblivion

Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – Remarkable Oblivion –
Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – by Remarkable Oblivion – –
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High By Slink
Body – Physique Mesh Body V1.4 By Slink

Shoes- Unicorn Shoe (Pink) by Violent Seduction

shape – Patience for boobs By 7Deadly s[K]ins
February GROUP (girls )cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins
pose used – Cupids arrow 2 ( rare) By Something New@ Streets of love
pose used-cupids arrow 3 By Something New available @ Streets of love

OOh ma Thats soo Striking

jazzy number by Supernatural

waved at By supernatural

spaced out by upernatural

pastels  supsenaturalSupernatural has got these Pretty tops and shorts out at the Hipster fair and I love them really funky and hippyish which I love also in real I would so wear these ( If I had the figure for the shorts!!!!!)

The shoes are By Rowena Designs  with a hud so u have a choice of colours which I always love and the nails omg check out the nails they soooo cute called brain By [Fetch]

nails & shoes

What Hazy Is wearing …

skin-Monica By 7Deadly {S{Kins @ Cosmo sale room

Shorts- Hipster short By Supernatural @ Hipster fair from the 1st feb to the 15th

piercing- Underlip Plug By Pekka

shoes-jessica heels w/Hud By Rowena Designs
necklace-Siren’s song ( Purple) By { Ali}

eyes- soul corruption ( Violet) By {Ali} -The Ugly and Beautiful

nails- brain nail applier by [Fetch}

nose ring- Sophia Jade ( septum) By (Yummy)

bracelet – Cross chains ( Black) By Glow Designs

Ring on the Left-hand – Gypsy by Glam Affair

ring on right hand- Bad By ^^Swallow^^

hair-the moon hair (W/Hud Crazy glitter hud) By Olive group gift still available outside store

Pose used-Blog my tats (even tho I not wearing tats!!!) By Something New

A London Home

london house2

A London  Pied a terre  I actually love it , I say this cause I am not a great fan of modern look in houses and the Minimalist look I tend to like alotta clutter ( hahaha I don’t mean clutter ) like pictures and ornaments  just general stuff  around the house, but on rezing this house I was pleasantly surprised it actually was really calming and decorated just right not too much not too little and there enough room to personalise it and add a few of your own things but for a low prim house it’s actually perfect , everything you need a small kitchen , a sitting room with enough sitting space for a few people , a bed with a decent amount of animations in and a bath ooh and a dressing table and a sitting area outside  and the decoration was very well done all done in the style of london , in the red , blue and white with london street signs  and tube stations , images of our Queen and not to forget a tray for tea on the coffee table in the sitting room :))

london house 4

london house 3

London house 12

london house 5

london house 8

london house 9

london house 6

london house 10

london house 11Soo there my pics for you to see what its like inside and out and I think for  a low prim home its perfect , and one of my renters on my sim loved it and rented it straight away which put a big smile on my face .

where to get this house 🙂 By Kaerri and store Here

I hope to see more of this designer and massive big Thanx to We love to Blog for being such a fantastic group to be part of :))



hummm I got vintage


OOh I always Love what DRBC make But this is stunning I love each one so much so I couldnt even fit all into the one pic as the hud had so many options and toped with the Catwa hair which also had a huge amount of hud options I was having so much fun that when I eventually got to bed My other half was Omg are you sure you took enough pictures LOL luckily I was too lazy to edit them all !!! So today  nearly everything I wore had great huds The nails that i have shown you a few times this last week By Pathos and the necklace By Bite & Claw Im alil concerned why they havent put any new items out for some time now I hope they dont disapear into the eather. and the skin is a really great offer on marketplace for very little lindens By 7Deadly{S}Kins

and the poses my second fav pose makes Eternal Dreams are at the Designer Circle


 Ok so what Hazy is wearing…

necklace- Ionna By Bite & Claw
circlet- Ionna By Bite& Claw

dress-elvira gown by ^V^DRBC^V^

nails- criss by Pathos
hair-carla by Catwa

skin-DC dawn V1 By 7Deadly {S}kin @In marketplace

left hand gypsy ring ( Blueette) by Glam affair

makeup-maike (Purple) By Zibska

poses used Neige By Eternal Dream @ Designer Circle 96th round