To reach a port we must set sail – Sail, not tie at anchor Sail, not drif

on da boat 2 OOh Something New always coming up with wonderful poses < now its a known fact I love the maker of Something new she rocks and makes me sad when I hear her say ooh why do I bother now as so many can make their own poses , well yes many can but I for one certainly have no idea how to begin to make a pose or let alone have the time too   and I know For a large number of bloggers who blog her poses also have no idea or the inclination to make poses and I can’t speak to the buyers but I presume if they buying poses they don’t either , and yes I know it can get heartbreaking when so many are trying to do the same thing but this is no ordinary pose maker If you are yet to discover Something New Poses and Props  I advise you to do so each one is made with great thought put into it every detail is thought about , and always coming out with wonderful new poses , which for us bloggers is  a massive need it helps fire alil imagination into our muddled madness of blogging !!! she will also make custom poses for what ever you are needing if you message her so please do tp over to the store and check out what delights you will find there and I must say quickly I have been blogging her poses for umm something like 3 years now (may be alil more as I started on my old sim so damn must be getting on for 4 years wow doesnt time fly!!!) and I have such a wonderful collection of poses for every occasion that crops up in the calendar and more some so as I say talented pose designer ooh you in the store all ready heheh happy shopping guys xxxx

so yeah my sim now I still developing it with help form a girl I meet through a friend she has been working on the ghetto side of the sim and getting a large amount of traffic in , for people who are into roleplay ( this is all new to me and as I not been around too much I still have much to learn ) but we are taking new fractions ,pop along and speak to my right hand girl Pet Fhang aka Aika she will giev u a tour of the ghetto  and let you know what we have there for ya ,

Now I am appealing for any designers who would be interested to rent a store to pop in some your wonderful designs we have a bunch of stores up there and traffic just most are empty as we speak and you know me I only want there best and so  I putting a shout out one it will help me keep sim open and two I want individualness not their crappy vendors we can all buy for the franchises ones you can buy in mp no no no I wont be having any them !! come visit us on the Full Moon sim and explore

so I appeal to weapon makers , pose makers , clothes of any type must be special!!!!!

on da boat 2


on da boat_1

What Hazy is wearing…

tattoo- :: Essence :: 35% :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo

face tattoo- ATLAN Face Tattoo (FRESH) by . idiot .
#shoes-Candy Shoe’S {Slink High} by Macabre
hair- Warrior // (Pastels) By +Spellbound+

{Double Scoop} – Necklace by .Atomic.
nose piercing- – Sanza Nose Chain -( Gold) – by .random.Matter.

Radiant Sun Dress in Orchid M – More Than Ever

skin -Marlijn cleavage -( caramel) By 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ designerr showcase

pose used doggie treats by Something New new release available in store



Peek Into Wicca’s Wardrobe

wicca's wardrobe 1


wicca's wardrobe 2

wicca's wardrobe 3

wicca's wardrobe 4

wicca's wardrobe_005

Wicca’s wardrobe is at Room69  with a special Autumn edition outfit , with a jacket or a top option  Its incredibly sexy and  and space agey , it comes with a really great hud  to give you lots of colour options for all the diffrent straps  and sections on it You could have a multi colored outfit  or make them all the same colors like i did., Topped with Tameless hair  and tailed with Maitreya gold boots That I am loving , I am now lovng this outfit and want to keep it on . so pop on down to Room69 there so many great designers you will be spoilt for choice belive me . and is open up till the 20th of Nov so plenty of shopping time for you !!!!

What Hazy is wearing…

earrings- spiked (Gold) By RYCA
Boots- Laud ( Brown) By Maitreya Gold
skin-tatiana Rose By Crow

hair- Lily ( fantasy) By Tameless

necklace-angel heart (TWO) By ::GB:: now not available
eyes-voodoo (Nebula) By Buzzeri

jacket- Cayla jacket (Autumn edition) By Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Room 69
pants- Renraku ( Autumn edition) BY Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Room 69

top- zena ( Autumn Edition) By Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Room69

poses used gagalicious By Fly Lily!

Location pictures were taken Virtual decay

My full Moon

Well this has  made my day Crow have a skin out called  Sophie FullMoon and its really pretty , so with some sweet lies I have in my inventry that I have never used as yet and the pretty wings by Crow I think it all made my outfit , I was tempted to put fangs on ,well Full moon we are Vampires , But the skin needed nothing else added  as  thought it so pretty.

Crow has moved to a new location and has a brand new collection and it opend yesterday 30th October I have so much to show you But I wanted to give you a small peek  to poke your intrest and want to pop on over there and see all the lovley things to be had.

crow & sweet lies 1

crow & sweet lies 2

crow & sweet lies 4

What Hazy is wearing….

skin-sophie ( Fullmoon) By Crow

nails- metallic brights (slink) by Crow
wings-tatiana seventeen By Crow
sceptre-athena Sceptre( Rare )  (Old gacha) By Sweet Lies Designs
eyes- voodoo ( Nebula) By Buzzeri

makeup- eyeshadow hippy By Mons
hair- mallory ( Fantasy) by Tameless

outfit-braclette, belt,skirt,top -nicte (Red) By Sweet lies Designs

crown -hera crown( Common) by Sweet lies Designs

earings & necklace -inca moon By phoebe

pose used poses used demure by Quixotica

A Modern Witch

A New sponsor for me Voodoo Dolls Has a great collection out   with  beautifully texture items I mean Look at this jacket below it is beautiful  the attention to detail is wonderful,

blue hearts

grey n purple clothard jacket

headshotI am simply in love with these Clothard jackets and I know you wont be disapointed so pop along to the store and see what other goodies you might find.

What Hazy Is wearing…

nails edges By Figure ( free gift from eloquence)

Jacket,bra -Clochard ( Brown) By Voodoo Dolls

tights-ornamental leggings ( Circles) By Bax

hair–Clover ( Pastels) By Truth

makeup-lucky day combo By :Glamorize:

jacket-Clochard (Purple stripes) By Voodoo Dolls
Jacker Clothard ( blue heart)
Jacket Clothard ( Grey)

boots-brooklyn ( Ruby) By Bushu

hands casual ,Feet High avatar enhancement by Slink

necklace-Inca Moon By Phoebie

Eyebrow spikes by {.Bijou&T}HQ

voodoo dools x2

voodoo dolls

voodoo dolls with shadows

voodoo dolls aceahh but you thought i was finished didnt you There is more from Voodoo Dolls these pretty pretty flared pants that come in a range of colours This is a wonderul time of year and the colours for autumn can be so inspiring so be bold be diffrent and stand out from the crowd Laughs!!! thats my mesage for the day:)) Hazy xxxx

What Hazy is wearing…

hair-Yuri3 (garnet) By D!va

necklace blood vial/fang by Izzie’s

nails shock By figure ( free gift @ Eloquence)

outfit , arm warmers, flared pants, made shirt Maddie rose by Voodoo Dolls

skin Halloween girl V1 By 7Deadly{S}kins For the beauty pageant – Halloween Event
bloody horns – by Lumiere

ring-jewelled ghost (Blue) By Phoebie

poses used various Ones from Eternal Dream

And I am sure you agree How great voodoo dolls are I am so in love with their clothes  , I hope you love them as much as I do Pop On by the store to see what you may find

also check out the blog ,


and flicker

have fun guys Love ya all Hazy xxxxx


A Clockwork spiral

i dont know a huge amount about steampunk , so I googled it before dloing this post , this was the simplist explaination i found… Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century. i found some wonderful images on this genre and wow the  the costumes are incredible.

A Steampunk tunnel

A Steampunk tunnel



not sure what this is but thought it was cool

not sure what this is but thought it was cool

Actually its intresting to discover how big steampunk is in second Life

I found this webpage The New Albion radio hour ,Dieselpunk Opera the diffrent exctracts explain alil about the genre. and then in secondlife  a blog dedicated to the steampunk in and around the grid with pictures and tellings of steampunk balls , sims stores etc its a really good intesnsive blog so if your intrested in finidng out more about steampunk this the place to go The Steampunk Travelougue

So why my intrest In steampunk all of a sudden I hear you wondering, well I have a new sponsor Lolapop


and She has an number of exclusive items made specially For A Clockwork Spiral an annual event supporting the national  kidney foundation from from sep 15 – oct 1st

2014 ACS Booth Map

check out the web site for this event here

A Clockwork Spiral is a shopping and music event featuring steampunk/goth, dieselpunk/goth and dark Victoriana to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

a clockwork spiral_001



masssteam punk lolapop what hazy is Wearing…

outfit -steampunk pinstripe by NoMine

nails-silouette slink nail appliers by Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

hair-raindance (Reds) By *Soonsiki!

long coat , shorts & stockings -striped by[Phunk]

cog nails – dollarbie gift From Lolapop

necklace- goolds ( Ladies version) by Lolapop @ A clockwork spiral

eyes- voodoo Siren(Horror) By Buzzeri

eyeliner Hippie(Navy) by Mons
eyeshadow (green) By Mons

boots-kalie high slink By Rowena Designs

skin- patience freckled by 7Deadly{S}kins

necklace-el cuervo Choker By Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

necklace-la flor de la muerte( available in black or white ) By Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

collar- laced time collar By Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

hands- casual By Slink

feet- High by Slink

Even a Queen has to have chill time U know!!!!

birds at home hut 2 1

birds at home hut 2 3

birds at home hut 2 2

birds at home hut 2 6

birds at home hut 2 5

birds at home hut 2 8

birds at home hut 2 4

birds at home hut has 8 poses @ The Fantasy Room


Serenity style are at The Fantasy room as from the 5th  till 25th of september and alot of cute things You can be getting too. this adorable Hut called Birds at Home with such sweet poses in , I had to put it uop in a tree and pretend I was one of the Birds at home:))

and this a really sweet rustic clothes line and trunk with a number of adorable poses I am pretty new to serenity style but I am actually loving their stuff:))

even a queen has to chill u know!!! 5

even a queen has to chill u know!!! 4


even a queen has to chill u know!!! 3

even a queen has to chill u know!!! 2

even a queen has to chill u know!!! 1 Pose- the rustic washing line and trunk has 5 poses  @ The fantasy Room

Fantasy Room is a monthly event where the best designers sell some of their new creations with very cheap prices. With only one teleport you will find clothes, accesories, hairs or other things for only 50 or 70 L. Gachas too!
Runs from 5 to 25 each month, so come to check the new stuff!

Serenity Style BLOG


Inwold store


District 5 leap Of faith!!!

District 5 Flyer 2014 v2

What a cool idea district 5,  What is your district?? Is it  Sin city, The Hamptons, The Scene or the Industrial Compound?

I think they all are really great strong influences  and Hazy has alil bit of each in her:))  But only about a week left of the event so hurry along and check it out .

The outfit I am blogging today Is for the industrial compound , which I think is  stempunkie/ goth and had fun creating this outfit ,It is alil goth influence in there  I  am happy with what I came up with do you like it? This outfit is specially designed for this event so hurry along to get it or you will miss out

The poses I used Leap of faith I thought wear perfect with this blindfold on as is exaclty what Im doing a pure leap of faith who will catch me?? ooh silly me I will catch my own fall and land on my feet as I am so cat like and agile hehehhe!!!

leap of faith 2

leap of faith 1

leap of faith 3 Poses used in these pictures are leap of faith by ( vix)


What Hazy Is wearing…


shape-patience caramel By 7Deadly[S}Kins
shape and skin available on the 13th september
skin-patience caramel freckles by 7 deadly[S]kins

hair- Lana(Onyx) By D!va

makeup and piercings-deardru face paints by HausOfDarcy

key in back-steam key by Yasum
blindfold- steam blindfold By Yasum

earings-spikes Gold By RYCA
braclets- cuban gold By RYCA

necklace-musical watch by MIwardrobe

necklace-alice medal by I love 13 don’t think this store still available

shoes-lace peep toe wedge by !(HIgh Rise 2.0)!

garter-garter- femme fatale BY *LC*

dress- marguerite:blood( exclusive for the industrial compound) By Adonis @ district 5

hands – casual and feet high both by slink

tights- fishnet by Bax

nails- dark spring silver (purple) by Zoz

I am missing my lil blogging companion My6 little jack russel Meg , my daughter gone to stay in the next town with her boyfriend for a few days and took meg with her < now bearing in mind my dog follows me to the loo when i get up she gets up when i settle down she settles down she is my shadow and has bveen for ten years always when I am blogging I sit on the side of my bed with a table in frount of me with my laptop on ( I have to put it on a table if i sit in bed with it i am garanteed to fall asleep  and is when major disasters happen :(()with meg sleeping either on my lap behind me or under the bed covers .  I went to the woods to collect wood today and I felt soo like I had left something behind  😦 but good news is she back tommorow yay I have missed her alot I also need her to bounce ideas off she a very good listener you know!!!!

Hugs happy thursday folks till next time xxxxxx hazy xxxxx