Million dollar Baby

dollar suit 1I just get back from Egypt which was amazing I must say and I open up we love to blog Group and my finrst find for the month is this suit I actually think it was ment to be for guys But I’m sorry But I think I pull it off rather well what you think??its made by [Phunk]

ok I gonna make this a super quick post as im depseratly trying to catch up

I want to say a quick thank you to al my wonderful sponsors for bearing with me and keeping me on thank you so uch its greatlky apreciated I relaly thought I would come back and have to apply all over again so massive huggies xxxxxx

dollar suit 6

dollar suit 4

 what Hazy is wearing

hair- Warrior // Pastels by +Spellbound+

nose chain – Sanza Nose Chain – (Gold) – By .random.Matter

.outfit-outfit -Money – by [Phunk]

skin- -Marlijn cleavage – (caramel) by 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ designer Showcase

Tattoo :: Essence :: 35% :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo :

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

pose used check my shoes 4 by Something New @ Olala







Imma cute Bomb you beware!!!!

Full Moon Blog has a new sponsor which I am very excited about CuteBomb who have items in Carnevil when that round is finished they are in store for a while , This outfit was very well suiting as we are building a ghetto on my sim, I thought it was a pretty urbanyish outfit:). friends are setting up a roleplay thing < I hardly been online so I am out of the loop a bit but I will tell you all about it when I manage to find some time as real is kicking my ass at the mo and just finding time to log in let alone blog and or even have any input to whats going on at my sim it is bugging me out but hey ho it is what it is  so yup CuteBomb guys one to watch for sure:))

here my pics xxxx

cutbomb &Kaerri 2

cutbomb &Kaerri 1

cutbomb &Kaerri 3

cutbomb &Kaerri 4

this adorable teardrop seat is another wonderful creation by Kaerri who i am actually falling in love with everything they come out with is soo beautiful , attention to detail is fantastic so yup if you not discovered Kaerri yet you must !!!

what Hazy is wearing…

skin-presley( taupe) by 7DeadlyS{K}Ins @rock attitude
foot chains-warrior anklet ( copper) by Promagic

Top-cross2top by Cutebomb @ CarnEvil round 8
Pants-rollala jeans ( strips) by CuteBomb

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

tattoo- essence MM14914 By Letis Tattoo
bangles- athena ( silver) By Maxi gossamer

hair-valorie by Tameless

hairbase- shaved chessBy DeeTaleZ

panties- yummy panties( gold) by Supernatural

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

ace tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

nails-my bats are melting( rare) By Dark Passion( Koffin Nails@ Luck of the irish

hanging teardrop chair set by Kaerri

ok im so sorry i wrote this about two weeks ago so sorry if links arnt correct but check the stores inworld if u cant find at events sorry guys real kicking my assxxxxx


Sweet Sexy Poison

Ooh I am so excited about this jacket i found In Poison   I bought the cut off jacket a few years ago But was a metal cut off so when I went in store the other day I was over joyed to find a punk one .I was an avid punk back in the 80’s  , we used to hang out in the kings road and when we were all togther we did lok spetacular  with sometimes 100 to 200  just befgore we would be going of to a gig was when we would big time congregate but genrally there would be about 20 or 30 of us daily . I sadly have no rl pictures of how i used ot look thenI really wish i did , as i have not one picture of thoes days and yes it is still dtrongly in my mind But relaly hard to explain to any one the buz it was , how we would make money then was having our pictures taken by the tourists sometimes me and my frined mitzi we could make up to 100 pounds if we started early in the morning we would hang out at the tower of london where the big tourist coaches of japenese tourists and we take a quid ( One pound) of each who wanted a picture and by the end the day we were laughing and off to buy another bottle of cider :))

I hunted pintrest for puctures of how i used to look and thee closest I could find was this My hair was very simular I genrally was lazy with the back bit and would let that dread upand have the front spiked up with imperial leather soap was the best , egg white was great too , then they brought out the shock waves hair spray in the late 80s anbd that was pretty good. Hhahhaha so there is alil bit about me  for ya there lol!!!

84d5c8c6e3ef466f85355b20023da834So back to my look for today My wicked jacket from Poison , these kick ass shoes  by QE Designs  available at Room69  and the pants which I love by Klubwerk also available @ Room69 which come in a male or female version .

ok Im been babaling enough let me get on with the pictures for you :))

poison punx 2 room69

What hazy is wearing…

skin- myst V2 by 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Feeb’s rascall

pants-swag pant /Union (Denim ) By KlubWerk.Her @ Room69
shoes- feellin Lucky platforms /(Rainbow Bright) By QE Designs @ Room69

makeup- Maike ( scarlette) By Zibska

top- nadia leather top (Charcoal) By DaneMarkZ

hair- Tara By RunAway

necklace-antidotum ( gold) by [Glow] studio

ring- four row ( Gold) By RYCA
Ring- right hang Recluse By Remarkable Oblivion

ring- right hand Kawiring – Bat (Rare) By PR!ck

collar- noir ( steel) By [Forge]

belly piercing- cuffs for beauty by jewel ( Not Available)

jacket-zero biker jacket punk ( Blue) by Poison

poses Used  anastacia and laticia By Le Rawr @ room69

She a Restless Spirit on an Endless Night

oooh I soooooooo Love this round at The fantasy collective Voodoo so much brilliant stufff I spent all my lindens  and still I dont think I  got  half way round . I had to make myslef leave as I was tempted to buy more lindens Soo I said hazy walk alway , just walk away !!!!! hahahhahaha so walk away I did (but I do still have alil time to go back Don’t I ??)

voodoo 11voodoo 8

voodoo 6


voodoo 5


and the perfect song for this round


What Hazy wears

dress-neviah by !cellar door

staff-witch doctor by DRD @ The Fantasy Collective

crown , collar , and braclette -voodoo crown by sweet lies @ The Fantasy Collective

Collar-kara leather collar ( black & gold) By Noodles @ we ❤ roleplay

necklace-blood vial/fang jewellery by Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective

hands- casual By slink

eyes- voodoo eyes(nebula) By Buzz @  The fantasy Collective

Makeup- eyeshadow Hippie (purple) By Mons

makeup-deardriu facepaints &piercings byHOD @ We<3 roleplay

earings-arsenal by Remarkable Oblivion

hair-dream of paradise by Exile

Pose Used- fantasy by Quixotica

Can You see the witch??

so I poped along to the fantasy collective  and ooh boy ooh boy I spent a fortune Soo much wonderful items the them for this round is New Orleans! Think Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vampire’s, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Papa Guédé, All Saints Day, ‘The Originals’. and i soo love anyhitng witchy  how can you not , Its fantasy is fun  and a chance to really play out your childhood charictures .

I went for this look as pretty simple as the head piece was so pretty I didnt want to defect from that too much  would you like to see what I came up with for you ?? ahh get on with the pictures I hear you say hehhhe!!!

fantasy collective

witches lair  sitting

majic spellswhat hazy is wearing…

ears- sylphy ears By Illusions

hands- casual By Slink

necklace-blood vial/fang jewellery By Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective

Hair-venus:moonlight By Exile

outfit -Macha by !Cellar Door

book- spellbook with snake By *May’s soul* @ The Fantasy Collective

skin-portia by Al Vulo

eyes- voodoo eyes(nebula) By Buzz @  The Fantasy Collective

makeup-eyeshadow spray (Green ) By mons
Makeup- eyeshadow spray (purple) By Mons (i combined the two together)

earings-arsenal earrings By Remarkable Oblivion

piercing- Constantine gold By Sinful creations

boots-destroyer of the worlds by Snow boa

crown-crown of the bayou By Spyralle @ The Fantasy Collective


Im already started my second outfit from the fantasy collection so watch this space hugs Love you guys xxxxx hazy xxxx


lets me introduce You to the circus freak Bloggers Of SL!!!!



group Pic BY Mena Lancaster

group Pic BY Mena Lancaster


group Pic By susanna  Drechsler

group Pic By susanna Drechsler

Well what fun we had  this afternoon, as you know today was the day that a group of bloggers got together and took a group shot  Its called the Mob Blogger Project. We are going to post links for all the others and put the credits for our own outfits for you ,It was fun to meet other bloggers in person  , as any blogger knows this can become a lonley world as we are so focused on what we do and spend most our time nakie while we sort through for the outfit to wear , that we hardly get the time for socializing , I know by the tim e i have finished after editing the pics and writing the blog im am always fit straight for my bed .

The poses where beutifully set out , all the poses used where from Chanimations Photography Poses & Props the set was wonderful , everyone looked very stylish indeed, I was worried that one or two of us might have doubles of the costumes but thankfully none did ,each and everyone was very individual  and beautifully styled ,I so cant wait to see the other blog posts

Soo we hope that this willl really take of and become a monthly event (any more bloggers that would like to be part of this Contact mena Lancaster inworld) if any designers are intrested In joining in also contatct Mena  and we will keep you Informed to what next months theme will be….

SOO here are my pics Im only On a small laptop so its hard for me to fit all into the screen so I tend to  focus on one or two more than a full group shot but I did get a couple in. First here is Mena”s Picture then susanna’s then the rest are mine:))


group  bloggers 1


group  bloggers 2


group  bloggers 3


group  bloggers 4




group  bloggers 6


group  bloggers 8


group  bloggers 9


group  bloggers 10

group  bloggers 12


group  bloggers 13


group  bloggers 14


group  bloggers 15


group  bloggers 16


group  bloggers 17It was so Fun Im so looking forward to the next one !!! if your intrested for next months group pic PLease do contact mena Lancaster in world  , the bigger this gets the more fun it will be  , But  great turn out for the first one  and well done everyone Looked fantastic !!!







hazy in the big topcircus tentWhat hazy is Wearing..

ears-sylph By *Illusion*

hands and feet Casual and High By Slink

facepaints-Mueertos makeup by Little Pricks

necklace-your love is my drug by Little Pricks

Hair-dream of paradise BY Exile

key In back-doll rose Key by Dirtyland Clothing and Accesories

shoes- lace peep toe wedge By !(HR 2.0)! I cannot find the link to this store

dress and Hat- cirque de Boudoir by Boudoir

The two end pictures the poses used by me The muse poses

all the other pictures Poses Used where Chanimations photography Poses and Props

Now for the links to all the others  Bloggers that where in these pictures Blogs

here goes enjoy as really are some fantastic Photographers here You will be blown away by their work I know I was

Mena lancaster- ( the one On the bar hanging upside down above the elephant :))

RikkeBa ( on the Chair) –

кąгąʟεε DANGER ἶɾօղჩεმɾძ ( other one in the cage)- [

Eadwynn Tyrell ( beared lady In the cage) –

Tasja Rage ( elephant trainer) –

ڪบzϊ ℒบbϊτɨʂɔӇ( on the ball in front of the ele) –

and me balancing on the ball :))

WiccanBeauty (on the floor )-

and lastly thanx  girls that was so much fun  and have loved reading all of your blogs and wonderful pics xxxxx Much Love Hazy


collabor88 is looking for one new blogger

The wonderful Event Collabor88 is hunting for one new blogger . only one now, this is very exciting as is the first time in 3 years have they been looking for  a blogger , now we all know hundreds are going to enter, but hell I thought I am going to give it a try.

OOh wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was me, but I know I would never be good enough but I had to try

so here is my picture’s I am going to submit .

one blogger only!!!!

one blogger only!!!!


What hazy Is wearing..

skirt and top-valarie (Floral1) By Lark

necklace-zulaaikha latticeBY Maxi Gossamer      for April Collabor88

hair-hang it up (daring pack) by Clawtooth         for April Collabor88

shoes-tiffany By Zoz
nails -Tiffany By Zoz

elephant to hug By *MIshmish*      for April Collabor88

chair-. air chair/water colour pastels by Flowey  for April Collabor88

eyes -chi natural ( dark blue) By Rs

painting-watercolor paint set & painting ( 3 female poses 3 male) by   for April Collabor88

earings-arsenal by Remarkable Oblivion

Braclets-cuban gold cuffs by RYCA

lets paint for callobor88




lets paint for collabor88 blogger contest