I fall to my knees before you baby

strings of a violi 10

strings of a violin 12

strings of a violi 13

strings of a violin 14

strings of a violin 17

strings of a violin 15

strings of a violin 1

strings of a violin 3

strings of a violin 4 What Hazy is wearing in pictures 1 – 6


Bra- Tigress by Apple May

undies- Queen bitch by Eden @ Room69

horn- cage horn (Cyan) By -Pr!ck-

skin- halo V1( taupe) By 7deadly {S}Kins @ Black Dot Project Event Black dot project is  a monthly event !! exclusives

necklace-taiga by Mandala

makeup- maike ( seagreen) By Zibska

nails- cemetery nightlight by Dark Passions( Koffin nails)

Boots- Monroe ( Black) By Reign @ Uber

hair- Clover ( Pastels)  by Truth

Poses used Riding Crop &  My Titanium  are both new releases in store By Something New Poses & Props

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What hazy is wearing from pages 7 -9

skin- halo V1( taupe) By 7deadly {S}Kins @ Black Dot Project Event
makeup-eyeshadow Spray by Mons

top, shrug and pants -Emma by Voodoo Dolls

necklace-heavy spikes (Gold) By [Glow]Studio

hair- clover (Pastels) by Truth

Boots- Monroe ( Black) By Reign @ Uber

horn- cage horn (Cyan) By -Pr!ck-

pose used strings of  a violin  by Something New Poses & props @Thrift Store


Sweet Sexy Poison

Ooh I am so excited about this jacket i found In Poison   I bought the cut off jacket a few years ago But was a metal cut off so when I went in store the other day I was over joyed to find a punk one .I was an avid punk back in the 80’s  , we used to hang out in the kings road and when we were all togther we did lok spetacular  with sometimes 100 to 200  just befgore we would be going of to a gig was when we would big time congregate but genrally there would be about 20 or 30 of us daily . I sadly have no rl pictures of how i used ot look thenI really wish i did , as i have not one picture of thoes days and yes it is still dtrongly in my mind But relaly hard to explain to any one the buz it was , how we would make money then was having our pictures taken by the tourists sometimes me and my frined mitzi we could make up to 100 pounds if we started early in the morning we would hang out at the tower of london where the big tourist coaches of japenese tourists and we take a quid ( One pound) of each who wanted a picture and by the end the day we were laughing and off to buy another bottle of cider :))

I hunted pintrest for puctures of how i used to look and thee closest I could find was this My hair was very simular I genrally was lazy with the back bit and would let that dread upand have the front spiked up with imperial leather soap was the best , egg white was great too , then they brought out the shock waves hair spray in the late 80s anbd that was pretty good. Hhahhaha so there is alil bit about me  for ya there lol!!!

84d5c8c6e3ef466f85355b20023da834So back to my look for today My wicked jacket from Poison , these kick ass shoes  by QE Designs  available at Room69  and the pants which I love by Klubwerk also available @ Room69 which come in a male or female version .

ok Im been babaling enough let me get on with the pictures for you :))

poison punx 2 room69

What hazy is wearing…

skin- myst V2 by 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Feeb’s rascall

pants-swag pant /Union (Denim ) By KlubWerk.Her @ Room69
shoes- feellin Lucky platforms /(Rainbow Bright) By QE Designs @ Room69

makeup- Maike ( scarlette) By Zibska

top- nadia leather top (Charcoal) By DaneMarkZ

hair- Tara By RunAway

necklace-antidotum ( gold) by [Glow] studio

ring- four row ( Gold) By RYCA
Ring- right hang Recluse By Remarkable Oblivion

ring- right hand Kawiring – Bat (Rare) By PR!ck

collar- noir ( steel) By [Forge]

belly piercing- cuffs for beauty by jewel ( Not Available)

jacket-zero biker jacket punk ( Blue) by Poison

poses Used  anastacia and laticia By Le Rawr @ room69