Million dollar Baby

dollar suit 1I just get back from Egypt which was amazing I must say and I open up we love to blog Group and my finrst find for the month is this suit I actually think it was ment to be for guys But I’m sorry But I think I pull it off rather well what you think??its made by [Phunk]

ok I gonna make this a super quick post as im depseratly trying to catch up

I want to say a quick thank you to al my wonderful sponsors for bearing with me and keeping me on thank you so uch its greatlky apreciated I relaly thought I would come back and have to apply all over again so massive huggies xxxxxx

dollar suit 6

dollar suit 4

 what Hazy is wearing

hair- Warrior // Pastels by +Spellbound+

nose chain – Sanza Nose Chain – (Gold) – By .random.Matter

.outfit-outfit -Money – by [Phunk]

skin- -Marlijn cleavage – (caramel) by 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ designer Showcase

Tattoo :: Essence :: 35% :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo :

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

pose used check my shoes 4 by Something New @ Olala







A Clockwork spiral

i dont know a huge amount about steampunk , so I googled it before dloing this post , this was the simplist explaination i found… Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century. i found some wonderful images on this genre and wow the  the costumes are incredible.

A Steampunk tunnel

A Steampunk tunnel



not sure what this is but thought it was cool

not sure what this is but thought it was cool

Actually its intresting to discover how big steampunk is in second Life

I found this webpage The New Albion radio hour ,Dieselpunk Opera the diffrent exctracts explain alil about the genre. and then in secondlife  a blog dedicated to the steampunk in and around the grid with pictures and tellings of steampunk balls , sims stores etc its a really good intesnsive blog so if your intrested in finidng out more about steampunk this the place to go The Steampunk Travelougue

So why my intrest In steampunk all of a sudden I hear you wondering, well I have a new sponsor Lolapop


and She has an number of exclusive items made specially For A Clockwork Spiral an annual event supporting the national  kidney foundation from from sep 15 – oct 1st

2014 ACS Booth Map

check out the web site for this event here

A Clockwork Spiral is a shopping and music event featuring steampunk/goth, dieselpunk/goth and dark Victoriana to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

a clockwork spiral_001



masssteam punk lolapop what hazy is Wearing…

outfit -steampunk pinstripe by NoMine

nails-silouette slink nail appliers by Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

hair-raindance (Reds) By *Soonsiki!

long coat , shorts & stockings -striped by[Phunk]

cog nails – dollarbie gift From Lolapop

necklace- goolds ( Ladies version) by Lolapop @ A clockwork spiral

eyes- voodoo Siren(Horror) By Buzzeri

eyeliner Hippie(Navy) by Mons
eyeshadow (green) By Mons

boots-kalie high slink By Rowena Designs

skin- patience freckled by 7Deadly{S}kins

necklace-el cuervo Choker By Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

necklace-la flor de la muerte( available in black or white ) By Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

collar- laced time collar By Lolapop @A Clockwork Spiral

hands- casual By Slink

feet- High by Slink