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This pretty Dress is by another new sponsor for me Beyond Persuasion Designs which I am hugely excited about and my first Piece to blog for them is this lovely purple dress which you can find at the new js event Spring in the village    and the necklace  the sweet reminicence  gold jewelary set. The hair I wore looked great  +Spellbound+ – Warrior ooh and the colour I chose for the hair and the dress colour matched this Sitting room furniture By Kaerri Who i discoverd Through we love to blog If you not checked the web site PLease do cause some fantastic bloggers and designers

What Hazy Is wearing…

Nose piercing Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

Elf ears Sylph Ears: by *~*Illusions*~*
hair Warrior // Pastels By +Spellbound+
Lip piercing UnderLip Plugs  By .Pekka.
Nose Piercing – Sanza Nose Chain – (Gold)  By .Random.Matter.

– Bohemian Chain Anklet w/ Stones BY Blushed Creations
necklace Sweet Reminiscence: (Gold)  By Beyond Persuasion Design
Dress-Sweet Reminiscence: Unforgettable By Beyond Persuasion Design

nails- spring time is in the air ( Exclusive) By Beyond Persuasion Design     Spring in the Village Event

Avatar Enhancement Hands – (Casual) – By Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – (High) By Slink
Physique Mesh Body V1.4 by Slink

: Value Bracelet by [E.C] Jeweler
Shape Patience regular By 7Deadly s[K]ins
skin Waverly RARE By 7Deadly s[K]ins
. THAiSHA EyeBrows! By [BiJOU&T]

Eyes – Bright Green By ::MO:: The Fallen

Furniture in pictures     above by Kaerri   

pose used -Bombastic By Diesel Works



Barn Love :)




I have a new sponsor Carox who make somne really cool prefabs check out the marketplace some really cool and very nicley priced Items  Prefabs, djing turntables bikes allsorts and there is definatly something for everyone there:))






What Hazy is wearing..

Body. Anastasia (red) By .::Supernatural::@ The Vanity Fair fair starts on 25th feb till 6th march

Tattoo :: Essence :: :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo

Hair -No.31’15, By (r)M

Nose Piercing – Sophia – Jade (Septum) by (Yummy)

horns Chain Horns / Spider by .ARISE.
face piercing UnderLip Plugs by .Pekka.
Nose chain  – Sanza Nose Chain  and ring – (Gold) By .Random.Matter.

skin – Waverly (RARE) by 7 Deadly s{K}ins 


Inside ..

pigeon seat By Junk
pulley ceiling light by junk
gas pump shelves by junk

fresh eggs by junk

T-Read Bookshelf – Floor Version By Consignment

Lullaby whole set By Lisp

paper birds. (colors). by {vespertine}


tree shower By We’re closed

old wood bucket planters by Aileen’s shabby Chic & country store

The Garage Collection – Tire Stack by Consignment

The Garage Collection – Air Inflator – (Red) by Consignment

Garden KETTA by G.o.c.

cute bench By Serenity Style

garden Wreath By Rural Route

Dirty old Barn by [C a r o X] 






I hold the key To the ravens Lair !!!

ravens key 2

Im loving this Pose from Something Erotic called ravens key Its new Soo hop along and pick it up and I love to see hjow creative you all get with this pose I had fun with it I love when I get the chance to wear my wings . I love these wings I got in  gacha about 2 years ago but Im not sure if the store is still available cause I cant seam to find any info on it at all :((

ravens key 1

raven key Koffin nails 7

The pretty Nails Love Immortal By Dark Passions- koffin nails are available at With Love fair



vine roses 6Im soo Loving this Head Piece  Its  coems in a number of colours this one the purple was my fav By Macabre  and available at The Thrift Shop

wild rosees

last picture another New items available By Something Erotic  called wild roses , Im loving this I  took so many pictures and loved how they all came out But times is of the essence today so I only edited one for you Hope you like it :))


What Hazy Is wearing IN  all the pics :))

headband- Veine roses ( Purple) By Macabre @ The Thrift Shop

body- Ante ( Purple) By Supernatural @ CarnEvil

nails -Love Immortal By Dark Passions – Koffin nails @ With Love fair

wings- black( Bloody)  Old gacha by The fallen ::Mo::

hair-Aviva ( Colours )By Truth
lip Piercing- UnderLip Plugs  By Pekka

Nose Piercing- Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

necklace-Siren’s song ( Purple) By { Ali}The Ugly and Beautiful

skin- – AVRIL (Special) Chestnut by 7 Deadly s{K}ins available @ The Thrift Shop 

pose used ravens wing By Something Erotic ( New)

second pose used Wild Roses By Something Erotic ( New)





Let me show you how to love ….



Ok so I have these beautifukl colourful shirts totally inspired for valentines day and I loved each and everyone so i had to show you them all cause they  so pretty , the skin Is another great creation from 7deadlyS{K}ins im loving the red lipstick it makes my lips ooh so kissable:))  my little baby unicorn is one the things i picked up from this last round at Collabor88 by *MishMish* everything alsways so cute and original frlom MishMish  they do alotta of gacha items too so If you dont know this store check it out , we got alotta of events currently running and smoe on their way with FGC around the corner and the cosmetic fair OOh one my yearly favs Is the cosmetic fair so I am jumping for joy. So look out I’m going shopping next week :))

the valentines table here below is soo pretty is available by [mashedUp] @ With Love fair

oh and the poses yes the poses I almost forgot the Poses  they are by Eternal Dream and you can pick them up at The Hipster fair  which is a Gacha event and is running only till the 15th feb soo you need to get your skates on over there :))



What Hazy Is wearing…

necklace- Leah ( Gold) By Pure Poison ( Old group gift)

UnderLip Plugs – Mouth by .Pekka

top- falling heart blouse By Roots& Wings
top Love circles Blouse by Roots& Wings
top – Queen Of hearts by Roots& Wings
top-bookworm Love Blouse by Roots& Wings
top- austen blouse by Roots& Wings
top- melenie Blouse by Roots& Wings

nose ring- Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

MESH*Skinny Pants  by Yasum

shoes- HIGH HOLLY MESH BLUE VIDA HEELS (for slink) By Hollywood

ring  : Love Ring Gold: by [E.C] Jeweler
shape-Patience Regulair by 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Skin-Callie Apricot V2 cleavage by 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Urban legends Unique Mini fair
.. THAiSHA EyeBrows by [BiJOU&T]
+ Soul Corruption Ultra Blue + {ali}

Hair- HAKU – (Midnight) By Argrace

Valentines Table and necklaces Checker by *[meshedup]* @ With love Fair

poses used – Tallulah by Eternal Dream Poses @ The Hipster fair



Wiggle it just a little bit!!!!

wiggle it 1

wiggle it 2

wiggle it3

serenity style1

What Hazy Is wearing…

shape – Patience Regular By 7Deadlys{K}ins
– Februari GROUP girls cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins

Joan Necklace W/Hud By {Rowena Designs}

Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual By slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – High By Slink
Physique Mesh Body V1.4 by Slink

Bangle – Athena 2 -( GOLD ) By Maxi Gossamer

. UnderLip Plugs – Mouth by .Pekka

Ruby – (Black) by CroM
Trya – Scottish Skirt – (Red) By CroM

Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)
Hair-  YUI – (Red) By *ARGRACE*

nails- Fraiser ( Blueberry) By * Pulcino*

+ Soul Corruption Ultra Violet By  {ali}

In the house…

Fluffy Black heart Rug By Potpourrii

suitcase Puff By Serenity Style @ The Chapter Four
sweet wood By Serenity Style @ The Chapter Four

Cucu Clock By Serenity Style @ The Chapter Four

Mouse Decor – Serenity Style– A letter to Zaira- *NEW* for House Hunt

for the House hunt Hunters must find a cardboard box with a heart.
My hint for it is: “My heart say you Hello!”
You can find more info about the event here: Info for hunt:))

In this hunt, each designer had done a item (valued at 200L$) BUT… but it cost ONLY 20L$ .omnly on till the 14th so hurry now!!!!

nordic armchair By Serenity Style

Bingo Card By Floorplan

framed Butterflies by fancy decor

decorative license plate Old LTD group Gift BY AppleFall

secret shelf by Serenity Style
star marquee by Floorplan

nordic Fireplace By Serenity style
statue- gods heart ( rare) By {Vespertine}
plants No idea where they came from they just called plant one and 2 in my invent:((

faux trophy ( Light) By{vespertine}
sailors couch ( Blue) by {vespertine}

stacked draws table by {vespertine}
rocking chair ( Wood) by {vespertine}

candle set Luna By Fi’s creations

ron boxed up candle By Revival
kiss and Hug sign by Revival

the house pictures taken- forgotten Light By {vespertine}


Does the cupid of love really exist???

cupids arrow 12

cupids arrow  8

Love is in the air with valentine’s day on its way so yes you are going to get all the hearts and romanticy stuff for the next few days from all us bloggers :)) yeah but honestly you gotta love it a day to let the one or ones you love  know how special they are :)) I think its a great day should be more of them through the year ( I got the best card for my other half I cant wait to give it to him :))) I wont tell you what it says cause well he prob read it and that will ruin the surprise  so not gonna tell ya but it made me laugh anyway :))

so gone it seems are the days when u give  the ones you love a card with a question mark in it or has it do people still do that?? it seems that the mystery of it has gone or maybe it is still done and cause im in a relationship it maybe that things are different so let me know I want to know if the mystery is still there and guessing who the one who loves you is??

so here for you is the great gacha poses from Something New that are available at the Streets of love

ok I know i am rambling again so here you are the rest of my pics:)

cupids arrow 6

cupids arrow14

cupids arrow 1

cupids arrow  pink glow

cupids arrow  necklace 7

cupids arrow  nails 4

cupids arrow  shoes 3

 What Hazy Is wearing…

Sophia – Jade (Septum) by (Yummy)
Unicorn Cameo Necklace – (Classic Ivory) By (Yummy)
Unicorn Head Chain – (Gold Horn) By (Yummy) @ Collabor88

Betty’s Boudior [Blush Brocade] – By *{Junbug}*

Piercing – UnderLip Plugs – by .Pekka.

GAS760 hair (pink) By Boon
KCP393 hair (pink) W/Hud By Boon

Baphomet Horns – Celestial By Remarkable Oblivion

Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – Remarkable Oblivion –
Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – by Remarkable Oblivion – –
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High By Slink
Body – Physique Mesh Body V1.4 By Slink

Shoes- Unicorn Shoe (Pink) by Violent Seduction

shape – Patience for boobs By 7Deadly s[K]ins
February GROUP (girls )cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins
pose used – Cupids arrow 2 ( rare) By Something New@ Streets of love
pose used-cupids arrow 3 By Something New available @ Streets of love

Strutt your stuff woman !!!

strutt your stuff 1Another fantastic pose from Something New– strutt your stuff , I love this pose as its a great pose for showing off clothes I thought < a great one for shoes or nails and even pants Like what I have on  from Voodoo Dollz Satin pants they feel all sliky as hazy strutts her stuff across her sim feeling all Queen Like:))

the top Is an edition that came out in Autumn by Wicca’s Wardrobe and the hud is fantastic each strap and section you can colour I went for the silver as went well with the  pants The skin I think Is still available at the cosmo Sale room But I may be wrong on this might be a new round out just now any way if you cant get this skin any more please pop down to the store as alot of exciting skins available Lots of diffrent gift and mm boards to be had around the store
Ooh and I have a new sponsor :))) Macabre !!!!! yeap anopther wonderful sponsor, I am a lucky girl to have these wonderful designers to trust me to help them advertise there goods I hope I do a good job as I do try really hard to show things off in the best way I can , I know sometimes I  have off days and some Pictures will be better than others  but I do try hard, I actually hate it when Im soo tierd having been up all night doing styling then pictures  that I just want to get a post out and am too frazzled to write anything and that I hate ,even if its just a few words to personalise my post < as so many just bash out 100s of pictures then the credits and nothing said . Having said this I do know I do not write well ( being Dyslexic I find it hard to find the words I want and end up usually using basic words, So you will never get a very intelegent words from me Just my usual twittering on that I do LOL But hey surly thats why you follow full Moon Blog cause Its me Hazy !!!!!  Hugs to you xxxxxxx and hey I havent finished my sim yet but its coming on soo please pop on by

Surl to my sim – Saleria Island

strutt your stuff 4

strutt your stuff 5

strutt your stuff 3

strutt your stuff 2

What Hazy is wearing …

nails- Cemetery Nightlight by Koffin nails

Hair By BooN GAS760 (Pink)
hair By BooN KCP393 (pink

UnderLip Plugs — by .Pekka

Pik Strap Feet Purple {Slink High Feet} By Macabre @ Suicide Dollz Event

Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small By Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – High By Slink

shape- Patience by 7Deadly s[K]ins

Skin- Monica cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins @ Cosmo sale room

Eyes-+ Soul Corruption (Ultra Violet) + {aii}

necklace – necklace- Siren’s song ( Purple) By { Ali}

nose ring- Sophia Jade ( septum) By (Yummy)

Jacket- Cayla W/Hud by Wicca’s Wardrobe

Satin Pants (silver) By Voodoo Dollz

Pose By Something New -Strut your stuff  (new release)