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Little Branch 6

Ok really quick post as i have to sleep really badly ,i just discovered this store designing really pretty landscapeing items that we all know i have a passion for you all knew that right??

well at fameShed you will find Little Branch,  with the The Corn Cluster is 13 land impact each per cluster and it is copy/modify but no transfer.,The Bradford Pear Flowers Tree which has a menu to change the seasons and flowers, now Im not sure but Im am guessing the feb round of the Fantasy Collective cause there was some great items there too but Im guessing you might be able to find in store The Weeping Willow Tree includes 4 seasons plus extra Pink version these sunflowers ooh soo much stuff im not gonna list it all but check out this store it rocks and im sure we gonna see a lot more of Little Branch

I am wearing these wickedly comfy Jeans from Drbc another one my fav stores who is now joined the we love to blog group which has made me very happy,

ok I gotta go to my bed so here my pics for ya hugs sorry for rushing this  Loves ya all xxxx

Drbc jeans  & little branch8

Drbc jeans 5

Drbc jeans  & Little Branch

Drbc jeans 1

Drbc jeans 4

Drbc jeans 3

Drbc jeans 2

Little Branch 7

what hazy is wearing…

shoes-rockabilly bow peeps (Polka dots)By .:Knockers:.

Nail;s- spring IN the Air By Beyond Persuasion designs @ Spring in the village

skin-temperance (Chestnut) by 7DeadlyS{K}INs coming soon at the skin fair lm will be announced

shape-temperance by 7deadlys{K}ins @ skin fair

jeans-cuffed capris (Blue) by ::Drbc::

hair-No23 (Pink+Black) By (r)M

Tattoo-ocean maori By Miss canning +Enchanted ink

Top-Anni ( Purple)by Voodoo Dollz

on sim

LB BradfordPear _Flower Change By Little Branch store @ FameShed

Tree shower (dark)  by We’re Closed

weeping willow 4 season by Little Branch @ the fantasy collective Feb round

lb birch 1 with seasons change By Little Branch @ the Fantasy collective

creep Myrtle v3 all seasons By Little Branch @ the fantasy collective
water lotus 4Seasons v2 By Little branch @ the fantasy collective
old barn By Carox
pose used Tallulah By Eternal Dream @ Designer Circle


Does the cupid of love really exist???

cupids arrow 12

cupids arrow  8

Love is in the air with valentine’s day on its way so yes you are going to get all the hearts and romanticy stuff for the next few days from all us bloggers :)) yeah but honestly you gotta love it a day to let the one or ones you love  know how special they are :)) I think its a great day should be more of them through the year ( I got the best card for my other half I cant wait to give it to him :))) I wont tell you what it says cause well he prob read it and that will ruin the surprise  so not gonna tell ya but it made me laugh anyway :))

so gone it seems are the days when u give  the ones you love a card with a question mark in it or has it do people still do that?? it seems that the mystery of it has gone or maybe it is still done and cause im in a relationship it maybe that things are different so let me know I want to know if the mystery is still there and guessing who the one who loves you is??

so here for you is the great gacha poses from Something New that are available at the Streets of love

ok I know i am rambling again so here you are the rest of my pics:)

cupids arrow 6

cupids arrow14

cupids arrow 1

cupids arrow  pink glow

cupids arrow  necklace 7

cupids arrow  nails 4

cupids arrow  shoes 3

 What Hazy Is wearing…

Sophia – Jade (Septum) by (Yummy)
Unicorn Cameo Necklace – (Classic Ivory) By (Yummy)
Unicorn Head Chain – (Gold Horn) By (Yummy) @ Collabor88

Betty’s Boudior [Blush Brocade] – By *{Junbug}*

Piercing – UnderLip Plugs – by .Pekka.

GAS760 hair (pink) By Boon
KCP393 hair (pink) W/Hud By Boon

Baphomet Horns – Celestial By Remarkable Oblivion

Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – Remarkable Oblivion –
Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – by Remarkable Oblivion – –
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High By Slink
Body – Physique Mesh Body V1.4 By Slink

Shoes- Unicorn Shoe (Pink) by Violent Seduction

shape – Patience for boobs By 7Deadly s[K]ins
February GROUP (girls )cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins
pose used – Cupids arrow 2 ( rare) By Something New@ Streets of love
pose used-cupids arrow 3 By Something New available @ Streets of love

A London Home

london house2

A London  Pied a terre  I actually love it , I say this cause I am not a great fan of modern look in houses and the Minimalist look I tend to like alotta clutter ( hahaha I don’t mean clutter ) like pictures and ornaments  just general stuff  around the house, but on rezing this house I was pleasantly surprised it actually was really calming and decorated just right not too much not too little and there enough room to personalise it and add a few of your own things but for a low prim house it’s actually perfect , everything you need a small kitchen , a sitting room with enough sitting space for a few people , a bed with a decent amount of animations in and a bath ooh and a dressing table and a sitting area outside  and the decoration was very well done all done in the style of london , in the red , blue and white with london street signs  and tube stations , images of our Queen and not to forget a tray for tea on the coffee table in the sitting room :))

london house 4

london house 3

London house 12

london house 5

london house 8

london house 9

london house 6

london house 10

london house 11Soo there my pics for you to see what its like inside and out and I think for  a low prim home its perfect , and one of my renters on my sim loved it and rented it straight away which put a big smile on my face .

where to get this house 🙂 By Kaerri and store Here

I hope to see more of this designer and massive big Thanx to We love to Blog for being such a fantastic group to be part of :))



Chained Melody

somethign erotic 6

Something Erotic has some extremly sexy Poses with props made selectivly for an adult sim But , I am not one who is into BDSM but I do find these poses extremly sexy , I had to rez my dungeon I bought my self a few months ago for doing pictures of coarse Cough!!!! laughs maybe I should become an Sl Madame I could do stomping on some guys in heels !!!!!

My outfit  is by UNIQ Phaze I love the lacing details in the back  the dress is leather and looks soo real  I  love it  and the shoes also made by UNIQ Phaze with atwo huds one to change the back and sides of the shoes  and one for the bow around the top  i think they very pretty and the fact they are slink makes them even better , now when i see shoes that arnt slink I turn my nose up  No no no I dont think i could go back to the silly colour huds to get ur skin matched ughhh .

I have Bought myself the slink body and lola’s but still trying to figure it all out. What I dont get is how you get mesh clothing to fit  around the big boobies  , I am sure they must be able to be shrunk somehow as for me at the moment they are far too large I want to shrink them up alil But I can’t figure how to do that ( anyone know  how to shrink boobbies do hit me up and let me know:) )

something  erotic 4

something new 7

something new 8

something erotic 9

What Hazy is wearing…

necklace-adalind (vermillion) By ECRU

dress- lala by UNIQ Phaze

shoes-booclazz ( slink High) By UNIQ Phaze

tights- fishnets by Bax

blindfold- Steel By Erratic/Chris

Hair-Gin ( Fantasy ) By Tameless

skin-EveleinV1  By 7Deadly{S}Kin @Designer Circle – discount store
Piercing- Nose swirl By Pekka

eyes-voodoo (Nebula) by Buzzeri

Pose & prop – chained melody by Something Erotic

Nails used- for the month of December Crow has a box of a Skin with slink applier for nails and hands n feet will be in Mad Hattery and a ridiculously cheap price my your mad if you don’t pop on by I will be showing the skin in my next post but I loving the nails I had to pop them on for this one!!!!


Turkey Day is a comming

masoom 7Masoom Have out this cute little dress specially for the dirty turkey hunt (you only a few more days left as it finishes on the 30th of this month ), and how perfect would it be for Thanks giving  and with  this cute 7Deadly{S}Kin skin called Thanks giving  It compliments the dress beautifully I love the texturing in this dress and as I had been shopping in marketplace and found this face art by [The forge] I thought would bring out the colours in the dress  and did I need an excuse to wear my new Hair from .:Cheveaux:.? no I think not its cute  as I find all their hair is .

[The Forge] is reasonably new store to me , and I love love love thier jewellary its always unique and beautifully textured I Have on Thir necklace and bracletts too as well as the face art  and you will be seeing alot more of them from me as you know what a fiend i am for jewellary !!!

So I am nervous as monday morning my boyfrined in in court for dangerous driving ( the poor things was really tierd and swearved a lil on the road  and really unlucky for him the police were behind him  off duty and they are rellly slamming him so its looking like he will get banned on monday , and as i don’t drive winter is gonna be tough but  on wards and upward this is left totally in the hands of the gods and all we can do is pray they dont takle his lisence ( But they will :(( ) so big thoughts out to Waagwan for monday  Pretty please xxx

On to the pictures now my dears Hope you enjoy xxxx

masoom 2

masoom 4


What Hazy is wearing…

makeup – eyeshadow Night By (THD) The Hellish Diva

face art – Gold by [The forge}

lips-chocolate mood no1 by Glamorize

hair- F048 ( pastel) by .:Cheveux:.

earrings -angel heart ( Gold) by Maxi Gossamer

necklace Boadicea ( Bromze) By [The forge}

piercing – Nose swirl By Pekka

skin-thanks giving ( cotton Candy) by 7Deadly {S}KIns @ mainstore for only 50l special turkey day skin so hurry along to get it

braclets- gypsy ( gold) By [The forge]

dress-nina dress By Masoom @ The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Photography box by [Reink]

I make a far sexier santa

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire 1

Welll I have been invited to blog a brand new event Called the Gift Wrapped winter fair It opend up on the 22 of november  There is a few very carefully selected stores and each has a gacha in the Gacha forest and each item in the stores is exclusive  for this event so do pop by Its a pretty christmassy theme to get you in the shopping mood  have fun supporting this great new event One to watch as i am sure this will be sucessful and large :))

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire2


seddy's creations gift wrapped faire_6

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire4

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire5


seddy's creations gift wrapped faire3

What hazy is wearing…



nails- Chilly( Flake) By ..Elation.. @ Gift wrapped  winter fair
outfit gift wrapped ( winter faire exclusive) By Seddy’s Creations @ Giftwrapped winter faire

piercing – Nose swirl By Pekka

makeup eyeshadow Punk ( red) by Mons

braclets- gypsy ( gold) By [The forge]

skin-Thanks Giving ( cotton Candy) by 7Deadly {S}KIns @ mainstore for only 50l special turkey day skin so hurry along to get it

hair-f014 ( Red) by .::Cheveaux

eyes- demon by Izzie’s

boobies-lolas tango ( delicq) By Lola


poses used – structure multipose By Lost Angel industries


Point ya toes !!! yes thats it….

Hey peeps Im just got home been away for a few days  as My wonderful daughter won an award , for student who has shown outstanding attention to horse welfare and care basically what it is is this guy his daughter went to the university my daughter is at and did the same course she graduated and then left uni and did a work placement for a year then very sadly got killed in a car accident aged 22, her dad set up this award for people who have put outstanding care to horse welfare. This has been running for 8 years, well this is the 8th year  and will continue for another two, he was such a sweet generous guy he emailed my daughter a few weeks ago saying that every year he holds a dinner  for the award winner and two members of their family,  last years winner  and 3 friends of his late daughter. we, me ,my daughter and my mum booked into the hotel where the meal was and had a really special evening with the friends of his daughter sharing funny naughty things they used to all get up to , and the dad sharing a lot of stuff and a wonderful meal lots of wine and then the next day was the graduation ceremony and prize giving as my daughter is taking a sandwich year and is doing a work placement and then finishing her degree next year it wasnt her day to be all robbed up , but the prize giving was really lovely seeing her go up and get her lovely hand etched glass bowl which is turquoise ( which was the favourite colour of the girl who did Eleanor Grundy ) but not only did she get a beautiful glass bowl but a cup with her name on , and 100 pounds ( with a letter saying he wants her to go out and spend the money with her friends celebrating , and if she is anything like his daughter her bank account would be over drawn so the 100 quid was in cash , I mean he such a thoughtful guy so very generous  we were all really touched at what a sweet thoughtful thing to do. so my girl is out with her friends tonight getting extremely drunk But so well deserved she worked so hard for it and its fantastic to see they are recognizing that she is doing the right things for the professionals to take notice  so I am one very proud mom Tonight 🙂

ok sorry about that rambling I got a bunch stuff to show you this skin halo Is by 7Deadly{S}KIns at the Black Dot Project Event  then the jump suit is by  which you will find at Vogue SL , the shoes are by Eudora ooh god there so much more I gotta show you guys from  Vogue Sl I got masses of stuff to show you so watch this space..

vogue sl 1

vogue sl 2

vogue sl 4


skin- halo- b by 7deadly{s}kins @ Black Dot Project Event monthly event ! exclusives are down 20 percent

shoes- elidvira heels ( blue) ( slink high) By Eudora

hair-fluster by Ploom ( Pinks& Purples)

jumpsuit- Hazel Romper jeans ( pink) by Lageeny Fashion @ SL Vogue fall fest

eyes- demon ( Black) By Izzie’s

earings-rini 3row hoop earrings by RYCA

necklace-angel heart ( Gold) by Maxi Gossamer

piercing – nose swirl by Pekka

nails-cemetry nightlights by DarkPassions( koffinnails)

hands ( casual) Feet (High) avatar enhancments By Slink