“I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.”

the title was a saying said to be said by   Elizabeth 1 Tudor

now when you see what I have to show you today you will love it as its full of royal opulence ,beautiful rich texturing to make anyone feel like a queen  and who made these wonderful items ooh yes Livid does it again with her beautiful totally individual look such a wicked designer every little detail thought through beautifully!!!! the two looks from Livid come with all the accessories too so boots necklace and gloves crown  and more soo such a great little package

ooh and i have discovered a new store for really cute hair and other things  Olive and a bunch of free gifts outside the store if you belong to the group so hop on over get joined up and get a bunch of really cute stuffs :))

livid 1

livid 2

livid 6

livid boots 3

livid clutch 2 8

What Hazy is wearting in this group of pics …

dress- Barock doll dress ( Marie Antoinette )
pants gothic corset legginggs
boots- gothic corset boots
collar- heavy vanity collar
sir alexander Clutch( Baroque violet)
by Livid

makeup-eyeshadow punk( Purple) By Mons
lipstick- chocolate mood lips By Glamorize
underlip plugs by Pekka
crown – royal Exaltation Crown ( Mystic Princess) By Livid
nails- cemetery nightlight By Koffin nails

skin-December skin_ (arctic o1) By Glam Affair

hair- elifie – Oi ombre By Olive

pose FU By Something New

Cigarette -Rainbow Pink By [Nik0tin]

livid 15

livid 13

livi 11

livid boots 2 12

What Hazy is wearing on this set of pics …

Boots- Royal Ascension Boots( Mystic Princess)
crown- Royal Exaltation Crown ( Mystic ~Princess)
coat- Royal decadence ( Mystic Princess)
tights- Royal secret tights ( Gothic cross)all by Livid
hair- The alice hair By Olive W/Hud
skin-December skin_ (arctic o1) By Glam Affair

makeup-eyeshadow punk( Purple) By Mons
lipstick- chocolate mood lips By Glamorize
underlap plugs by Pekka
nails- cemetery nightlight By Koffin nails

poses insecure by Mien





This Home got heart

Heart homes room 69 2

Heart homes room 69 3

Heart homes room 69 4

Heart homes room 69 5

Heart homes room 69 6

saying my prayers


eating bagels!!

eating bagels!!

Heart homes room 69 8

Chillin’ on the phone


Heart homes room 69 11I started with the pictures as this  full living room set is beautiful , every detail  is so beautifully done , all the poses in the seats are great and all well thought through this set is by heart homes ( Aphrodite shop @room 69 lm for aphrodite rezzijng area)

go along and see what they got there as everything i seen from this store is beautiful  and you can rez stuff out to try before you buy Perfect right:)


Heart homes room 69 16

Heart homes room 69 17

Heart homes room 69 18

Heart homes room 69 20

Heart homes room 69_019

what Hazy is wearing…

hair-malibu ( reds) By Truth
earrings-spikes (Gold) By RYCA
necklace- buttons Pure Poison ( Old group ~Gift)
rings-4 in row (Gold) By RYCA
peircing- nose swirl By Pekka

shoes-laud boots (Pastel green) By Maitreya Gold

makeup- wild child By Glamorize

nails-lots o dots By Koffin nails

tights – fishnet by Bax
skin- tatiana rose by Crow

top-girl power t shirt by *Biscuit* @ room 69

Pose used – mic drop queen By Mien @Room69