Imma cute Bomb you beware!!!!

Full Moon Blog has a new sponsor which I am very excited about CuteBomb who have items in Carnevil when that round is finished they are in store for a while , This outfit was very well suiting as we are building a ghetto on my sim, I thought it was a pretty urbanyish outfit:). friends are setting up a roleplay thing < I hardly been online so I am out of the loop a bit but I will tell you all about it when I manage to find some time as real is kicking my ass at the mo and just finding time to log in let alone blog and or even have any input to whats going on at my sim it is bugging me out but hey ho it is what it is  so yup CuteBomb guys one to watch for sure:))

here my pics xxxx

cutbomb &Kaerri 2

cutbomb &Kaerri 1

cutbomb &Kaerri 3

cutbomb &Kaerri 4

this adorable teardrop seat is another wonderful creation by Kaerri who i am actually falling in love with everything they come out with is soo beautiful , attention to detail is fantastic so yup if you not discovered Kaerri yet you must !!!

what Hazy is wearing…

skin-presley( taupe) by 7DeadlyS{K}Ins @rock attitude
foot chains-warrior anklet ( copper) by Promagic

Top-cross2top by Cutebomb @ CarnEvil round 8
Pants-rollala jeans ( strips) by CuteBomb

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

tattoo- essence MM14914 By Letis Tattoo
bangles- athena ( silver) By Maxi gossamer

hair-valorie by Tameless

hairbase- shaved chessBy DeeTaleZ

panties- yummy panties( gold) by Supernatural

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

ace tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

nails-my bats are melting( rare) By Dark Passion( Koffin Nails@ Luck of the irish

hanging teardrop chair set by Kaerri

ok im so sorry i wrote this about two weeks ago so sorry if links arnt correct but check the stores inworld if u cant find at events sorry guys real kicking my assxxxxx




I got a few cool things to show you this cute outfit from Velvet fox is nice n bright for the horrible winter days we having at the mo soo you know i love colour so this made me smile then I opend the box from Bad Apple  for the omgacha event and OMG was definatly the word this lil donkey ( Its is a donkey I think ) Is soooo adorable and as always the texturing was soo beautiful  I soo in love with them soo if you see me weeks down the line still wandering around  with a donkey in my arms you know why Im in love!!!!!!

omgacha bad apple 3 The face on them is so adorable I mean look at it how can you possiblily resist this cute thing?

the shoes I also Love from Milk Tea  they simple But went well I thought with my color scheme, the skin OOh well now the skin soft and soo pretty By 7Deadly{S}Kins  who have a great event on at the mo called B}UniGue , New event [B] UniQue, at mainstore . Will run for two weeks at a time. Starts Jan 3rd and only at 150 l thats a steal and this is going to be an on going event one to watch out for .

catwa hair, drbc gown 23

catwa hair, drbc gown 22

velvet fox 1

velvet fox 2

velvet fox 3

What hazy is wearing in the top two pics and the furniture landmarks:))

lolli sticks (Teal Bow ) Rare By Bad Apple  @ OmGacha

necklace- dreamers( Lemon Balm By Lark
necklace- jewelled ghost ( Blue) by Phoebe

bad apple omgacha 4

 What Hazy Is wearing…

pants-blue N white Print skinnies By Velvet fox
top-bianca vest by Velvet Fox

skin-Beertje By 7Deadly{S}Kins @[B}UniGue

shoes-glitratin ( Pink) By Milk Tea

toy- oh Bother ( owl rare) By Bad Apple @ OMGacha

patchwork ( rare)
Quilt (Rare)
clouds (rare) all by Bad apple @ OMGacha

left hand – cotton candy ( pear & Mint) By *.*Precious*.* lm unknow2n
right hand- boho bangles By Maxi Gossamer


Turkey Day is a comming

masoom 7Masoom Have out this cute little dress specially for the dirty turkey hunt (you only a few more days left as it finishes on the 30th of this month ), and how perfect would it be for Thanks giving  and with  this cute 7Deadly{S}Kin skin called Thanks giving  It compliments the dress beautifully I love the texturing in this dress and as I had been shopping in marketplace and found this face art by [The forge] I thought would bring out the colours in the dress  and did I need an excuse to wear my new Hair from .:Cheveaux:.? no I think not its cute  as I find all their hair is .

[The Forge] is reasonably new store to me , and I love love love thier jewellary its always unique and beautifully textured I Have on Thir necklace and bracletts too as well as the face art  and you will be seeing alot more of them from me as you know what a fiend i am for jewellary !!!

So I am nervous as monday morning my boyfrined in in court for dangerous driving ( the poor things was really tierd and swearved a lil on the road  and really unlucky for him the police were behind him  off duty and they are rellly slamming him so its looking like he will get banned on monday , and as i don’t drive winter is gonna be tough but  on wards and upward this is left totally in the hands of the gods and all we can do is pray they dont takle his lisence ( But they will :(( ) so big thoughts out to Waagwan for monday  Pretty please xxx

On to the pictures now my dears Hope you enjoy xxxx

masoom 2

masoom 4


What Hazy is wearing…

makeup – eyeshadow Night By (THD) The Hellish Diva

face art – Gold by [The forge}

lips-chocolate mood no1 by Glamorize

hair- F048 ( pastel) by .:Cheveux:.

earrings -angel heart ( Gold) by Maxi Gossamer

necklace Boadicea ( Bromze) By [The forge}

piercing – Nose swirl By Pekka

skin-thanks giving ( cotton Candy) by 7Deadly {S}KIns @ mainstore for only 50l special turkey day skin so hurry along to get it

braclets- gypsy ( gold) By [The forge]

dress-nina dress By Masoom @ The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Photography box by [Reink]

Are you Observant?

appreciation Sweet sacrificeSweet sacrifice has a collection of poses out  , I was going to do a single picture with all the poses in one But they were all so adorable they needed to have a closer focus I thought and gave them each a single page  The are exclusive for the Event fit for a princess  which started on the 1st Nov  and is on till  the 26th of November so still lots of time to go over and explore and pick up these great poses .

behold sweet sacrifice

frolicking  sweet sacrifice

observant sweet scarifice

peaceful sweet sacrifice

searching Sweet sacrifice

What Hazy is wearing…

dress astrid (Cyan)by Ecru @ The Dirty Turkey Hunt Hint Bonsai !! super easy to find
earrings & bangles -black widow spider By Maxi gossamer
bangles- san remo Hammered metals ( Copper Ages) By Maxi Gossamer

makeup- Maike  By Zibska

nose piercing – nose swirl By Pekka

nails-cemetary nightlife By Dark Passions( Koffin Nails)

eyes- voodoo (Nebula ) By Buzzeri

Skin- sacha By 7Deadly{S}Kins

Hair- rula by Emo-tions

shoes- ritz (Slink High) By ECRU @ Designer show case

feet ( high) , hands ( casual) avatar enhancments by Slink






I Can See A Rainbow, Catch it if You Can!!

masoom &diesel works 5

Masoom have brought out a new sexily geourgous sleek red dress  one for going out  on the arm of a gorgous man ( I couldnt get mine in world to do a photoshoot) so I had to make do with my lovley new fence and my beautiful HPMD tree But I love the colors and I felt the fence brought out the red in the dress beautifully  this dress can be got at  Designer Circle, Topped with my Hair from +SpellBound+ which comes  with a hud of Pastel colors So I went with the palest  of pale pink so pale its almost white.

God in the last three days we had so much rain Loks like we gonna get more flooding this winter Ughh so my prayors go out to all the people in flood areas Hoping that the flood defenses the goverment have so called done will work as I know two years ago in Glouster when they had supposedly put in a million pound flood defense  everyone in those flood areas didnt raise all their home items up away out the flooding as they expected the defense to work .It didnt so all their stuff got ruined and they say OOh no the battary failed on the new flood defense thingy!!! omg really??  so yeah back to my point I am preaying that we dont have the problems we had around here like last year .

masoom &diesel works 4

masoom &diesel work 10

masoom &diesel works 1

masoom &diesel works 6

masoom  koffin nails _ maxi gossamer8

OOh Look Look at My new nails Anarchy Nails By Koffin Nails OMG I’m in love I don’t think I ever be able to wear any other these are my fav 🙂



What Hazy Is Wearing…

dress -hellen By Masoon available @  Designer Circle

hair- nahara (Pastels) By +SpellBound+

nails-    By Dark Passions( Koffin Nails)
skin- delaya Taupe) by 7Deadly{S}Kins available @ Suicide Dolls

eye makeup- wildchild (Blue) By Glamorize
eyes-voodoo ( Siren) by Buzzeri

lipstick – chocolate moodlips by Glamorize\
shoes- brooklyn ( Ruby) by Bushu
bracelets- athena ( Gold) By Maxi Gossamer
earings-izar ( Platinum) By Phoebe

garden tree o4 (Brown/ flowers) By Hpmd

wooden fence by Five Minutes after

pose used Miaa By Diesel Works

Welcome to Pigeon Street


VelmSFLY Event Logo

A new event on the grid Sl Vogue some cute designers involved with this, It started on the 6 th of October and will be on untill the 3rd November, so I do have a bunch of cool stuff to show you and I know you be racing off to go buy once you seen them so I am not goning to ramble I go straight to the pics for you:))

Also Eloquence Has an event,  a grand opening of all free stuff ,I know right you did hear it correct, all free stuff and not crappy stuff either really wonderful Stuff that Im really loving some of it I have here to show you also . I am going to start with these pictures first:)) the seat Pigeon street By Junk I simply love it and with an old gift from LTD it looked wonderful. and through this event I have discoverd junk and so fallen in love with their items and went over and bought nearly the entire collection heheheh so you be seeing alot more of them from me 🙂pigeon street 1


pigeon street 2


pigeon street 3


pigeon street 4

pigeon street 5

What Hazy is wearing…

jumpsuit cant hold us (Sky) By Entice  free gift @ Eloquence

hair-sugar coated By Atomic @ The Candy Fair

makeup- saintly eyes by The Hellish Diva

nails-jucy strawberry By kawaii @ The Candy Fair

bracletes- boho bangles BY Maxi Gossamer

skin-Wendy V1 By 7Deadly{S}kins

Whats in the room…

pigeon street seat By Junk

pulley ceiling light by Junk

salvaged spring stool by Junk
water color painting by Intrigue Co

cushion on seat – ruffles (Lipstick) BY LTD (Old free Gift)

artist desk & canvas rack by Applefall

cairns coffee table ( Walnut) By DIGS

Valariea armchair ( VIntage) by DIGS

driftwood chandelier by[We’re Closed]

side table with books by LIsp

salvage display by Lisp

Restoration rug by Lisp

resoration Lamp By Lisp

phonograph by [Contraption]

Picture curtain (B/W) By Kalopsia  free gift @ Eloquence


sl vogue12


sl vogue11

sl vogue 9

sl vogue 8

sl vogue 7

Dress-cupcake (Black velvet) By [A] @ Sl Vogue
makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

hair- nahara By +Spellbound+

hands – casual Feet high avatar enhancments by Slink

nails-jucy strawberry By kawaii @ The candy Fair

salvaged spring stool by Junk

Picture curtain (B/W) By Kalopsia @ Eloquence  ( free Gift)

pulley ceiling light by Junk

canvas rack by Applefall


Come Twist With Me

lumiere , atomic and GFD 1I been down to the candy fair and alot of delights to be had there, the hair I am wearing reminds me of Princess Leia with the little buns on ma head ,the colors in the hud are all candy pastel colors and I love it they are soft and delicoius like marshmallow , My beautiful green dress is my Lumiere and I have to love this dress as Its called Lara ( my real name BTW) But I love the flows  of the skirt and the folds around the boobs Is one sexy vinatge dress perfect for your sixties night of the Twist

7Deadly{S}Kins Has brought out a few more new skins The one I am wearing Is wendy and you will see alot more from me over the next few posts  but hey I am always in 7deadlyskins right??

lumiere , atomic and GFD 4

lumiere , atomic and GFD 3

lumiere , atomic and GFD 2

What Hazy Is wearing…

skin-wendy V1 (Caramel) By 7deadly{S}kins

necklace & ring -Double scoop by Atomic @ The Candy Fair

dress- lara by lumiere

braclettes -hobo (Gold and Lapis) By Maxi gossamer

hair-sugar coated By Atomic @The Candy Fair
nails-jucy strawberry By kawaii @ The Candy Fair

Makeup-saintly eyes by The Hellish Diva

shoes- sovereign wedges (Teal) By Reign