I make a far sexier santa

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire 1

Welll I have been invited to blog a brand new event Called the Gift Wrapped winter fair It opend up on the 22 of november  There is a few very carefully selected stores and each has a gacha in the Gacha forest and each item in the stores is exclusive  for this event so do pop by Its a pretty christmassy theme to get you in the shopping mood  have fun supporting this great new event One to watch as i am sure this will be sucessful and large :))

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire2


seddy's creations gift wrapped faire_6

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire4

seddy's creations gift wrapped faire5


seddy's creations gift wrapped faire3

What hazy is wearing…



nails- Chilly( Flake) By ..Elation.. @ Gift wrapped  winter fair
outfit gift wrapped ( winter faire exclusive) By Seddy’s Creations @ Giftwrapped winter faire

piercing – Nose swirl By Pekka

makeup eyeshadow Punk ( red) by Mons

braclets- gypsy ( gold) By [The forge]

skin-Thanks Giving ( cotton Candy) by 7Deadly {S}KIns @ mainstore for only 50l special turkey day skin so hurry along to get it

hair-f014 ( Red) by .::Cheveaux

eyes- demon by Izzie’s

boobies-lolas tango ( delicq) By Lola


poses used – structure multipose By Lost Angel industries



Point ya toes !!! yes thats it….

Hey peeps Im just got home been away for a few days  as My wonderful daughter won an award , for student who has shown outstanding attention to horse welfare and care basically what it is is this guy his daughter went to the university my daughter is at and did the same course she graduated and then left uni and did a work placement for a year then very sadly got killed in a car accident aged 22, her dad set up this award for people who have put outstanding care to horse welfare. This has been running for 8 years, well this is the 8th year  and will continue for another two, he was such a sweet generous guy he emailed my daughter a few weeks ago saying that every year he holds a dinner  for the award winner and two members of their family,  last years winner  and 3 friends of his late daughter. we, me ,my daughter and my mum booked into the hotel where the meal was and had a really special evening with the friends of his daughter sharing funny naughty things they used to all get up to , and the dad sharing a lot of stuff and a wonderful meal lots of wine and then the next day was the graduation ceremony and prize giving as my daughter is taking a sandwich year and is doing a work placement and then finishing her degree next year it wasnt her day to be all robbed up , but the prize giving was really lovely seeing her go up and get her lovely hand etched glass bowl which is turquoise ( which was the favourite colour of the girl who did Eleanor Grundy ) but not only did she get a beautiful glass bowl but a cup with her name on , and 100 pounds ( with a letter saying he wants her to go out and spend the money with her friends celebrating , and if she is anything like his daughter her bank account would be over drawn so the 100 quid was in cash , I mean he such a thoughtful guy so very generous  we were all really touched at what a sweet thoughtful thing to do. so my girl is out with her friends tonight getting extremely drunk But so well deserved she worked so hard for it and its fantastic to see they are recognizing that she is doing the right things for the professionals to take notice  so I am one very proud mom Tonight 🙂

ok sorry about that rambling I got a bunch stuff to show you this skin halo Is by 7Deadly{S}KIns at the Black Dot Project Event  then the jump suit is by  which you will find at Vogue SL , the shoes are by Eudora ooh god there so much more I gotta show you guys from  Vogue Sl I got masses of stuff to show you so watch this space..

vogue sl 1

vogue sl 2

vogue sl 4


skin- halo- b by 7deadly{s}kins @ Black Dot Project Event monthly event ! exclusives are down 20 percent

shoes- elidvira heels ( blue) ( slink high) By Eudora

hair-fluster by Ploom ( Pinks& Purples)

jumpsuit- Hazel Romper jeans ( pink) by Lageeny Fashion @ SL Vogue fall fest

eyes- demon ( Black) By Izzie’s

earings-rini 3row hoop earrings by RYCA

necklace-angel heart ( Gold) by Maxi Gossamer

piercing – nose swirl by Pekka

nails-cemetry nightlights by DarkPassions( koffinnails)

hands ( casual) Feet (High) avatar enhancments By Slink













































































































You Just make me so Livid!!!!

livid arm and closeDay of the Dead is a mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a Bank holidayThe celebration takes place on October 31, November 1 and November 2, in connection with the triduum of Allhallowtide: All Hallows Eve, Hallomas and all saints day.

Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas honoring the deceased using Sugar skulls and marigolds and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. They also leave possessions of the deceased.

Livid a new sponsor for full Moon blog has made  a really pretty outfit coming in a few different colour ranges , with the sugar skulls face tattoo, and cute little mules for slink High feet. I simply love it I got my halloween outfit sorted right here 🙂

2 shoes livid3 livid hazys

What hazy is wearing…

Picture one..

skin-halloween girl vi By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The Beauty Pageant 11th oct – nov 1st
flower crown- -carmen By Livid
sugar skull makeup – flashy light by Livid
dress- santa muerte by Livid
fishnets- wide ( Black) by Erratic
shoes- skeletons high skull By Livid (for high slink)
necklace- choker 9Gold) By RYCAThe Beauty Pageant
bangles – Cuban (Gold) By RYCA
hair- raindance reds by Soonsiki

 Picture two..

dress santa muerte ( Skalita) by Livid
makeup- sugar skull (Traditional light) By Livid
flower crown ( frida) By Livid
necklace- bloodvial & fang (Gold) By Izzie’s

skin-halloween girl vi By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The Beauty Pageant 11th oct – nov 1s

All the Pretty Things Autumn Brings

Potpourri  Designs has brought out some great stuff for halloween not spooky stuff But  great items to decorate your house with to get into that halloweeny feel , Light the fire put your feet up and soak in the wonderful colours in this furnature,I decorated this in an unusual way with a chinese wall paper for the wall , I really didn’t think it would work  but tunred out to really like the pale blue with the orangy colors in the potpouri Items , see what you think and let me know in comments as I love to hear  what you guys think 🙂

Potpourri Designs has a booth at the Halloween Village as well as two gachas in the gacha area.
The Halloween Village is now open and runs through November 2.
potpourri designs @mieville Halloween village

The Halloween Village has lots to see and do. Trick or Treating with free gifts from merchants – must wear the hud available for free at the main landing spot.
Amusement park area with fun rides
Many booths and carts offer a free gift, look for the candy corn.HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS HAVE FUN XXXXXXX

potpouri 8

potpouri 7

potpouri 6

potpouri 5

potpouri 4

potpouri 3

potpouri 2

potpouri 1

What Hazy is wearing…

Skin-Delayla Clevage BY 7Deadly{S}Kins Available at SuicideDolls

makeup-maike ( Ruby) By Zibska

HAIR-nahara (Pastels) By +SpellBound+

top – mirage By +(Luxuriant)

shorts- play mesh shorts ( elephants) by *TuttiFruitti*

shoes-brooklyn (Ruby) By Bushu

necklace -blood vial/fang by Izzie’s

nails-ilver (Giraffe) By Zoz

hands -casual feet high avatar Enhancment By Slink

4 in a row potpouri


Items In Hazy’s House…

pumpkin flower gaslight lamp by Potpourri Designs  @@mieville Halloween village
autumn dreams squares rug by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
cairns side table ( walnut) By DIGS
basket of yarn By the Homestore ( Now not available)

niece side table and lamp by [what next]
jack o lantern Leaf chair by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
niece drapes By [what next]

black bench with halloween stripes and poses By Potpourri Designs @@mieville Halloween village
cairns coffee table(walnut) by DIGS
modern asymmetrical chair Left & right by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village

heart photo frame by Alouette ( free gift @Eloquence)
butterfly restoration chair By Lisp
autumn leaf rug By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
ghost ship in black frames ( animated ) By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
haunted masion in Balck frame ( animated) By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
autumn floral centre piece in vase By Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village

tinted pumpkin candle by Potpourri Designs @ @mieville Halloween village
fireplace 9 medium By Lisp

log basket with axe By Lisp

A Modern Witch

A New sponsor for me Voodoo Dolls Has a great collection out   with  beautifully texture items I mean Look at this jacket below it is beautiful  the attention to detail is wonderful,

blue hearts

grey n purple clothard jacket

headshotI am simply in love with these Clothard jackets and I know you wont be disapointed so pop along to the store and see what other goodies you might find.

What Hazy Is wearing…

nails edges By Figure ( free gift from eloquence)

Jacket,bra -Clochard ( Brown) By Voodoo Dolls

tights-ornamental leggings ( Circles) By Bax

hair–Clover ( Pastels) By Truth

makeup-lucky day combo By :Glamorize:

jacket-Clochard (Purple stripes) By Voodoo Dolls
Jacker Clothard ( blue heart)
Jacket Clothard ( Grey)

boots-brooklyn ( Ruby) By Bushu

hands casual ,Feet High avatar enhancement by Slink

necklace-Inca Moon By Phoebie

Eyebrow spikes by {.Bijou&T}HQ

voodoo dools x2

voodoo dolls

voodoo dolls with shadows

voodoo dolls aceahh but you thought i was finished didnt you There is more from Voodoo Dolls these pretty pretty flared pants that come in a range of colours This is a wonderul time of year and the colours for autumn can be so inspiring so be bold be diffrent and stand out from the crowd Laughs!!! thats my mesage for the day:)) Hazy xxxx

What Hazy is wearing…

hair-Yuri3 (garnet) By D!va

necklace blood vial/fang by Izzie’s

nails shock By figure ( free gift @ Eloquence)

outfit , arm warmers, flared pants, made shirt Maddie rose by Voodoo Dolls

skin Halloween girl V1 By 7Deadly{S}kins For the beauty pageant – Halloween Event
bloody horns – by Lumiere

ring-jewelled ghost (Blue) By Phoebie

poses used various Ones from Eternal Dream

And I am sure you agree How great voodoo dolls are I am so in love with their clothes  , I hope you love them as much as I do Pop On by the store to see what you may find

also check out the blog ,


and flicker

have fun guys Love ya all Hazy xxxxx


She a Restless Spirit on an Endless Night

oooh I soooooooo Love this round at The fantasy collective Voodoo so much brilliant stufff I spent all my lindens  and still I dont think I  got  half way round . I had to make myslef leave as I was tempted to buy more lindens Soo I said hazy walk alway , just walk away !!!!! hahahhahaha so walk away I did (but I do still have alil time to go back Don’t I ??)

voodoo 11voodoo 8

voodoo 6


voodoo 5


and the perfect song for this round


What Hazy wears

dress-neviah by !cellar door

staff-witch doctor by DRD @ The Fantasy Collective

crown , collar , and braclette -voodoo crown by sweet lies @ The Fantasy Collective

Collar-kara leather collar ( black & gold) By Noodles @ we ❤ roleplay

necklace-blood vial/fang jewellery by Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective

hands- casual By slink

eyes- voodoo eyes(nebula) By Buzz @  The fantasy Collective

Makeup- eyeshadow Hippie (purple) By Mons

makeup-deardriu facepaints &piercings byHOD @ We<3 roleplay

earings-arsenal by Remarkable Oblivion

hair-dream of paradise by Exile

Pose Used- fantasy by Quixotica

Can You see the witch??

so I poped along to the fantasy collective  and ooh boy ooh boy I spent a fortune Soo much wonderful items the them for this round is New Orleans! Think Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vampire’s, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Papa Guédé, All Saints Day, ‘The Originals’. and i soo love anyhitng witchy  how can you not , Its fantasy is fun  and a chance to really play out your childhood charictures .

I went for this look as pretty simple as the head piece was so pretty I didnt want to defect from that too much  would you like to see what I came up with for you ?? ahh get on with the pictures I hear you say hehhhe!!!

fantasy collective

witches lair  sitting

majic spellswhat hazy is wearing…

ears- sylphy ears By Illusions

hands- casual By Slink

necklace-blood vial/fang jewellery By Izzie’s @ The Fantasy Collective

Hair-venus:moonlight By Exile

outfit -Macha by !Cellar Door

book- spellbook with snake By *May’s soul* @ The Fantasy Collective

skin-portia by Al Vulo

eyes- voodoo eyes(nebula) By Buzz @  The Fantasy Collective

makeup-eyeshadow spray (Green ) By mons
Makeup- eyeshadow spray (purple) By Mons (i combined the two together)

earings-arsenal earrings By Remarkable Oblivion

piercing- Constantine gold By Sinful creations

boots-destroyer of the worlds by Snow boa

crown-crown of the bayou By Spyralle @ The Fantasy Collective


Im already started my second outfit from the fantasy collection so watch this space hugs Love you guys xxxxx hazy xxxx