You Just make me so Livid!!!!

livid arm and closeDay of the Dead is a mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a Bank holidayThe celebration takes place on October 31, November 1 and November 2, in connection with the triduum of Allhallowtide: All Hallows Eve, Hallomas and all saints day.

Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas honoring the deceased using Sugar skulls and marigolds and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. They also leave possessions of the deceased.

Livid a new sponsor for full Moon blog has made¬† a really pretty outfit coming in a few different colour ranges , with the sugar skulls face tattoo, and cute little mules for slink High feet. I simply love it I got my halloween outfit sorted right here ūüôā

2 shoes livid3 livid hazys

What hazy is wearing…

Picture one..

skin-halloween girl vi By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The Beauty Pageant 11th oct – nov 1st
flower crown- -carmen By Livid
sugar skull makeup – flashy light by Livid
dress- santa muerte by Livid
fishnets- wide ( Black) by Erratic
shoes- skeletons high skull By Livid (for high slink)
necklace- choker 9Gold) By RYCAThe Beauty Pageant
bangles – Cuban (Gold) By RYCA
hair- raindance reds by Soonsiki

 Picture two..

dress santa muerte ( Skalita) by Livid
makeup- sugar skull (Traditional light) By Livid
flower crown ( frida) By Livid
necklace- bloodvial & fang (Gold) By Izzie’s

skin-halloween girl vi By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The Beauty Pageant 11th oct – nov 1s


fe “FI” fo fum I smell the the cloth of a smexy dress!!!

Fi’s creations has an adorable little batty dress for halloween a few diffrent colours My favorate was this sort of plum pink, I not blogged fi’ Creations before I dont think but Im glad I found this dress In the blogger group I belong to We Love to Blog that has a bunch of designers who make new items and post in this group and we can pick out what we like to blog , It works really well I must have been blogging¬† for this group over a year now¬† and Its always nice when I discover a designer I havent blogged before.

and 7Deadly{S}kins have a very pretty skin out for halloween both male and female called halloween  (Obviously I have used the female one:))) so be sure to check the link below for the event to pop along and get it as It will make all your haloween outfits look wonderful.

Hope you like my pictures  :)) happy halloweeenxxxx

ooh and before I go we have Fashion’s Story Event starting on the 19th and this I am soo excited about as it is covering a huge range of era’s 20- 30,’s 40- 50’s , 60-70’s 80-90’s¬† so watch this space much will be coming up any day now :))

fi's creations headshot


Fi's creations

dress- batty (pink) By Fi’s creations

shoes- lisse (Choc) By Bushu

makeup-night Shadows By The hellish Diva [THD]

earrings- Izar (Platinum) By Phoebie

necklace-Akhan amulet By ::Axix::

hair- Warrior(pastels) By +SpellBound+

skin-halloween girl V1 By 7deadly{S}kins for The Beauty Pageant – halloween Event


The Beauty Pageant is on from the 11th October till November 1st
The Beauty Pageant is a 3-week halloween fair hosted at the Cleavage sim. EVENT THEME: Horror  so get ya goulies on and shop shop shop ( OOh My idea of heaven:))

Don’t Back Me Up Against the Wall

C.H have a new outfit out perfect for the autumn cold night drawing in, Nice and cosy yet glamorous enough to go out for an intimate meal at a nice cosy restaurant with your loved one. pop along Inworld store and pick it up ūüôā

Something new asI have said before love to make Hallowenny poses and props So this one which is for a hunt Nightmares Hunt which is on from September 29th-October 29th so there still time to hope over and have a go at the hunt , I am awful at hunts so I no help whats so ever But I am sure the questions arnt to hard to be able to find this great pose Nightmare in sl street


Nightmares In sl Street

Nightmares In sl Street


nightmare in sl street

Nightmares are terrible things. They make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. They make you panic when your nightlight burns out, or the moon throws monster shaped shadows upon your wall. They’re filled with gruesome creatures, terrifying scenarios, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. What are you afraid of when the lights go out?

Pose and Prop By Something New (Creator Allysondwyer Resident )  SN Marketplace   , Mainstore  , facebook  , flicker  so hop on by To find the Nightmare Hunt in store be prepared Its  nightmare !!!!

C.H dagmar outfit8

C.H dagmar outfit7

ch dagmar outfit6What Hazy Is Wearing…

circlete-Iona(Gold) by Bite&Claw @Mystic realms faire Location to be announced

top, jacket,clutch jeans,eyeshadow and lipstick and shoes -Dagmar outfit By C.H

nails -wild black silver by Zoz

hair-Rula By Emo-tions

-Skin – Morane V1 ( Gatcha Ultra rare) BY 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Sex Sells Gacha Fair

necklace- Freedom By Emo-tions
braclets- cuban (Gold) By RYCA

earrings -3inrow (Gold) By RYCA

dark wall & Poses By Magnifique Poses

and I am going to finish of with another pose from something new as I managed to grab my Boyfriend while he was on line and do this pose we were on the beach so I felt it was rather fitting:))

Our heart By Something New

Our heart By Something New

ahhhh I think he gonna let me fall helpppppp!!!!!!

Our heart by Something New

Our heart by Something New


Our heart By somethign New

Our heart By somethign New

Pose -Our heart By Something New

Have fun peeps Lots of cool hunts and events around the grid at the moment So have fun and see you there maybe xxxx Hazy xxxxx

I got exciting things to show you!!!!

I got a bunch new stuff to show you from the wonderful something new has brought out her Halloween treats , she loves Halloween with a passion so works incredibly hard to give us all fun a gruesomely scary poses , yup yup I think she definitely succeeded this year so with a few halowweny hunts around to get these great poses plus many inside store  and also maybe a peek at marketplace . yes I did manage to get waagwan online to do some pictures  Moan he did a lot but i like the way they came out soo sticks my tongue out at him !!!!

I also Have Three new sponsors , Its scary Im gonna have a mega work load but it will be so much fun , My boyfriend will grumble that I’m always blogging hahaha But I love it so its tough on his part ( I’ll make it up to him Evil grin!!!)

so my new sponsors are Lumiere , and I have a few great halloweeny outfits for you now from Lumiere they have a in world store  for new out items which generally stay in store for about two weeks then they are put on the marketplace and new stuff is put in store so If you miss some thing in world do not panic as you will be able to get it on Marketplace within a day or two of it leaving the store , the second one Is Masoom and lastly is Sl vogue events so watch this space what will be coming from them.

also 7deadly{S}kin have got a bunch of great skins out the one I used today Was Morane V1 ultra rare Available @ Sex Sells Gacha Fair so watch this space there will be much more coming from 7deadly{S}Kins Over the next  few days


SL Vogue Event

lumiere logo

[[ Masoom ]] logo 256


and then also Bite & Claw have some exclusive dresses out for¬† Mystic Realm faire and adorable circlet there is no Landmark as of yet¬† as it is to be a secret,¬† it will be realised¬† very soon. It starts on the 10th October so not too long to wait now guys But Its going to be one very exciting¬† faire ( I can’t wait)

So here are my pictures I had lots of fun with these and They are in a zombie theme all of them  as the Lumiere halloween outfit Is  a pretty scary bloody looking outfit so perfect for your halloween parties with a Bloody Knife Included hehehe

Lumiere Halloween Female Outfit

Lumiere Halloween Female Outfit



Lumiere halloween Outfit

Lumiere Halloween Outfit


halloween gacha pumpkin bags By Lumiere

Halloween gacha pumpkin bags By Lumiere



Outfit -before dawn By Lumiere

Outfit before dawn By Lumiere


Outfit -before dawn By Lumiere

Outfit before dawn By Lumiere

Bite & Claw Ivana Dress In 4 colors

Bite & Claw Ivana Dress In 4 colors


masoom Celebrity Dress

masoom Celebrity Dress


masoom celebrity dress

masoom celebrity dress

masoon celebrity dress

masoom celebrity dress


No escape by Something New

No escape by Something New




No escape By Something New available @ heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st - October 31st

No escape By Something New available @ heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st – October 31st


lumiere & sn 5

heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st – October 31st


Outfit in first 3 pictures…

halloween outfit for women
leggings top Knife with blood By Lumiere

hair- jezabel(monochromes) By +SpellBound+

nails -wild black silver by Zoz

Bag-halloween gacha pumpkin bags By Lumiere

zombie pose By:: Squeek::

The next two pictures 4&5…

Outfit -before dawn By Lumiere
The face tattoo that comes with the outfit can be bought separately

zombie skin No idea where I got it from just was in the depths of my inventory:))

zombie pose By:: Squeek::

Bite& claw Picture¬† Picture 6…

circlet-Iona (Silver) BY Bite&Claw @Mystic realms faire Location to be announced

dress& Collar -Ivana Gown By Bite&Claw  @Mystic realms faire Location to be announced (Event starts on the 10th October)
in 4 colours Red, Blue,Silver,Gold

face makeup-alchemy ‘s warning By Little Pricks

hair- jezabel(monochromes) By +SpellBound+

pictures 7&8…

dress- celeb outfit By Masoon

hair-Rula By Emo-tions

Skin – Morane V1 ( Gatcha Ultra rare) BY 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Sex sells gacha faire


Pictures 9,10&11…


top and pants- tied top beige polkadot & floral jeans By Lumiere

skin- patience (cotton candy) By 7Deadly{S}kins

waagwan wouldnt tell me what he was wearing:((

pose- No escape By Something New  @ I heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st РOctober 31st

back ground in most of the pictures

Jack0laterns By ASD Holiday market

trees by 3D trees

Pumpkin patch sign by RE blueprint designs

Halloween tree by DAD design

sculpted scarecrow by Mb Creationz

sorry This was a huge amount of information Im really sorry If i got anything wrong ( being dyslexic It happens often) My head is fried now Im off to bed XXxxxx

Death becomes you…


On ¬†dark and windy night, when it was Halloween, I thought someone was following me but no one could be seen… ¬†The air wisped around me and I tightened the collar to my jacket as I made my way past the old manor. ¬†Stories were just that, stories but the gray-blue palor of the rotting lot was enough to unsettle even the bravest.

I have one last Halloween post in me and even though I’m two days late, well you’re getting it anyway. ¬†As we mentioned before Full Moon Fini is hosting a photography contest¬†that I among some talented friends will be judging. ¬†The entries so far look amazing and the winner will have their picture posted here as well as win 1000 linden. ¬†There will be second and third prize winners as well and there is still time to enter, so get there quick. ¬†It’s Halloween themed and you can use any pose on the sim to create your spooky look.

I heard a raspy sound, a gurgle of words spoken almost in song. ¬†My mind was soon swimming and I had to find the source of the chant, I knew it was high time to head home but my curiosity disobeyed my mind. ¬†That’s when I saw it, or her. ¬†The body of a lifeless girl fading in and out of the shadows. ¬†Skin pale as alabaster, hair draping around her face like a raven feathered hood, ¬†her lips were swollen and bruised and dark eyes sunken and smeared. ¬†A list of attributes most terrifying, and they were, both terrifying and beautiful.

On an upbeat note: A Mean Girl’s Halloween clip; The hardcore girls just wear lingerie¬†and some form of animal ears.


What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Corvus Gift Zara

Hair: Truth Mina

Ears: Tuty Lace bunny ears gift

Suit: Delish tie suit black

Boots: Blueberry sherlie boots

Poses: Something New

Sim: Finite Fini Haunted house

PicMonkey Collageghost

I hurt myself today….To see if I could feel…

Judge Me

Just a quick post today….This will be my last post from the Body Mod Expo, which end this weekend on Nov 3rd. So make sure to get over there and pick up any last minute items before they are gone! Today I feature two item from there…. First the a tattoo from Identity¬†which covers over the whole body! I’m also wearing a chest implant from zombie suicide, who also made a number of other implants in many shapes for this event.

I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Cursed to live among them…


Hi again!

Being cooped up in the house with this cold has helped me finish up some file clearing.  I was deleting unused pics when I came across this bunch from august that I never got around to and thought it would be great for the month of Halloween.  Sometimes everything just works out for the best :p.  So if you know me, you know I love all things old-time so this vintage zombie circus was right up my alley.  This sim, Deadpool: Dark fantasies, is amazing and a must to travel too.  I spent all afternoon running around, shooting zombies, exploring the highly detailed and gorgeous grounds and generally feel creppily intrigued.


My favorite is when I reached the opera room complete with an organ and vintage film strip player. In the windlight from this sim, my eyes almost looked transparent, I even edited them darker, then decided to change them back because I liked it. ¬†I’m pretty sure the girl in the photos is the ghost of a jilted starlet, cursed to forever haunt the aisles of the opera room. ¬† Her only motivation, to kill the hordes of undead creatures from invading her timeless palace.


As these picks are from the end of the summer, nothing in this post is a new release, but all are up to date items. ¬†The soft waves of this truth hair was really sweet and natural looking. ¬†Curls and waves can easily become over exagerated in sl, so this is one of my favorites. ¬†I’m not entirely sure if this dress is actually just a long top but the Cheeky ad said dress! ¬†I just double checked to make sure this sim is still up and running and walah, it is ready for your arrival! ¬†Watch the clowns, word is they will cut your throat with a smile on their face.




What Cait is wearing:

Skin: Essences Whisper

Shape: Essences Wednesday

Eyes: Song Cloudy Glacier

Hair: Truth Candy

Dress: Cheeky Mini Tabky Dress rose

Necklace:  PP Tripple pearls flower necklace

Bracelets: League Wanderer

Sim: Deadpool: Dark Fantasies

PicMonkey Collage zombie