Imma cute Bomb you beware!!!!

Full Moon Blog has a new sponsor which I am very excited about CuteBomb who have items in Carnevil when that round is finished they are in store for a while , This outfit was very well suiting as we are building a ghetto on my sim, I thought it was a pretty urbanyish outfit:). friends are setting up a roleplay thing < I hardly been online so I am out of the loop a bit but I will tell you all about it when I manage to find some time as real is kicking my ass at the mo and just finding time to log in let alone blog and or even have any input to whats going on at my sim it is bugging me out but hey ho it is what it is  so yup CuteBomb guys one to watch for sure:))

here my pics xxxx

cutbomb &Kaerri 2

cutbomb &Kaerri 1

cutbomb &Kaerri 3

cutbomb &Kaerri 4

this adorable teardrop seat is another wonderful creation by Kaerri who i am actually falling in love with everything they come out with is soo beautiful , attention to detail is fantastic so yup if you not discovered Kaerri yet you must !!!

what Hazy is wearing…

skin-presley( taupe) by 7DeadlyS{K}Ins @rock attitude
foot chains-warrior anklet ( copper) by Promagic

Top-cross2top by Cutebomb @ CarnEvil round 8
Pants-rollala jeans ( strips) by CuteBomb

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

tattoo- essence MM14914 By Letis Tattoo
bangles- athena ( silver) By Maxi gossamer

hair-valorie by Tameless

hairbase- shaved chessBy DeeTaleZ

panties- yummy panties( gold) by Supernatural

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

ace tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

nails-my bats are melting( rare) By Dark Passion( Koffin Nails@ Luck of the irish

hanging teardrop chair set by Kaerri

ok im so sorry i wrote this about two weeks ago so sorry if links arnt correct but check the stores inworld if u cant find at events sorry guys real kicking my assxxxxx



Point ya toes !!! yes thats it….

Hey peeps Im just got home been away for a few days  as My wonderful daughter won an award , for student who has shown outstanding attention to horse welfare and care basically what it is is this guy his daughter went to the university my daughter is at and did the same course she graduated and then left uni and did a work placement for a year then very sadly got killed in a car accident aged 22, her dad set up this award for people who have put outstanding care to horse welfare. This has been running for 8 years, well this is the 8th year  and will continue for another two, he was such a sweet generous guy he emailed my daughter a few weeks ago saying that every year he holds a dinner  for the award winner and two members of their family,  last years winner  and 3 friends of his late daughter. we, me ,my daughter and my mum booked into the hotel where the meal was and had a really special evening with the friends of his daughter sharing funny naughty things they used to all get up to , and the dad sharing a lot of stuff and a wonderful meal lots of wine and then the next day was the graduation ceremony and prize giving as my daughter is taking a sandwich year and is doing a work placement and then finishing her degree next year it wasnt her day to be all robbed up , but the prize giving was really lovely seeing her go up and get her lovely hand etched glass bowl which is turquoise ( which was the favourite colour of the girl who did Eleanor Grundy ) but not only did she get a beautiful glass bowl but a cup with her name on , and 100 pounds ( with a letter saying he wants her to go out and spend the money with her friends celebrating , and if she is anything like his daughter her bank account would be over drawn so the 100 quid was in cash , I mean he such a thoughtful guy so very generous  we were all really touched at what a sweet thoughtful thing to do. so my girl is out with her friends tonight getting extremely drunk But so well deserved she worked so hard for it and its fantastic to see they are recognizing that she is doing the right things for the professionals to take notice  so I am one very proud mom Tonight 🙂

ok sorry about that rambling I got a bunch stuff to show you this skin halo Is by 7Deadly{S}KIns at the Black Dot Project Event  then the jump suit is by  which you will find at Vogue SL , the shoes are by Eudora ooh god there so much more I gotta show you guys from  Vogue Sl I got masses of stuff to show you so watch this space..

vogue sl 1

vogue sl 2

vogue sl 4


skin- halo- b by 7deadly{s}kins @ Black Dot Project Event monthly event ! exclusives are down 20 percent

shoes- elidvira heels ( blue) ( slink high) By Eudora

hair-fluster by Ploom ( Pinks& Purples)

jumpsuit- Hazel Romper jeans ( pink) by Lageeny Fashion @ SL Vogue fall fest

eyes- demon ( Black) By Izzie’s

earings-rini 3row hoop earrings by RYCA

necklace-angel heart ( Gold) by Maxi Gossamer

piercing – nose swirl by Pekka

nails-cemetry nightlights by DarkPassions( koffinnails)

hands ( casual) Feet (High) avatar enhancments By Slink













































































































I will be the wicked princess today

masoom Is part of the Intrument Event ,Its a monthly event that has  a  different theme every round and there are 25 days in each round

October round : 3rd October- 25th October the Special Theme: for October is ” Your favorite movie of Terror ”

 Masoom has done Wicked princess which  is  an Exclusive release for – October round-  so I will give you the links to the mainstore Then what you need to do is look for the event on the events board and there will be a tp to the event , but before you tp to the event have a little look around the store at all the great items there , then tp on to get your wicked princess :))


The Skin I used is an exclusive By 7Deadly{S}kins For the Sex Sells Gacha Fair called morane V1  (Ultra rare) so hurry along as only a few more days left now and this is really an adorable skin

wicked princess masoom 1

wicked princess masoom 2

wicked princess masoom3


nails -wild black silver  by Zoz

nails -wild black silver by Zoz


Sex Sells Gacha Fair Halloween

Sex Sells Gacha Fair Halloween

What Hazy Is wearing…

top&skirt – wicked princess by Masoom

Skin – Morane V1 ( Gatcha Ultra rare) BY 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Sex Sells Gacha Fair

hair-Rula By Emo-tions

necklace- Freedom By Emo-tions

braclets- cuban (Gold) By RYCA

earrings -3inrow (Gold) By RYCA

makeup-alchemy warning By Little Pricks

circlete-iona(Gold) by Bite&Claw @@Mystic Realms Faire  location yet to be announced
nails -wild black silver by Zoz

poses used-sweet baby By Eternal Dream

Back to School Now My Dear

first of all Id like to remind you its that time of the month again when  its time for The Monthly Mob , we had the first one last month Freak show  this month is 7 Deadly Sins , if you rember me telling you Its a group of blogger getting to gether and doing one big group themed picture , and each of us blogging our own stuff and promoting other blogger with us , Its alot of fun , and we always looking for new blogger to come along and get involved so im Mena Lancaster and let her know your intrested , it be too late for this round but please c opme on you bloggers next month will be equally as cool.

MonthlyMobAdvert1Secondly we got a new sponsor yay n stufff!!!!! so will be showing  lots cool stuff from them  C.H , they are a brand new store but expect some exciting items coming from them:)

-CH- Logothe first outfit from them I am going to show you Is for the event Back to School

Which started on the 11th september and on till 25th so you still have alil time to go down and check it out

back to school

I was always a naughty girl at school and would wear heels , dye my hair and was constantly ion trouble ablout my hair , ooh and jewellary we wernt alllowed either So it would be confiscated and given back to me at end of the day but still i would insist  I supose it was me trying to keep my individuality I was not going to let them mold me their way hahahha I never been able to conform to anything!!!!

So as you can guess I had fun with this outfit

What Hazy Is wearing…

Jackie skirt (Marine) By CH @  back to school event
julie shirt (White) by Ch @  back to school event
house ties ( red) by Bother ( sadly not available  But many ties around )
shoes-lux heels( Pink/Green) by .;Glow designs:. @ The Designer Circle
pose – sugar girl by Gola Industry Discount

Skin and shape Patience Caramel By 7Deadly{S}kins

hair -f052 Pastel by .;Cheveux;.

makeup- make (Erba) By Zisbka

soo next one my lovley sponsors Rowena Designs has given me these cute shorts and top as with all her items  they have a hud to be able to mix and match the colours ( I love this ) never short of an outfit colour or have to go out and buy 16 of the same outfit to get the diff colors you want

rowena designs mutli colours

shorts and top – Katie By Rowena designs

skin- patience plain By 7Deadly{S}kins

shape-patience caramel by 7Deadly{S}kins

makeup-Night shadow By The Hellish Diva [THD

Nails-wild gold polish By Zoz

hair- raindance By *Soonsiki! @ SwagFest 2

necklace-voodoo by =Sweet Lies Designs=
In both pictures Patience skin and shape is used by 7 deadly{S}kins which is the newest release in store so hop on by and see what you can find also Up top of the store Is the garage sale all skins are 10 lindens So hurry before you miss out:))

I will be your marionette…

I have another new sponsor another pose maker Sweet Sacrifice  So my first post about sweet sacrifice is they are going to be at this months Pose me amazing  which is running from September 10th to September 30th. so plenty of time to have a really good wander around and see some the best pose makers in second life and watch this space there will be more from this designer :)) ….

Just dance

Just dance


;;Miss canning Shoes 18 colors

::Miss canning:: Shoes 18 colors

What Hazy is wearing…

mesh romper pants /w hud by Dandelionwine

Shoes-Aurora heels slink High By ::Miss Canning::

Nails-angel Polish (ruby) By Zoz   (new store lm)

necklace-jewelled hand of fatima (Short) and (Long)BY Maxi Gossamer

eye makeup-eyeshadow Hippie( Black) By Mons

eyes-voodoo(siren) By {Buzzeri}

earings-Etno earings(silver BY [GLow] Studio

braclet -right arm-selva oscura by Kosh
left arm-multiplex by Kosh

Rings(right hand) -my Knuckle ring (Crown) by {::GFD::}

Left hand -indian summer ring ( black/silver)by {Glow}Studio

Hands- casual By Slink

Skin-patience By 7Deadly{S}kins

Pose used just dance  can be bought as full package or as individual poses
are exclusive to this event! Pose Me Amazing runs from September 10th to September 30th.


puppet-master 1

Marionette Pose @ Pose Me Amazing





marionette  can buy single poses or all of them for 200 Lindens

marionette can buy single poses or all of them for 200 Lindens

pose me amazing

 What Hazy Is wearing …

dress – morrow gothic dress By Eveie’s Closet nearly free gift( Instore)

skin- lust 9Skin ToneF) By 7Deadly{S}kin

hair-jinx ( pastels) By Truth

earings -RIN3row hoop (Gold) By RYCA

ring-indian summer ring (Crow) By [GLow] Studio

necklace-zulaikha lattice By Maxi Gossamer

shoes-Aurora heels (slink High) By :: Miss Canning::

eye shadow-Hippie ( Black) By Mons

face makeup 1 By +Nuuna+

eyes voodoo (siren) By {Buzzeri}

poses marionette can be bought as full package or as individual poses
are exclusive to this event! Pose Me Amazing runs from September 10th to September 30th.

Well, well ,well, I was just about to hit the post button as I finished my blog post when Waagwan ( my BF) came and said that he thinks the chimney is on fire  I ran down looked outside got him to put out the fire in the burner and rang the fire brigade  got my daughter up out of bed, poor lil thing she was so confused as I’m telling her she needs to come with me we have to go stand outside as the chimney is on fire , I could tell she was still asleep .

I got the animals and we waited for the fire men to come they where here really quickly and dealt with the problem really fast , now I know I moan about having to pay council tax ( Idk what americans call this) but when u have a team of guys  only  phone call away there for an emergency like that it makes me so thankful for the amazing service we have here in the UK , they even asked me if I had a fire alarm I said I did but It wasnt up on the wall So they put one up for me .  so thank god we are back in our home save and sound only an hour later , my heart goes out to those who lose so much to  fire disasters as you can imagine all the thoughts went through my head what if ? I am extremely lucky to now have my family back in bed safe and sound and Me back to finishing my post . Must have the chimney sweep come more regularly!!!!

Hugs every one and good NIght xxxx Hazy xxxxx