Role Play comes to Full Moon

Image  Hello Fini,

Role play is coming to Full Moon!   Whether you have tried it, loved it or know absolutely nothing about it Fini is going to be adding role play to our sim.  We are still in the begining stages and Hazy is working diligently to get it started.

In the castle there is now a book giving some basics on roleplay.  It’s a great resource for those of us who are interested and want to learn more, as well as for anyone who needs a refresher.  Brother Micah has been working on a back story for the role play so if you’re interested please make up a back story for you character.  This should include age, race (Vampire, lycan, Human, hybrid etc), appearance, origin and anything else you want to add.  Remember the more in depth, the more fun and more storylines/ ideas/ interactions can come out in role play.

For those not interested, relax!  This is simply an added option for full mooners and will be held at select times!  Any questions, suggestions or ideas?  Please feel free to post or drop a notecard to me (Cait), Hazy or Micah for more information.

Love to you all :~~