the tune of spring rings around the land

supernatural and kaerrie2

supernatural and kaerrie1

supernatural and kaerrie7

hey check out this bodysuit by Supernatural

Its so damn sexy and with the Lethal boots also By supernatural wow do I need to say more it OOOOOzes sex appeal and I felt my self slithering around my sim Lol slithering haha is that  a word for sexy I not sure but its what it felt like hahha made me feel all snakie like ooh  dammit I better stop right here LOL!!!!

OOh yes I newarly forgot to say about the head piece again by Supernatural

the piano I am sat at is a beautiful design By Kaerri and so pretty I tried to get it from a few diffrent angles and every one was so pretty It now going to remain a perminate feature on my sim as it so suited the fairy princess tower we have and the prettty trees from HPMD ( ooh they so my favorate tree makers in sl!!)

and the Rotunda by Medieval fantasy Ooh god the texturing makes me melt with happiness its soo pretty

now before I go take a look at the skin I’m wearing Gwen(apricot) By 7DeadlyS{K}ins and can be found at this round of room69

ok folks thats me done here for today I have soo much stuff to show you so I am trying to play catch up and put all these outfits togther to show you all the wonderful stuff so watch this space If i can manage it imma t ry put out a post a day this week but lol well see if it happens or not!!!!

supernatural and kaerrie12

supernatural and kaerrie11

supernatural and kaerrie_4

supernatural and kaerrie3

supernatural and kaerrie5

what hazy is wearing …


nails-skull crossed pastels By Dark Passions(Koffin nails) @Luck Of the Irish Gacha fair

7 total to collect tips and toes incuded in packs

necklace-spectraplicity amulet Ectoplasm blue by l/Fx

face tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

hair-hair-GAS760 ,KCP393 (Pink) By Boon

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

headpiece-isis (Gold /red Rare) By Supernatural @Luck of the Irish
Jumpsuit-rose (Black) By Supernatural@Black Dot Project

skin-Gwen(apricot) By 7DeadlyS{K}Ins
lipstick -envious purple 01 by 7DeadlyS{K}Ins

eye makeup-anza noir by Zibska

boots-lethal (Black) By Supernatural @Weib

pose used calendar gils (July By Something New @ Olala Event

Outdoor items…

tree-02a sumer by We’re Closed

antique rotunda by Medieval Fantasy

willow curved by 3d trees

garden piano by Kaerri

flower fields by tree house design

garden tree 04 by HPMD
garden tree05 by HPMD




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































I got exciting things to show you!!!!

I got a bunch new stuff to show you from the wonderful something new has brought out her Halloween treats , she loves Halloween with a passion so works incredibly hard to give us all fun a gruesomely scary poses , yup yup I think she definitely succeeded this year so with a few halowweny hunts around to get these great poses plus many inside store  and also maybe a peek at marketplace . yes I did manage to get waagwan online to do some pictures  Moan he did a lot but i like the way they came out soo sticks my tongue out at him !!!!

I also Have Three new sponsors , Its scary Im gonna have a mega work load but it will be so much fun , My boyfriend will grumble that I’m always blogging hahaha But I love it so its tough on his part ( I’ll make it up to him Evil grin!!!)

so my new sponsors are Lumiere , and I have a few great halloweeny outfits for you now from Lumiere they have a in world store  for new out items which generally stay in store for about two weeks then they are put on the marketplace and new stuff is put in store so If you miss some thing in world do not panic as you will be able to get it on Marketplace within a day or two of it leaving the store , the second one Is Masoom and lastly is Sl vogue events so watch this space what will be coming from them.

also 7deadly{S}kin have got a bunch of great skins out the one I used today Was Morane V1 ultra rare Available @ Sex Sells Gacha Fair so watch this space there will be much more coming from 7deadly{S}Kins Over the next  few days


SL Vogue Event

lumiere logo

[[ Masoom ]] logo 256


and then also Bite & Claw have some exclusive dresses out for  Mystic Realm faire and adorable circlet there is no Landmark as of yet  as it is to be a secret,  it will be realised  very soon. It starts on the 10th October so not too long to wait now guys But Its going to be one very exciting  faire ( I can’t wait)

So here are my pictures I had lots of fun with these and They are in a zombie theme all of them  as the Lumiere halloween outfit Is  a pretty scary bloody looking outfit so perfect for your halloween parties with a Bloody Knife Included hehehe

Lumiere Halloween Female Outfit

Lumiere Halloween Female Outfit



Lumiere halloween Outfit

Lumiere Halloween Outfit


halloween gacha pumpkin bags By Lumiere

Halloween gacha pumpkin bags By Lumiere



Outfit -before dawn By Lumiere

Outfit before dawn By Lumiere


Outfit -before dawn By Lumiere

Outfit before dawn By Lumiere

Bite & Claw Ivana Dress In 4 colors

Bite & Claw Ivana Dress In 4 colors


masoom Celebrity Dress

masoom Celebrity Dress


masoom celebrity dress

masoom celebrity dress

masoon celebrity dress

masoom celebrity dress


No escape by Something New

No escape by Something New




No escape By Something New available @ heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st - October 31st

No escape By Something New available @ heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st – October 31st


lumiere & sn 5

heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st – October 31st


Outfit in first 3 pictures…

halloween outfit for women
leggings top Knife with blood By Lumiere

hair- jezabel(monochromes) By +SpellBound+

nails -wild black silver by Zoz

Bag-halloween gacha pumpkin bags By Lumiere

zombie pose By:: Squeek::

The next two pictures 4&5…

Outfit -before dawn By Lumiere
The face tattoo that comes with the outfit can be bought separately

zombie skin No idea where I got it from just was in the depths of my inventory:))

zombie pose By:: Squeek::

Bite& claw Picture  Picture 6…

circlet-Iona (Silver) BY Bite&Claw @Mystic realms faire Location to be announced

dress& Collar -Ivana Gown By Bite&Claw  @Mystic realms faire Location to be announced (Event starts on the 10th October)
in 4 colours Red, Blue,Silver,Gold

face makeup-alchemy ‘s warning By Little Pricks

hair- jezabel(monochromes) By +SpellBound+

pictures 7&8…

dress- celeb outfit By Masoon

hair-Rula By Emo-tions

Skin – Morane V1 ( Gatcha Ultra rare) BY 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Sex sells gacha faire


Pictures 9,10&11…


top and pants- tied top beige polkadot & floral jeans By Lumiere

skin- patience (cotton candy) By 7Deadly{S}kins

waagwan wouldnt tell me what he was wearing:((

pose- No escape By Something New  @ I heart The Cart Presents Night of the living cart sale &sim wide Hunt From October !st – October 31st

back ground in most of the pictures

Jack0laterns By ASD Holiday market

trees by 3D trees

Pumpkin patch sign by RE blueprint designs

Halloween tree by DAD design

sculpted scarecrow by Mb Creationz

sorry This was a huge amount of information Im really sorry If i got anything wrong ( being dyslexic It happens often) My head is fried now Im off to bed XXxxxx