Everyday Wear


So, lately I have been wrestling with the idea about reblogging items that I use consistently.  When I change to a new item I always blog it but when I have been using the same (Slink hands for example) I tend to not note it every time.   So I came up with this basic solution.  A page with my current everyday wear items and where to get them.  I will update as my indecisive mind makes changes.  Please excuse my pixel bits if nudidty offends ❤ Cait

Skin: Essences Olyvia Lait

Lashes: Gaeline cosmetics Mysteria

Freckles: Pink Fuel Harley

Hands: Slink Elegant w Essences applier lait

Butt: L.inc Cute Azz w Essences applier lait

Breasts: Lola’s Tango w Essences applier lait

Feet: Severed Garden Bare feet Spring

Featured Hair: ClawtoothSideswept

Featured pose: Nantra Defying gravity


One thought on “Everyday Wear

  1. we love your pixel bits xxxx great idea i think i will do the same as i do exactly the same when i use same piercings etc i tend not to reblog
    hugs xxxx

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