To reach a port we must set sail – Sail, not tie at anchor Sail, not drif

on da boat 2 OOh Something New always coming up with wonderful poses < now its a known fact I love the maker of Something new she rocks and makes me sad when I hear her say ooh why do I bother now as so many can make their own poses , well yes many can but I for one certainly have no idea how to begin to make a pose or let alone have the time too   and I know For a large number of bloggers who blog her poses also have no idea or the inclination to make poses and I can’t speak to the buyers but I presume if they buying poses they don’t either , and yes I know it can get heartbreaking when so many are trying to do the same thing but this is no ordinary pose maker If you are yet to discover Something New Poses and Props  I advise you to do so each one is made with great thought put into it every detail is thought about , and always coming out with wonderful new poses , which for us bloggers is  a massive need it helps fire alil imagination into our muddled madness of blogging !!! she will also make custom poses for what ever you are needing if you message her so please do tp over to the store and check out what delights you will find there and I must say quickly I have been blogging her poses for umm something like 3 years now (may be alil more as I started on my old sim so damn must be getting on for 4 years wow doesnt time fly!!!) and I have such a wonderful collection of poses for every occasion that crops up in the calendar and more some so as I say talented pose designer ooh you in the store all ready heheh happy shopping guys xxxx

so yeah my sim now I still developing it with help form a girl I meet through a friend she has been working on the ghetto side of the sim and getting a large amount of traffic in , for people who are into roleplay ( this is all new to me and as I not been around too much I still have much to learn ) but we are taking new fractions ,pop along and speak to my right hand girl Pet Fhang aka Aika she will giev u a tour of the ghetto  and let you know what we have there for ya ,

Now I am appealing for any designers who would be interested to rent a store to pop in some your wonderful designs we have a bunch of stores up there and traffic just most are empty as we speak and you know me I only want there best and so  I putting a shout out one it will help me keep sim open and two I want individualness not their crappy vendors we can all buy for the franchises ones you can buy in mp no no no I wont be having any them !! come visit us on the Full Moon sim and explore

so I appeal to weapon makers , pose makers , clothes of any type must be special!!!!!

on da boat 2


on da boat_1

What Hazy is wearing…

tattoo- :: Essence :: 35% :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo

face tattoo- ATLAN Face Tattoo (FRESH) by . idiot .
#shoes-Candy Shoe’S {Slink High} by Macabre
hair- Warrior // (Pastels) By +Spellbound+

{Double Scoop} – Necklace by .Atomic.
nose piercing- – Sanza Nose Chain -( Gold) – by .random.Matter.

Radiant Sun Dress in Orchid M – More Than Ever

skin -Marlijn cleavage -( caramel) By 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ designerr showcase

pose used doggie treats by Something New new release available in store



New-to-me Meme

Its been a while since I have done a Strawberry Singh Meme I figured it was one I had to do  as I’m big on promoting the new and up and coming designers . But I fancied going a lil bit different to normal high street fashion as it were and chose to find a designer I not used before that makes role Play clothing . I found a Sim I never been to before  and the attention to detail on this Sim was “ooh boy” stunning!!  I shall tell you alil about it in a sec.

so this is the instructions from Strawberry

Meme instructions: Blog something you’ve never blogged before and/or something you normally wouldn’t blog. This is more of a photography themed meme, with a focus on visuals of the item(s) you’ve never blogged before, however, if you prefer to make it a written meme and just write about something you normally wouldn’t write about, that’ll work as well. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your images in the blog memes flickr group.

Well so this is what I found,  at first I hunted for a sexy female Armour  and did actually find one  but then  found this dresss, to start with I loved the description for it ( which ill show you )

Rainha is the word for queen in Portuguese and a queen she truly is. This is no dress for damsels in distress nor a frippery gown for princesses, this is a queen’s garb. Rainha knows life is not all sunshine and twittery birdies, you need some armour to get through it. Don’t be surprised if there’s a long sword strapped on her back for further emphasis when impeccably royal looks don’t cut it: she knows the sword will.

well in Secondlife I am a Queen of a vampire clan so about time I behaved a little more regally, ooh and  I did feel all queen like in this

This outfit is perfect not only for those wishing to roleplay in medieval fantasy style, but also for any woman who feels they have the control over their own lives and don’t need anyone to save them. Company is appreciated, saviours not needed: she’s got it handled, thank you very much.

The look consists of embossed leather dress and chainmail cloak that are rigged mesh and move with your avatar, unrigged (re-sizeable) mesh collar and four arm pieces and garment layers for the chainmail: shirt, pants, underpants, underwear, socks and gloves. Wear both garment layers for full chainmail look or just one of them if your queen feels slightly more flaunting.

It really does give people and idea for their role play if they are new to it  as each item  by this creator had an equally good description . once I bought the item I was soo pleasantly surprised as these tight fitting dresses I normally have to make my bum to 0 and  I am no skinny lil thing here in sl, I usually have to shrink this and shrink that. but no not with this beautifully made dress I simply wore and I had no bit poking through so once I styled the rest of the outfit I was good to go  to this lovely Sim I had found .

I first chose it because it was close to the name of my Clan (Full Moon)  The Sim is called Dark Moon Avalon and in real I live in the so called Isle of Avalon and when I walk my dog on this one particular walk I have been doing a lot recently it always makes me think of King Arther times and riding across the wonderful countryside from one castle to the next so this Sim was my prefect choice


Its not the greatest picture But it really is proper king Arther country.

dark moon avalon isle 1

dark moon avalon isle 3

dark moon avalon isle 7

dark moon avalon isle 2

dark moon avalon isle 8

very pretty Sim indeed and I only explored a very small section .It is possible to go into the Castle which I didn’t so still have that yet to explore.

Sim I was at Dark Moon Avalon Isle

What Hazy Wore

Hair – brown By Emo-tions

Dress- Rainha color is bone by The Muses

Earings- peacocks feather  sadly not on marketplace any more

pose used the spark by supPOSEdly

all new things to me new type of clothing new sim and new designers I hope you enjoy  big hugs Hazy xxxx

..:Never Cage a Bird:..


Hello Mooners!

It’s time to unleash our dark side, a few weeks ago we had a heaven/ hell event and I, like the sweetheart I am, was the epitome of good in my angel costume.  Seeing all the great demon looks and also browsing through Fantasy Faire 2013 (Going on now!) made me create this creature.  Feathers of a raven, horns or a beast, and a deadly bite were only some of her charm.  Seemed someone tried to cage this bird and lost the battle, I sure wouldn’t mess with those talons.


This body suit and leggings came from SEVEN and the shading really made the corset pop when black can often come off flat.  Miel has great boots, and these are my favorite punk inspired boots, I pair them with everything from dressed to demon costumes!  I’m sure there is plenty in between!  The raven accessories are from Avid, which features gorgeous goth styles.


Hope you enjoyed!  Please like if you did and comment, feedback is soooo important! ❤ Caitlin

Makeup: Corvus: Beaten up face

Piercings: Mad Echo Abbey Piecing

Necklace: Antique

Beads: [AdN] DERANGED ELF,  Crickets – Zoebackdrop beads

Bangles: taped glove / bangles BND

Fingertape: [AdN] DISTURBED

Wings and talons: AVid Gothic Clothing – The Raven

Boots:  Miel Far Boots

Bodysuit and leggings: SEVEN – SASHA OUTFIT


For this was Saint Valentine’s day, when every bird of every kind comes to this place to choose his mate

Its Valentines day!! the day that every one is reminded how much they are loved not just by a partner but family and friends . I love how second life does this makes a lot people who have none in real feel very loved and cared for  as the messages of Happy valentines day are flying around, we really do have a special thing which many who don’t play second life could never possibly understand . as my real daughter says they not real friends mum but I disagree with this I have  friends  that i would call my friends for life ( admittedly  not yet meet in real Life ) but this doesn’t matter  a great deal to me, I go to if I had a problem ,  they make me laugh a lot , they have made me cry but mostly they always bring a smile to my face  they make my sl , my real is better for knowing them, they are such a diverse bunch but this is what I love about them none are predictable they all so individual and special

tomorrow my sl daughter is getting married  the first wedding got cancelled was going to be just after Christmas now postponed to tomorrow and its perfect  a beautiful venue has been put up going out into the lagoon with the blossom trees behind it looks so romantic and pretty.and im so excited  the first wedding of the year on our sim  and its my beautiful daughter marrying the sweetest guy ever she soo happy and im so proud of her she done a fantastic job organizing it all and getting us all organized.

while we were setting up the wedding venue I hopped into the tree and took pictures for this blog post I felt it was the perfect place to sit and ponder the meaning of valentines day to me and my daughters wedding

Maybe I should plan my blog posts better  I really don’t. I tend to be wearing an outfit and like it and decide to share it with all you smexy lot   but that’s just me in my real and my sl I do on the spur of the moment things  never really plan just do and I do constantly get nagged for never planning anything but shrugs its just the way I am:))

so enough my rambling on about nothing particular and here are my pictures…

on sim my secret hideouton sim up up in the trees

on sim willow the ancient of treeson sim on the boat

Hair-Fluster by Ploom

necklace- choker- EVE GOLD by RYCA

necklace-Genie Jewelry Sets-Opal by Earthstones

necklace -double angel- store unknow

bangles-painted by Mandala

Pants-sexy sports suit-Green by Deetalz

top-bake sale-eat me by Riddle

Shoes-elic heels 3 in 1 by Angelic Lefevre

socks -alluring argyle by riddle

Purple People Eater


Hello darlings!

Today, I’m blogging my sissy’s purple bubble dress from HBIC!  So cute, I paired it with wool pink tights, leg warmers and the perfect scarf from Izzys.  Word is, my sis hazy cygnet is jumping in the fashion blog game ,   so support!!!  and hey… who said it’s pretty in pink???   I say purple is the new pink and damnnn dats purdy!    Love you all  ❤ Cait



Hair:   Magika: Little

Dress:  [H.B.I.C] Grape Bubblegum Dress_Mesh

Tights:  The Secret Store – Wool tights Fatpack purple

Boots: *cutsie* leg warmers and boot w multi color change

Clutch:  Izzie’s – Clutch purple

Scarf:   Izzie’s pink and purple scarf

Poses: Image Essentials

Okies my loves, I’m out for now… enjoy!  ❤ Cait

Tis the wedding season’

well well well how wonderful was caits wedding, with a midsummer nights dream theme it was so beautiful done with pure style I must say, I had the honor of doing  the pictures, so once I got through my wave of sl being mean to me I started to snap , and snap and snap again til I managed to take 150 pics omg, then had to chose what to edit hahahah but I think they came out well . I show you in a sec.

The bridesmaids being myself Brandy , Sandra  and Sam I must say we did do a fantastic job :)) with such pretty dresses from sea hole. we all walked the isle before our bride ooh that as scary I never actually thought I would walk down the isle hehehhe, then Cait appeared and silence  struck as she looked stunning , I will not reveal where the bride got her dress as one never reveals a brides secrets!! But one tip I can add is I do know she combined two dresses together and to a fantastic result

weding im ready

weding preparing the bride

wedding i give u this ring...

wedding mr n mrs baily

wedding down the isle as husband adn wife . ooh and the officiate Mr Mat Fini well did a wonderful job to perfection as our mr Fini always does .So That was the wedding romantic ,pretty and done with no end of style with total attention to every detail, and now to the reception my dears 🙂

so Mat being the dj (goes with out saying as we know he the man for the job) played many romantic tunes always perfectly picked he really does do wedding djing  really well i suppose he done so many real that its second nature to him now he always has his own twist on it to make it his set  oh I better stop or he have a huge ol head 🙂

but the couples danced all loved up and those who wasn’t i.e. me as my other half was sleeping, I kicked my heels a bit and bugged the bride for cake picswedding thecouples dances wedding cake wedding cutting the cake

we had alil insident with poopie coming and asking the king to dance very funny as poor mat found this awkward and insisted he thought she was ronald macdonalds sister which lets face it she could have been but im more convinced it is pippi longstockings sister

wedding mat gets proposalsoo heres to Mr and Mrs Baily. A fantastic night one to be remembered and we look forward to two more weddings we have coming up  so watch this space

50 Shades of Gray

  So, i just had to get this one out as I am so excited for our sister and countess Brandy Cygnet Citron!  This post features her unreleased HBIC Hooded dress.  She has been designing a bunch and is almost ready to open her own store in world and on marketplace.  Congrats sissy 🙂  Anyway, I went with a warm jacket and wool tights to compliment it and made my own version of 50 shades, sans Christian Grey. Hi 5


Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Sophie” Blacks and White

Dress: ..HBIC.. Hoddie Dress black

Tights:The Secret Store – Wool tights Fatpack

Necklace:*Tentacio* Doll set 1

Shoes:Apple May Designs – Wild Child – Black

Jacket%.:EC:. Amiral Jacket-M [Girls]:

Okies Off I go as it is 6 am and Thanksgiving… got some cooking to do! hugs ~ Cait