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Little Branch 6

Ok really quick post as i have to sleep really badly ,i just discovered this store designing really pretty landscapeing items that we all know i have a passion for you all knew that right??

well at fameShed you will find Little Branch,  with the The Corn Cluster is 13 land impact each per cluster and it is copy/modify but no transfer.,The Bradford Pear Flowers Tree which has a menu to change the seasons and flowers, now Im not sure but Im am guessing the feb round of the Fantasy Collective cause there was some great items there too but Im guessing you might be able to find in store The Weeping Willow Tree includes 4 seasons plus extra Pink version these sunflowers ooh soo much stuff im not gonna list it all but check out this store it rocks and im sure we gonna see a lot more of Little Branch

I am wearing these wickedly comfy Jeans from Drbc another one my fav stores who is now joined the we love to blog group which has made me very happy,

ok I gotta go to my bed so here my pics for ya hugs sorry for rushing this  Loves ya all xxxx

Drbc jeans  & little branch8

Drbc jeans 5

Drbc jeans  & Little Branch

Drbc jeans 1

Drbc jeans 4

Drbc jeans 3

Drbc jeans 2

Little Branch 7

what hazy is wearing…

shoes-rockabilly bow peeps (Polka dots)By .:Knockers:.

Nail;s- spring IN the Air By Beyond Persuasion designs @ Spring in the village

skin-temperance (Chestnut) by 7DeadlyS{K}INs coming soon at the skin fair lm will be announced

shape-temperance by 7deadlys{K}ins @ skin fair

jeans-cuffed capris (Blue) by ::Drbc::

hair-No23 (Pink+Black) By (r)M

Tattoo-ocean maori By Miss canning +Enchanted ink

Top-Anni ( Purple)by Voodoo Dollz

on sim

LB BradfordPear _Flower Change By Little Branch store @ FameShed

Tree shower (dark)  by We’re Closed

weeping willow 4 season by Little Branch @ the fantasy collective Feb round

lb birch 1 with seasons change By Little Branch @ the Fantasy collective

creep Myrtle v3 all seasons By Little Branch @ the fantasy collective
water lotus 4Seasons v2 By Little branch @ the fantasy collective
old barn By Carox
pose used Tallulah By Eternal Dream @ Designer Circle


Let me show you how to love ….



Ok so I have these beautifukl colourful shirts totally inspired for valentines day and I loved each and everyone so i had to show you them all cause they  so pretty , the skin Is another great creation from 7deadlyS{K}ins im loving the red lipstick it makes my lips ooh so kissable:))  my little baby unicorn is one the things i picked up from this last round at Collabor88 by *MishMish* everything alsways so cute and original frlom MishMish  they do alotta of gacha items too so If you dont know this store check it out , we got alotta of events currently running and smoe on their way with FGC around the corner and the cosmetic fair OOh one my yearly favs Is the cosmetic fair so I am jumping for joy. So look out I’m going shopping next week :))

the valentines table here below is soo pretty is available by [mashedUp] @ With Love fair

oh and the poses yes the poses I almost forgot the Poses  they are by Eternal Dream and you can pick them up at The Hipster fair  which is a Gacha event and is running only till the 15th feb soo you need to get your skates on over there :))



What Hazy Is wearing…

necklace- Leah ( Gold) By Pure Poison ( Old group gift)

UnderLip Plugs – Mouth by .Pekka

top- falling heart blouse By Roots& Wings
top Love circles Blouse by Roots& Wings
top – Queen Of hearts by Roots& Wings
top-bookworm Love Blouse by Roots& Wings
top- austen blouse by Roots& Wings
top- melenie Blouse by Roots& Wings

nose ring- Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

MESH*Skinny Pants  by Yasum

shoes- HIGH HOLLY MESH BLUE VIDA HEELS (for slink) By Hollywood

ring  : Love Ring Gold: by [E.C] Jeweler
shape-Patience Regulair by 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Skin-Callie Apricot V2 cleavage by 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Urban legends Unique Mini fair
.. THAiSHA EyeBrows by [BiJOU&T]
+ Soul Corruption Ultra Blue + {ali}

Hair- HAKU – (Midnight) By Argrace

Valentines Table and necklaces Checker by *[meshedup]* @ With love Fair

poses used – Tallulah by Eternal Dream Poses @ The Hipster fair



making shapes


vintage belt By Divahz Ooh I so Love these nails  by Deceitful Innocence  and these ones are a rare gacha there is a whole bunch more worth running over to check out, who doesn’t want totally original nails??  The dress with hud is soo pretty  and many different variations , ooh and the shoes High sexy stripper heels OOh I so love them ( prob cause I so cant wear them in reallife But we can  in sl soo bring lon the stripper heels byDivahZ Couture:)) all can be got at the new round of January’s/  SL VOGUE NEW YEAR NEW TRENDS ROUND

jade By Divahz Pose Sweet sacrifice

hahah now you thought that was all I had for you didnt you ?? admitt it !!! well there more much more

I got to wear my boobies I usually too chicken to wear them but this dress spelt out boobies to me soo On they go , ooh and the shoes the shoes  come in a huge diffrent range of colour  i wnt with this pink for this outfit  more good ies for you from SL VOGUE NEW YEAR NEW TRENDS ROUND

with my horns from Obscure and truth Hair I think this outfit is one sexy outfit far too sexy for the boys  I feel like I want a girlies night out in this dress !!!!

OOh yes I got more


sl vogue jan

sl vogue 3 january


the poses i used where the new poses From Sweet Sacrifice One my fantastic sponsors These poses are always sexy and cute soo please do pop on down to the new store and see the great poses you can pick up.


ok so what Hazy is wearing in Picture one…

dress-vintage belt W/HuD by DivahZ Couture @Sl vogue New year new trends round

horns- chained Horns rust Chains & Feather( Black) By Obscure @ CarnEvil; B-weekly event // feed your creep!!

hair-Neria ( Pastels) By Truth

Nails-F***You (rare) By Deceitful Innocence @Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

shoes-aris 54 (Chocolate) For slink High By DivahZ Couture

poses used -come right in By Sweet Sacrifice

skin- Fabienne ( apricot) By 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Feeb’s rascals sale room

Picture two…

necklace- God save The queen necklace- by Lolapop @ Leaf on the wind

dress- flaunt it w/Appliers By DivahZ Couture @Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

shoes- Strapped up heel (Pink ) By Glo @ Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

skin nails and hair same as above

pose -Dirty pretty By Sweet Sacrifice

picture 3…

dress- Purr W/Applier Hud By DivahZ Couture @ Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

shoes- Strapped up heel (Pink ) By Glo @ Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

necklace- God save The queen necklace- by Lolapop @ Leaf on the wind

skin- Fabienne ( apricot) By 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Feeb’s rascals sale room

hair-Neria ( Pastels) By Truth

pose – get A little closer By Sweet Sacrifice

Picture 4…

all in one – jade W/applier Hud By Divahz Couture @ Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

nails- silver scrolls By Deceitful Innocence   @Sl Vogue New Year New Trends Round

poses used -come right in By Sweet Sacrifice

all the rest Same as above









hummm I got vintage


OOh I always Love what DRBC make But this is stunning I love each one so much so I couldnt even fit all into the one pic as the hud had so many options and toped with the Catwa hair which also had a huge amount of hud options I was having so much fun that when I eventually got to bed My other half was Omg are you sure you took enough pictures LOL luckily I was too lazy to edit them all !!! So today  nearly everything I wore had great huds The nails that i have shown you a few times this last week By Pathos and the necklace By Bite & Claw Im alil concerned why they havent put any new items out for some time now I hope they dont disapear into the eather. and the skin is a really great offer on marketplace for very little lindens By 7Deadly{S}Kins

and the poses my second fav pose makes Eternal Dreams are at the Designer Circle


 Ok so what Hazy is wearing…

necklace- Ionna By Bite & Claw
circlet- Ionna By Bite& Claw

dress-elvira gown by ^V^DRBC^V^

nails- criss by Pathos
hair-carla by Catwa

skin-DC dawn V1 By 7Deadly {S}kin @In marketplace

left hand gypsy ring ( Blueette) by Glam affair

makeup-maike (Purple) By Zibska

poses used Neige By Eternal Dream @ Designer Circle 96th round

If you fall get up….

eteral dream skating 5

I am sorry I did these pictures just before chirstmas but didnt manage to get them posted soo I think the advent calendar has finished for eternal dream But pop along to the store they might still be available.\

eternal dream skating 6

etrnal dream skating  1

eternal dream skating 4

eternal dream 3

eternal dream 2

What hazy is Wearing …

top Shiny snowflake Top ( Rose) By Preptopia

jacket cozy chic dark colours w/Hud By *Preptopia*

jeans skinny jeans ( Indigo) By *Preptopia*
skates Blue By Eternal Dream  Advent Calendar every day from the 1st dec till 24 dec will be a gift with a christmas or winter theme
the skates will be on sale for a promotional price until the end of the Advent Calendar

ice ring By Tsyi! @ Wash Sale

skin -Azure V1 By 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Designer Circle

hair- Jana By EXxEeSs

earrings and necklace-gemmed snowflake & bells By Glint @ Silent Nights Hunts silent nights hunts on dec 1st Tiill 31 st december

Nails- cemetary  Nightlight By Koffin nails

Romantic and Dovey !!

saleria island 2

This stunningly stylish Dress by Topazia is available at Hunt Poe 7  as a gift Ooh boy and what a stunning dress to have just before christmas as a gift  I thought it made fantastic pictures the doves are part of the hat  It really is a fashionistas dress all fitted beautifully even the hat i didnt have to alter at all ,I normally have many issues with hats but not this one which was a huge relif this was purley a dress and go dress !!!

the skin OOh another wonderfully adorable skin from &Deadly{S}kins wow what a great selection of skin they have put out this year a really exciting  collection all year has made me a constant 7Deadly{S}Kin wearer I hardly wear anything else  as they are always adorable , sexy and beautiofully made the one I am wearing today Skyla Is for the Suicide Girl Aniversary soo pop along peeps and pick it up.


saleria island 7

saleria island 5

saleria island 4

saleria island 6

what Hazy Is wearing…

dress-miss Dove By Topazia @Hunt Poe 7 ( Gift)

skin-Skyla by 7Deadly [S]kins @ Suicide Dolls Aniversary

hair- Nahara By +Spellbound+

pose used Stylish By Eternal Dream

I am a Vampire Time Traveller …

Wouldnt that be wonderful To be a time traveller I often when I am walking around where I live , which is supposedly king Arther country , i often think about how the rolling hills would have knights of old roaming around. I was in warwick the other week and  there has been human activity at Warwick as early as the Neolithic, and constant habitation since the 6th century. wow wouldnt it be amazing to time travel to back then,and tobe able to touch and feel and experience the world then . it would be incredible.

Well why are you on about time travel Hazy?? I hear u all wondering well Livid has brought out  a new gacha range and today I am going to show you the two rare ones vampire and Steampunk. Pop on down to the store and see what other gachas there are and snap up these two . I am also wearing Crow skin that suits these two outfits well i thought < crow does some great fantasy and gothic skins to suit any of you roleplay you might do or just to  add the extra touch to an outfit you might be wearing to an themed event , and skin isnt all they do wings, eyes , sneakers are to name just a few of the things you will find in store. So two great stores for you to visit today.

livid vampire time traveller 4

livid vampire time traveller 3

livid vampire time traveller 2

livid vampire time traveller 7

vampire time traveller livid

livid vampire time traveller 1

steam punk hazy livid

time traveller steampunk 1What Hazy is wearing…

pics 1 -6

outfit – vampire time traveller ( rare) By Livid

lipstick- black cherry by HQ** Surl unknown

skin – sophie ( dark-moon) By Crow ( gothic , fantasy Electric)  lucky cupcake new group gift in store

poses used look @ my hands By Eternal Dream @ Cosmopolitan sales room

Pics 7-8

Outfit- steampunk time traveller ( rare) By Livid

lipstick- black cherry by HQ** (Surl unknown)

skin – sophie ( dark-moon) By Crow ( gothic , fantasy Electric)

poses used The Muse Posesthe muse pose