Imma cute Bomb you beware!!!!

Full Moon Blog has a new sponsor which I am very excited about CuteBomb who have items in Carnevil when that round is finished they are in store for a while , This outfit was very well suiting as we are building a ghetto on my sim, I thought it was a pretty urbanyish outfit:). friends are setting up a roleplay thing < I hardly been online so I am out of the loop a bit but I will tell you all about it when I manage to find some time as real is kicking my ass at the mo and just finding time to log in let alone blog and or even have any input to whats going on at my sim it is bugging me out but hey ho it is what it is  so yup CuteBomb guys one to watch for sure:))

here my pics xxxx

cutbomb &Kaerri 2

cutbomb &Kaerri 1

cutbomb &Kaerri 3

cutbomb &Kaerri 4

this adorable teardrop seat is another wonderful creation by Kaerri who i am actually falling in love with everything they come out with is soo beautiful , attention to detail is fantastic so yup if you not discovered Kaerri yet you must !!!

what Hazy is wearing…

skin-presley( taupe) by 7DeadlyS{K}Ins @rock attitude
foot chains-warrior anklet ( copper) by Promagic

Top-cross2top by Cutebomb @ CarnEvil round 8
Pants-rollala jeans ( strips) by CuteBomb

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

tattoo- essence MM14914 By Letis Tattoo
bangles- athena ( silver) By Maxi gossamer

hair-valorie by Tameless

hairbase- shaved chessBy DeeTaleZ

panties- yummy panties( gold) by Supernatural

nose piercing-Sanza Nose chain (Gold) By Random Matter

ace tattoo-Atlan By Idiot

nails-my bats are melting( rare) By Dark Passion( Koffin Nails@ Luck of the irish

hanging teardrop chair set by Kaerri

ok im so sorry i wrote this about two weeks ago so sorry if links arnt correct but check the stores inworld if u cant find at events sorry guys real kicking my assxxxxx



vintage baby

knockers and sweet sacrifice i am elegence_004knockers and sweet sacrifice i am elegence6

check out my smexy dress by …::KnocKeRs::. its called wiggle dress which made me laugh as you most certainly do wiggle when you walk in this dress!!!

my pretty pink hair is by Olive  with the scarf in   suited my vintage look perfectly and my shoes  by Supernatural  called death heels  which if i tried to walk in these heels in real they would be the death of me Laughs!!!!!

7deadlyS{K}ins have some great Gacha’s at the  momoent with a range of gacha lipsticks one I am wearing from the

Envioue Purples and my pretty skin Avril (RARE) so hop on over to in store and have a gacha go and see if you win the rare items !!!

knockers and sweet sacrifice i am elegence5


knockers and sweet sacrifice i am elegence2

knockers and sweet sacrifice i am elegence1

The necklace in the top pictures is Sweet Reminiscence: (Gold necklace) by Beyond Persuasion Designs and these are exclusive at the Js Event (Spring in the village )

what hazy is wearing …

dress- Wiggle Dress W/Hud By ::Knockers::

hair- . the Rachel II Hair (Old group Gift) By Olive

lipstick- Envioue Purples By 7DeadlyS[K}ins

angle- Gypsy ( gold) by [The Forge]

skin-Avril (rare) Gacha By 7DeadlyS{K}ins

Eyes-Voodoo(Nebula) [Horror] By Buzzeri

shoes – Death Heels (black) by  Supernatural@ Carnevil
necklace-Sweet Reminiscence: Gold necklace By Beyond Persuasion Design @ Spring in the village

nails-spring in the air by Beyond Persuasion Design @ Spring in the village

Pose used I am elegance and weeeee!my secret,feigning a headache, By Sweet Sacrifice @ fit for a Princess

Pictures taken on my sim any one is welcome But if you visit please tip as it will help me desperately trying to afford to keep sim open  Ughhh hard hard work !!!! if your interested to have a store on sim or interested in a rental hit me up in world or on Facebook :)) every lil helps keep the world turning

Saleria Island


I hold the key To the ravens Lair !!!

ravens key 2

Im loving this Pose from Something Erotic called ravens key Its new Soo hop along and pick it up and I love to see hjow creative you all get with this pose I had fun with it I love when I get the chance to wear my wings . I love these wings I got in  gacha about 2 years ago but Im not sure if the store is still available cause I cant seam to find any info on it at all :((

ravens key 1

raven key Koffin nails 7

The pretty Nails Love Immortal By Dark Passions- koffin nails are available at With Love fair



vine roses 6Im soo Loving this Head Piece  Its  coems in a number of colours this one the purple was my fav By Macabre  and available at The Thrift Shop

wild rosees

last picture another New items available By Something Erotic  called wild roses , Im loving this I  took so many pictures and loved how they all came out But times is of the essence today so I only edited one for you Hope you like it :))


What Hazy Is wearing IN  all the pics :))

headband- Veine roses ( Purple) By Macabre @ The Thrift Shop

body- Ante ( Purple) By Supernatural @ CarnEvil

nails -Love Immortal By Dark Passions – Koffin nails @ With Love fair

wings- black( Bloody)  Old gacha by The fallen ::Mo::

hair-Aviva ( Colours )By Truth
lip Piercing- UnderLip Plugs  By Pekka

Nose Piercing- Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

necklace-Siren’s song ( Purple) By { Ali}The Ugly and Beautiful

skin- – AVRIL (Special) Chestnut by 7 Deadly s{K}ins available @ The Thrift Shop 

pose used ravens wing By Something Erotic ( New)

second pose used Wild Roses By Something Erotic ( New)





Romantic and Dovey !!

saleria island 2

This stunningly stylish Dress by Topazia is available at Hunt Poe 7  as a gift Ooh boy and what a stunning dress to have just before christmas as a gift  I thought it made fantastic pictures the doves are part of the hat  It really is a fashionistas dress all fitted beautifully even the hat i didnt have to alter at all ,I normally have many issues with hats but not this one which was a huge relif this was purley a dress and go dress !!!

the skin OOh another wonderfully adorable skin from &Deadly{S}kins wow what a great selection of skin they have put out this year a really exciting  collection all year has made me a constant 7Deadly{S}Kin wearer I hardly wear anything else  as they are always adorable , sexy and beautiofully made the one I am wearing today Skyla Is for the Suicide Girl Aniversary soo pop along peeps and pick it up.


saleria island 7

saleria island 5

saleria island 4

saleria island 6

what Hazy Is wearing…

dress-miss Dove By Topazia @Hunt Poe 7 ( Gift)

skin-Skyla by 7Deadly [S]kins @ Suicide Dolls Aniversary

hair- Nahara By +Spellbound+

pose used Stylish By Eternal Dream

Ready or Not Here I Come

Here I got more great stuffs for you comeing from the Sl vogue event OOh its cute soo very cute Your gonna love it .

and this hair from runaway im in love with it the hud with such pretty colours, I would so have my hair like this in real ( well when I was 20 maybe !!!!)

tranquil tube by [A]

hair-tara hair By Runaway

makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

jeans-dagmar ( part of outfit ) By C.H

necklace drow priestess BY Deviance( sorry Idk If this store is still available but I couldnt find a link anywhere :()

eyes- voodoo(Siren) By [Buzzeri]
skin-wendy V1 by 7Deadly{S}kins

top- tranquil tube by [A}  @Sl Vogue

runaway hair [A]

Top -cropped( Pink) By Project Reject available @ Sl Vogue
skirt -split(Black) By Project Reject  available @ Sl Vogue
tights-ornamental By Erratic

skin- wendy (caramel) by 7deadly{S}Kins

necklace-heavy spikes by[Glow]Studio

hair– tara hair By Runaway


glamourous halter top by [A]

top-glamorous halter top (Pink) by[A] @ sl vogue

nails-edges fingernails&Toes By Figure free gift @Eloquence

braclets- cuban Gold cuffs by RYCA

necklace-choker(Gold) by RYCA
earings-rin 3row Hoop(Gold) By RYCA

jeans-leather skinny pants by Maitreya

makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

eyes- voodoo(Siren) By [Buzzeri]
skin-wendy V1 by 7deadly{S}kins

so pop on by Sl Vogue and see all the great items to be had :)) hurry along now !!!

sl vogue fb

sl vogue flicker

TP to Sl Vogue



The Mer Women will lure You To Your Destruction

I felt like playing with what I had in my inventory and what I could find for free in sl  my lindens amount to the grand total of 23 lindens,  I been sad as sooooo many great events I want to go to So much so I not even going to mention them cause grrrrrr no point going and window shopping with no lindens. So I popped along to Glam Affair and found an adorable skin, the group  gift  and the cute ring I am wearing ( which was for 50 linden friday I also got another skin which i’m not speaking about to day but will show you soon) , then poped next door to Tableau Vivant and found the cute hair which matched the skin beautifully that I got from Glam Affair and since we were on a sea theme I knew i had some items I have never blogged Sio went digging in the depths of my inventory . Oooh yes and found the mermaid tail From !DeviousMind from a gacha from exactly a year ago more or less ( why did I not blog this before  I wonder as it so pretty)

this is the information that came with the tail ( one thing I always love about !DeviousMind they always research everyhithng they do meticulously

In greek mythology, Lamia is a mistress of the god Zeus, causing Zeus’ jealous wife Hera to transform her into a monster with a serpent’s tail below the waist. Later traditions referred to many lamiae; these were folkloric monsters similar to vampires and succubi that seduced young men and then fed on their blood.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, nagas are a race of semidivine serpent creatures. Usually depicted as human above the waist and snake below, Nagas can change shape to appear fully human or snake. According to legend, Nagas lived on earth at first, but their numbers became so great that the god Brahma sent them to live under the sea. They reside in magnificent jeweled palaces and rule as kings at the bottom of rivers and lakes and in the underground realm. They are known for their strength, supernatural wisdom, and charisma, being immortal and potentially dangerous. Some are demons; others seem friendly and are worshiped as gods.

In some areas, Nagas are seen as nature spirits living in snake form, who tend to be very curious and may take human form. They are considered the protectors of springs, wells and rivers, and guardians of treasure (both material and spiritual). According to traditions nāgas are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. They are susceptible to mankind’s disrespectful actions in relation to the environment. They bring rain, and thus fertility, and stories involving them are part of contemporary cultural traditions. They are also thought to bring disasters such as floods and drought.

Now that was soo interesting Hope you found it so .

sea weed maid

mermaid fiull tail

What Hazy wearing in these two pics….

“naga tail gacha By !DM DeviousMind

Skin-cassia america – sea Nymph By Glam Affair ( free group Gift)

ring gypsy b y Glam Affair   (for 50l friday)

eyes voodoo( Nebula) By [Buzzeri]

dark eye makeup – v41. By Nuuna

Hair-longfall (Pastel/seaweed) By Tableau Vivant ( free group gift)

scales-mermaid scales By {Even-tide]

necklace seashell By Yasum

mermaid 1

mermaid 2This costume I changed up alittle

all the same as abouve but the mer tail and top was by Boudoir was part of the mermaid queen Outfit

under water party_001 This is the Boudoir Outfit in full  with Boudoir Hair


Now I left the underwater and found the beautiful dress From The Enchantment round a few months ago that again i havent blogged yet and its soo pretty damn im soo stupid:))



sleeping beauty 2sleeping beautywhat hazy wearing in last two pictures…

dress- sleeping beauty gown by The Annex   ( Old The Enchantment item)

eyes- voodoo (nebula) By[Buzzeri]

eyeshadow-fleurette shadow by Zibiska

hair- jezebel ( monochromes) by +SpellBound+

skin- patience plain By 7Deadly{S}kins

necklace-adira necklace(turquoise) By Zaara

nails-angel polish (Blue) For slink hands By Zoz

Magoilia tree /swing By Teather’s End Design

harmony Buffalo Grass By Lilith Heart

granite mossy rock form by Dolly Heart




You can’t hide your true colors as you approach the autumn of your life

Autumn is rapidly on its way time to start thinging about those autumn colors So when I saw this cute outfit By Hudson It saiud autumn to me , With 3 diffrent short crop tops with embroidered  flowers, butterflies on I fell in love , and the cute brown belted mini skirt went perfectly with the tops , Hazy was a happy bunny.hudson top &skirt 4


hudson top &skirt 3

What Hazy Is wearing…

Top-embroided linen sleeveless crop top By Hudson’s clothing c0.


skirt-belted linen mini skirt brown By Hudson’s clothing co.

makeup-eyeshadow- plate (green) By Miwardrobe

Eyes-voodoo(siren) By Buzzeri

face gems-(Topaz ) by Bite & Claw

Hair-Lux (rainbow) By +Spellbound+
Skin-lust skin tone F By 7Deadly{S}kins
shape-patiences caramel By7 deadly{S}Kins

nails- dark spring gold( comfy By Zoz

belly piercing-mermaid ( part of an outfit not worn)By Eve’s Closet ( Old free gift )

necklace-heavy spiked necklace by [Glow]studio

bangles- Boho bangles By maxi Gossamer

earings-spiked gold By RYCA

hands-casual feet -High By Slink

Poses used debut & alea By Eternal Dream