To reach a port we must set sail – Sail, not tie at anchor Sail, not drif

on da boat 2 OOh Something New always coming up with wonderful poses < now its a known fact I love the maker of Something new she rocks and makes me sad when I hear her say ooh why do I bother now as so many can make their own poses , well yes many can but I for one certainly have no idea how to begin to make a pose or let alone have the time too   and I know For a large number of bloggers who blog her poses also have no idea or the inclination to make poses and I can’t speak to the buyers but I presume if they buying poses they don’t either , and yes I know it can get heartbreaking when so many are trying to do the same thing but this is no ordinary pose maker If you are yet to discover Something New Poses and Props  I advise you to do so each one is made with great thought put into it every detail is thought about , and always coming out with wonderful new poses , which for us bloggers is  a massive need it helps fire alil imagination into our muddled madness of blogging !!! she will also make custom poses for what ever you are needing if you message her so please do tp over to the store and check out what delights you will find there and I must say quickly I have been blogging her poses for umm something like 3 years now (may be alil more as I started on my old sim so damn must be getting on for 4 years wow doesnt time fly!!!) and I have such a wonderful collection of poses for every occasion that crops up in the calendar and more some so as I say talented pose designer ooh you in the store all ready heheh happy shopping guys xxxx

so yeah my sim now I still developing it with help form a girl I meet through a friend she has been working on the ghetto side of the sim and getting a large amount of traffic in , for people who are into roleplay ( this is all new to me and as I not been around too much I still have much to learn ) but we are taking new fractions ,pop along and speak to my right hand girl Pet Fhang aka Aika she will giev u a tour of the ghetto  and let you know what we have there for ya ,

Now I am appealing for any designers who would be interested to rent a store to pop in some your wonderful designs we have a bunch of stores up there and traffic just most are empty as we speak and you know me I only want there best and so  I putting a shout out one it will help me keep sim open and two I want individualness not their crappy vendors we can all buy for the franchises ones you can buy in mp no no no I wont be having any them !! come visit us on the Full Moon sim and explore

so I appeal to weapon makers , pose makers , clothes of any type must be special!!!!!

on da boat 2


on da boat_1

What Hazy is wearing…

tattoo- :: Essence :: 35% :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo

face tattoo- ATLAN Face Tattoo (FRESH) by . idiot .
#shoes-Candy Shoe’S {Slink High} by Macabre
hair- Warrior // (Pastels) By +Spellbound+

{Double Scoop} – Necklace by .Atomic.
nose piercing- – Sanza Nose Chain -( Gold) – by .random.Matter.

Radiant Sun Dress in Orchid M – More Than Ever

skin -Marlijn cleavage -( caramel) By 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ designerr showcase

pose used doggie treats by Something New new release available in store



Million dollar Baby

dollar suit 1I just get back from Egypt which was amazing I must say and I open up we love to blog Group and my finrst find for the month is this suit I actually think it was ment to be for guys But I’m sorry But I think I pull it off rather well what you think??its made by [Phunk]

ok I gonna make this a super quick post as im depseratly trying to catch up

I want to say a quick thank you to al my wonderful sponsors for bearing with me and keeping me on thank you so uch its greatlky apreciated I relaly thought I would come back and have to apply all over again so massive huggies xxxxxx

dollar suit 6

dollar suit 4

 what Hazy is wearing

hair- Warrior // Pastels by +Spellbound+

nose chain – Sanza Nose Chain – (Gold) – By .random.Matter

.outfit-outfit -Money – by [Phunk]

skin- -Marlijn cleavage – (caramel) by 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ designer Showcase

Tattoo :: Essence :: 35% :: MM14014 by Letis Tattoo :

earrings-arsenal ( Gold) By Remarkable Oblivion

pose used check my shoes 4 by Something New @ Olala







kaerrie 1

This pretty Dress is by another new sponsor for me Beyond Persuasion Designs which I am hugely excited about and my first Piece to blog for them is this lovely purple dress which you can find at the new js event Spring in the village    and the necklace  the sweet reminicence  gold jewelary set. The hair I wore looked great  +Spellbound+ – Warrior ooh and the colour I chose for the hair and the dress colour matched this Sitting room furniture By Kaerri Who i discoverd Through we love to blog If you not checked the web site PLease do cause some fantastic bloggers and designers

What Hazy Is wearing…

Nose piercing Sophia – Jade (Septum) By (Yummy)

Elf ears Sylph Ears: by *~*Illusions*~*
hair Warrior // Pastels By +Spellbound+
Lip piercing UnderLip Plugs  By .Pekka.
Nose Piercing – Sanza Nose Chain – (Gold)  By .Random.Matter.

– Bohemian Chain Anklet w/ Stones BY Blushed Creations
necklace Sweet Reminiscence: (Gold)  By Beyond Persuasion Design
Dress-Sweet Reminiscence: Unforgettable By Beyond Persuasion Design

nails- spring time is in the air ( Exclusive) By Beyond Persuasion Design     Spring in the Village Event

Avatar Enhancement Hands – (Casual) – By Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – (High) By Slink
Physique Mesh Body V1.4 by Slink

: Value Bracelet by [E.C] Jeweler
Shape Patience regular By 7Deadly s[K]ins
skin Waverly RARE By 7Deadly s[K]ins
. THAiSHA EyeBrows! By [BiJOU&T]

Eyes – Bright Green By ::MO:: The Fallen

Furniture in pictures     above by Kaerri   

pose used -Bombastic By Diesel Works


Ok so I am gaining Sophistication for the new year

rowena  & Lerawr poses 2

Rowena Designs does it again puts out a great dress with shoes to match and hud to  to give u a fantastic colour choice fantastic .

I love this electric blue dress with my Spellbound red hair and My 7Deadly{S}Kin thats only available for a very short while longer @Designer Circle

My new sophisticated grown up look Im trying to adopt for my new year sl resolution what ya think?? I am sure it wil only last 5 mins but its wiorth  a try right??

rowena  & Lerawr poses 1

rowena  & Lerawr poses 4


rowena designs 1

rowena designs 3

What Hazy Is wearing…

skin-Aisha ( Almond By 7Deadly{S}KIns Designer Circle for the next two weeks

collar-posture v- collar 07 ( Women)By (r )M

dress-Jaana dress By Rowena Designs
shoes- Jaana Heels ( Slink High)By Rowena Designs

hair- Lux By Spellbound 

nails- Hatsu- akari ( slink Appliers) By *Pulcino*

braclet- value By [EC] Jeweler

Hands( Casual) , feet( High) By Slink

pose used by Latisha by::LeRawr poses ::

Tune My Piano Baby

tune my piano 3OOh we got some exciting stuffs for you check out these sexy poses From somthing New is doing a new line of poses called Something Erotic and not being sold in her normal shop but in her finred club so be sure to go check them out cause ooh boy they some steamy poses

then ::Bad Apple:: has these really cute little horn with a frog clinging to it called Horny toad   I gonna keep it on foreva!!!!!!!!!

This skin By crow soo pretty I love the bluish tint to it  and the lips By [THD] is perfect with this skin I felt like a frozen diva spawled out over this piano Im loving this look what you think??

tune my piano By Somethign erotic

tune my Piano

look at me 2

look at me 3

look at me 4

What Hazy is wearing…

Eye decoration-face art( gold) by [The forge]

Lipstick-intense lips (Tone3.3) By [THD] The Hellish diva
eyeshadow – smokey eyes by [THD] The Hellish Diva

ring-“Euphoria” Polyspike by [CIRCA] @ Thrift Shop ( Winter Ed)

eyes-voodoo (Nebula) by Buzzeri

hair-Nahara (Pastels) By +Spellbound+

corset, stocking , neck bow and suspenders – raissa By *Butterfly Effect Designs*

shoes- Glam Punmp ( Blue Saphire By Hilly Haalan fashions

skin-Tatiana (Starlight) By Crow

nails-dark spring gold(dazzling blue ) By Zoz

hands- ( casual) feet( High) avatar Enhancments By Slink

necklace-Bellezza (Gold& turquoise) By Eclectica @ GiftWrapped Event

piercing -Nose swirl By Pekka
hair decoration- horny toad ( Pink )By ::Bad Apple::

pose tune my piano by Something Erotic ( a new line of adult Erotic poses available only here )

and the next poses are Look at me  By Something New  @feeb’s rascals ST sale room

let It Rain down on me

Yes yes well tis the season for the rain coat and yes I have two cute ones for you One from my blogging group Welove to Blog Made by the designer DandelionWine and the Other by one my lovley sponsors Lumiere They are both very diffrent but yet Both keep me dry ion the rain and both hugley glam. The wellies!ooh yes the wellies !No stylish girl about town should be with out these wellies  they come in two designs  ducks & frogs, OOh I so should have gone on an explore of sl and found one of those continuous rainy sims , But my puter hasnt been behaving at its best so I stayed at home with my lovley green boards !!!!! and when I can afford it (If ever) I will put my puter into be fixed and loved by the lovley apple store and hopefully will make it happy agaion so I can go back to more exploring ( yeah I miss doiung that . as how it is at the moment if I try to expplore It will take about an hour to load up then another 16 hours to move 3 paces forward ( I am guessing this is not good puter performance???)

and I am using the cute Pink faun skin again from 7Deadly {S}kins  cause I love it !!! and lastly the nails I have a new sponsor Crow at the moment she is moving store so there is no landmark to her store But watch this space as in a bout a weeks time the new store will be opening exciting stuff to come:)

dandelion wine

the 3 llumiere's

crow nails Lumiere wellies accessroieswhat hazy is wearing pic 1.

hair- Lux (pastels) By +spellbound+

skin-Pink faun By 7Deadly{S}Kins

coat-Trench coat by Dandelion Wine (with hud)

wellies- frog by Lumiere

makeup-eyeshadow punk by Mons

nails-bats&cats By Crow lm coming soon Watch this space

piercing- nose swirl By Pekka


Pincture 2

all as abouve

coat- trench coats( PLain) By Lumiere
coat- trench coat (Polka dots) by Lumiere

wellies- duck wellingtons by Lumiere
wellies- frog by Lumiere

picture 3

wellies -duck wellingtons by Lumiere

nails-bats&cats By Crow lm coming soon Watch this space

Happy halloween follks have fun xxxxx Hazy xxxxx

poses used for this shoot wassweet baby by Eternal  Dream

Becoming the ultimate Housewife!!!

hades refuge 50's 1

hades refuge 50's 2

laughs Well I make a rubbish house wife But hazy not doing too bad!!! I am sure a house husband is what waagwan supose to be we not in the 50’s anymore  or are we?? well for this fashion’s story we are

The image of the perfect housewife who kept a spotless home, had her husband’s dinner ready as soon as he walked through the door from work and single-handed raised the children – while still always managing to look fashionable and beautiful – is a well-known stereotype from the 1950s.

The smart woman will keep herself feminine. It is her duty to herself to be desirable at all times to the opposite sex.

 hair-lux by +SpellBound+

necklace-leah by Pure Poison (Old group Gift)

eyes- voodoo (Siren) By Buzzeri