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sl vogue serenity style & SE 3

sl vogue serenity style & SE 6

sl vogue Serenity style & SE

sl vogue serenity style & SE 5

sl vogue & Serenity style 1

What Hazy Is wearing …

shoes- walking on hearts by ..::ILLI::..@ Sl Vogue new year fair
lingerie-Romance ( Passion) By Tchelo @ Sl Vogue new year fair

nails- silver scrolls By Deceitful Innocence @ Sl Vogue new year fair

skin- Fabienne ( apricot) By 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Feeb’s Rascals Sale Room

Braclets – Mixd ( Gold) By RYCA

hair-Neria ( Pastels) By Truth

necklace- God save The queen necklace- by Lolapop @ Leaf on the wind

Angled bed ( Rustic )By Tribal Soul Designs

angled Couples chair By Tribal Soul Designs
Gas pump Shelvesby Junk
rustic wall shelve By the home store Not available

pine country console table By La galleria

lamp ( Red) By Yobasha

Serenity style Tea time set , Sherlock world and London gacha all available @ Leaf on the wind all items are london themed
all items are 50 precent donations
Leaf on the Wind is a fundraising event that will be held to benefit Scarlet Chandrayaan (owner of Alouette) .Sadly she is trying to fight againts a terminal cancer but there isnt sure she could win the battle so…she has a great dream: to visit London so…the event try to realize that. All Serenity style  items are 50% donation to try to help her in this difficult times.

pose Used- me and my teddy by Something Erotic


Feline Princesss rawrr!!!!!

I love this Pose Ally made it for one my clan members who shoed a picture saying that would be a cool pose and the wonderful ally made it and made it her own with the wonderful cats rather than wolves  andthe pose is better than the picture its wonderful I love it and it can now be got instore you lucky lucky Something New followers:) and I gotta say I am damn lucky to know her she such a wonderful pose maker and if you do not know about something New yet then why dont you!!!! you need this stuff in your life weather your a photographer or not cause they are beutifully made to perfection.


on the mic 8


feline princess 2

feline princess

on the mic 8


on the mic 6


feline princess zibskaWhat Hazy is wearing …

skin- fabienne ( apricot) By 7Deadly{S}KIns @feebs rascals Sales room

top and shorts -geometrica corsage- (Carbon) By Elysium
eyeshadow-plate B ( Pink) by Miwardrobe
lipsstick- intense lips ( Tone 2.3 by [THD]

hair-FO58 by .:CHEVEUX:.

earrings-spikes (Gold) By RYCA

necklace-bellydancer Tariqa old gold BY Soedara

boots-Haley (Black) by Hollywood

piercing0 nose swirl by Pekka

hair-neria & Horns by Truth

pose feline princess By Something New

landmark pictures taken on Saleria Island

last picture Hazy is wearing…

dress-vlasta ( B&W ) By Zibska

shoes- feline instinct by Vertice



Holy Relics me Holy Relics??

livid 2 OOh I am so happy One my sponsors Livid who has to be said every item I have been given from this woman Is beautiful every detail is beautifully done the texturing is so cleverly done and makes everything look so realistic , take a look at the necklace I am wearing above it so pretty , the thorn head-piece is so realistic I could almost feel the thorns prickling me !!!! and I am so happy that I suggested to her to join the We love to Blog as one of the designers and she was accepted (Well of course she was !!!) I am so happy as I want everyone to discover Livid as I know everyone will be thankful they have Livid in their lives as is a must for everyone , and if you havent got Livid in your life What are you waiting for  hop on over to the store and see what I am on about I know you will not be disappointed.

livid 3

livid 4

livid shoes 5

The dress comes in  4 different colour versions each one was really pretty combination  But this one was my favorite  and really suited the colour hair I had chosen to wear . and the skin another beauty from 7Deadly{S}Kins  called wanda and is available at Feeb’s Rascall st, sale room Something New

and the pose I used is one from my fav pose maker  Something New and I felt soo suited this cute outfit Its called tip toe  and the last picture I am putting in is  a slightly mad thing one my clan members rezed for me to look around my new sim in Its called The Chicken Steam-punk Pirate ship and I was ooh god it’s another useless thing to clog up my inventory but I had so much fun flying around the sim in it with him sat on the cannon and me umm supposedly steering haha that was a joke I spent most the time going backwards  but laughed a lot and was really fun and gave me a good perspective to what I need to do with my new sim

livid 1

What Hazy is Wearing…

dress- Crux party dress ( Midnight) By Livid
shoes- high devotion pumps By Livid

braclet – Holy relic – Rosary breaclet By Livid
Garter- Holy relic rosary By Livid
necklace- Holy relic – Salvation necklace by Livid
crown Holy relic – thorn crown By Livid

skin-Wanda V2 By 7Deadly{S}Kins @Feeb’s Rascall st, sale room

Nails – cemetery nightlight by Koffin Nails

hands- Casual (Small) Feet High (Medium)  avavtar enhancments By Slink

hair- Jana By EXxEeSs


Pose used Tip Toe By Something New

Finalee For fashion’s Story

I so not ready for the Fashion’s story to end I still have a bunch stuff to blog ahhhh demmit rl why  you kept me so busy , But I feel like I been blogging my ass of But still havent got half way thro everything so this a real quick post to show you a few more things as today is the last day

rd style 1

skin used here Pink faun by 7Deadly{S}KIns

rd style 2

skin used here Pink faun by 7Deadly{S}KIns


rd style 4

skin Used malena Special V1 By 7Deadly{S}kins

What Hazy is wearing …

outfit- shorts, platform sneakers,short jeans,sweater of the shoulder,suellen by RD style @ Fashion’s story Event

For any info about the products pls im for me Nimue grantly, Rd style General Manager.

hair-asami ( Onyx) by D!va
nails- ageless anarchy by( Dark passions)  Koffin Nails
skin- malena special v1 by 7Deadly{S}KIns @Boho Culture fair 2014 . only 12 hours to go hurry on down
bracletts- cuffs cuban(Gold) By RYCA
necklace-SDY2 (Gold) By RYCA
earringsRow3 By RYCA


rd style 8

rd style 9

rd style 12

dress-60’s dress by Lavender Chic (Promotion) @Fashion’s Story Event

earrings- Inca moon by PHoebe
necklace-Inca Moon Phoebe Piercings & More

makeup-eyeshadow hippy( Green) By Mons

hair-mallory By Tameless

shoes-katherine platforms- By ::Suicide Girls :: @ Fashion’s Story Event


Becoming the ultimate Housewife!!!

hades refuge 50's 1

hades refuge 50's 2

laughs Well I make a rubbish house wife But hazy not doing too bad!!! I am sure a house husband is what waagwan supose to be we not in the 50’s anymore  or are we?? well for this fashion’s story we are

The image of the perfect housewife who kept a spotless home, had her husband’s dinner ready as soon as he walked through the door from work and single-handed raised the children – while still always managing to look fashionable and beautiful – is a well-known stereotype from the 1950s.

The smart woman will keep herself feminine. It is her duty to herself to be desirable at all times to the opposite sex.

 hair-lux by +SpellBound+

necklace-leah by Pure Poison (Old group Gift)

eyes- voodoo (Siren) By Buzzeri

Bonnie & Clyde hit SL

sn bonnie n clyde 4 fashion's storyBonnie Elizabeth Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) and Clyde Chestnut Barrow (March 24, 1909 – May 23, 1934) were American outlaws and robbers from the Dalles area who traveled the central United States with their gang during the Great depression. At times, the gang included Buck barrow, Blanche Barrow, Raymond Hamilton,W.D Jones, Joe Palmer, Ralph futz and Henry Methin. Their exploits captured the attention of the American public during the “The public enemy era” between 1931 and 1934. Though known today for his dozen-or-so bank robberies, Barrow preferred to rob small stores or rural gas stations. The gang is believed to have killed at least nine police officers and several civilians. The couple were eventually ambushed and killed in Bienville Parish, Louisiana by law officers. Their reputation was revived and cemented in American pop folklore by Arther Penn’s  1967 film bonnie & Clyde  which starred faye Dunaway and warren beatty as the pair.

Information taken from wikapedia

This pose and prop was made By something New for the Fashion’s Story event and what a great pose it is too I asked a friend to pop on for me and she ( He ) did the job beautifully for me thank you  Amiec Cross:))

the skin I used from 7Deadly{S}kins worked beautifully for Bonnie she looked glamourous But yet femme fatal , with the red lipstick and the gun in her hand. ready to go rob abank Now I think:))!!!!

bonnie n clyde in dark

bonnie o her own

what hazy Is wearing…

skin – sacha v1 by 7Deadly{S}kins available @Feeb’s Rascals ST Sales Room

eyes-wild child(green) By Glamorize

earings- Paris( Gold) By:: Glow Designs::

hair- femaine retro side swept hair ( Ruby Red)by Tutty’s

dress daylily By Volstead

shoes-katherine platform (Black dots) By Suicide Girls Available @ Fashion’s Story Event

Pose & prop Bonnie & Clyde Hit sl By Something New  @ Fashion’s Story Event

“Sitting on a curbstone chewing Pepsin gum…. Go on you big fat lobster, said the little bum.”

nya's in 50's kitchen

Pencil dress Red)

well how things have changed in in 70 years from 1940s .During the 40’s women’s roles and expectations in society were changing rapidly. Previously women had very little say in society and were stereotyped to stay home, make babies, be a good home maker and wife. The 1940’s were different, life for women was expanding, the men were at war and some one had to step up and take the men’s place. Not only men were going to war either, the war was so big that in 1942 The Women’s Army Corps (WAC) and Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services (WAVES) were established. After these organizations were accepted congress authorized women to serve in the U.S. Navy. Going back to state side roles women worked factory, labor intensive jobs and become the attention of society in the entertainment industry. 1943 The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was founded. In 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt became a U.S delegate for the newly established United Nations. Through out the 1940’s the amount of women in the workforce increased by 25-35 percent. This was a prosperous time in women’s history.


The 1940s saw two distinctive styles in women’s fashion. From the beginning of the decade until the “New Look” in 1947, women’s dresses were knee-length and featured padded shoulders. This added a flair to clothing that was otherwise simple, because of wartime rationing.

Women became creative in mixing separates to make a wardrobe seem more diverse than it was. Homemade accessories and elaborate hairstyles allowed women to show their flair without expense or waste. Hats became very popular.
Even in suits or factory overalls, hair curls and bright red lipstick kept the look feminine. Jackets were shorter, and, the peplum became popular, helping to narrow the hips and showing off a trim waist. The clothes were simple and practical, but women still managed to look attractive even during the lean years of war.

Information taken from Role of women during the 1940’s  this Is the outfit I am looking at today For Fashion’s Story Event that is in full swing at the moment even if its just to see the wonderful creations and all the designers have been hugley creative the outfit I am wearing today Is By Nya’s


nya's with cig 50's background 2

pencil dress (Green)

nya's funny bone record

gild’s dress (peonies)

nya's on postage stamps

Gild’s dress (poppies)

nya's shoes

nya's x3 vintage

This penicil dress comes in four colours black blue , red and purple



Gilda's dress (wild)

Gilda’s dress (wild)


Dresses- pencil (Black) By Nya’s available @ fashion’s story

shoes-katherine platform (Black dots) By Suicide Girls

skin – sacha v1 by 7Deadly{S}kins available @Feeb’s Rascals ST Sales Room

hair-sassy ( Black) By Truth

earings- Paris( Gold) By:: Glow Designs
cig-parisian accessory set By The Sea Hole

dress Gilda dress ( spotted B/W) By Nya’s available @ fashions story event 2014 (For The secret dressing room ) sorry The lm is top secret You have to hunt for the lm :)) have funxxx


Gilda dress (spotted Black/white) gift for the secret dressing room:)

Gilda dress (spotted Black/white) gift for the secret dressing room:)