Does the cupid of love really exist???

cupids arrow 12

cupids arrow  8

Love is in the air with valentine’s day on its way so yes you are going to get all the hearts and romanticy stuff for the next few days from all us bloggers :)) yeah but honestly you gotta love it a day to let the one or ones you love  know how special they are :)) I think its a great day should be more of them through the year ( I got the best card for my other half I cant wait to give it to him :))) I wont tell you what it says cause well he prob read it and that will ruin the surprise  so not gonna tell ya but it made me laugh anyway :))

so gone it seems are the days when u give  the ones you love a card with a question mark in it or has it do people still do that?? it seems that the mystery of it has gone or maybe it is still done and cause im in a relationship it maybe that things are different so let me know I want to know if the mystery is still there and guessing who the one who loves you is??

so here for you is the great gacha poses from Something New that are available at the Streets of love

ok I know i am rambling again so here you are the rest of my pics:)

cupids arrow 6

cupids arrow14

cupids arrow 1

cupids arrow  pink glow

cupids arrow  necklace 7

cupids arrow  nails 4

cupids arrow  shoes 3

 What Hazy Is wearing…

Sophia – Jade (Septum) by (Yummy)
Unicorn Cameo Necklace – (Classic Ivory) By (Yummy)
Unicorn Head Chain – (Gold Horn) By (Yummy) @ Collabor88

Betty’s Boudior [Blush Brocade] – By *{Junbug}*

Piercing – UnderLip Plugs – by .Pekka.

GAS760 hair (pink) By Boon
KCP393 hair (pink) W/Hud By Boon

Baphomet Horns – Celestial By Remarkable Oblivion

Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – Remarkable Oblivion –
Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac – by Remarkable Oblivion – –
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High By Slink
Body – Physique Mesh Body V1.4 By Slink

Shoes- Unicorn Shoe (Pink) by Violent Seduction

shape – Patience for boobs By 7Deadly s[K]ins
February GROUP (girls )cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins
pose used – Cupids arrow 2 ( rare) By Something New@ Streets of love
pose used-cupids arrow 3 By Something New available @ Streets of love


3 thoughts on “Does the cupid of love really exist???

  1. In a long term relationship I think you score Brownie Points for sending a loving Valentine card! It’s something nice to do for your loved one like making them a meal out of the blue, or buying a gift just because they liked it when window shopping. My nieces and nephew are getting to an age when they all send and receive Valentines but its quite difficult for them to do so anonymously when they all know what the others are doing via social media. In that way, the old fashioned card sent by snail mail is the best idea!

    • i soo agree 🙂 and yes snail mail mihgt be slow but there is mnothing like receiving a letter through the post thats not a nasty letter demanding payments:))
      and definatly I love getting random gifts and the out of the blue meal they are the ones that mean the most > and yes its tough for the youngsters I agree with all the social media and a picture sent thro fb kinda has not alotta of meaning snail mail I agree has my vote :))

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