Strutt your stuff woman !!!

strutt your stuff 1Another fantastic pose from Something New– strutt your stuff , I love this pose as its a great pose for showing off clothes I thought < a great one for shoes or nails and even pants Like what I have on  from Voodoo Dollz Satin pants they feel all sliky as hazy strutts her stuff across her sim feeling all Queen Like:))

the top Is an edition that came out in Autumn by Wicca’s Wardrobe and the hud is fantastic each strap and section you can colour I went for the silver as went well with the  pants The skin I think Is still available at the cosmo Sale room But I may be wrong on this might be a new round out just now any way if you cant get this skin any more please pop down to the store as alot of exciting skins available Lots of diffrent gift and mm boards to be had around the store
Ooh and I have a new sponsor :))) Macabre !!!!! yeap anopther wonderful sponsor, I am a lucky girl to have these wonderful designers to trust me to help them advertise there goods I hope I do a good job as I do try really hard to show things off in the best way I can , I know sometimes I  have off days and some Pictures will be better than others  but I do try hard, I actually hate it when Im soo tierd having been up all night doing styling then pictures  that I just want to get a post out and am too frazzled to write anything and that I hate ,even if its just a few words to personalise my post < as so many just bash out 100s of pictures then the credits and nothing said . Having said this I do know I do not write well ( being Dyslexic I find it hard to find the words I want and end up usually using basic words, So you will never get a very intelegent words from me Just my usual twittering on that I do LOL But hey surly thats why you follow full Moon Blog cause Its me Hazy !!!!!  Hugs to you xxxxxxx and hey I havent finished my sim yet but its coming on soo please pop on by

Surl to my sim – Saleria Island

strutt your stuff 4

strutt your stuff 5

strutt your stuff 3

strutt your stuff 2

What Hazy is wearing …

nails- Cemetery Nightlight by Koffin nails

Hair By BooN GAS760 (Pink)
hair By BooN KCP393 (pink

UnderLip Plugs — by .Pekka

Pik Strap Feet Purple {Slink High Feet} By Macabre @ Suicide Dollz Event

Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small By Slink
Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – High By Slink

shape- Patience by 7Deadly s[K]ins

Skin- Monica cleavage by 7Deadly s[K]ins @ Cosmo sale room

Eyes-+ Soul Corruption (Ultra Violet) + {aii}

necklace – necklace- Siren’s song ( Purple) By { Ali}

nose ring- Sophia Jade ( septum) By (Yummy)

Jacket- Cayla W/Hud by Wicca’s Wardrobe

Satin Pants (silver) By Voodoo Dollz

Pose By Something New -Strut your stuff  (new release)




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