Convoy Queen

saleria island 11

My sim is slowly coming together , I’m loving this stage I got It took me right back to my partying days , so I made a little island cove with this stage and the idea is to hold some Live mic nights, We have a couple of singers in the family and  poets so Hopefully in the near future we can pull this together.

Early hours of dawn and we had been partying for the whole night loud bass still booming from the sound system but i seem to be alone now i can here the birds singing high up in the trees our music must be bothering them and as i sit hear and dream of another life and time realise its time for me to go and sleep and another adventure for hazy has happened xxxx

This outfit is from Voodoo Dollz called Traveller canvas and comes in a few colours I loved it and as I say helped with the taking me back to my party /traveller days ,and the hair well my days are gone for having my real hair like this but I do still have my locks kept in my special memories box and all sorts of random things I have in there anyone else looking in it wiould be like what on earth is this crap But to me each and everything holds a special memory, weather its was someone special gave it to me , or some sort of random found object that holds the memory of the time and place, or my daughters first socks or converse boot, a really pretty rosary beads that i have never seen one quite so pretty as this one each stone is a diffrent colour  and this helped me thro a really dark time in my teens 3 little shells (a frind also gave me during my teens) wrapped up in a silk cloth  also helped me through and extermly dark timewell there you go a small insight into my weird box of memories Do you have one of these?? or am I nuts??

saleria island 10Pose By Sweet sacrifice – Spin that record babe


saleria island 8

saleria island 6

saleria island 5

saleria island 3

saleria islan 12Pose used By Sweet Sacrifice -Goddess

saleria island_ 2and just to finish of on a fantastic note I got a new sponsor  so  the smexy shoes you seeing are from Supernatural and Yes they are beautiful and yes you be seeing alot more smexy stuff over this next week xxxx

check out there flicker  group  and then pop on down to the store and pick ya slef up some smexy item or the many events they involved with

what hazy Is wearing …

outfit-jacket.shorts -Traveler canvas ( Purple) By Voodoo Dollz

shoes-marie (Black) By SuperNatural @ Sl Vogue new year fair

skin- Indyana V2 By 7Deadly{S}kins @B]Unique

hair-raindance ( fred) By *Soonsiki*

necklace- genie (Opal Silver) By Earthstones

nails- Minions for Nails and toes ( slink) By Deceitful Innocence Not yet available soon to come:))

crate-part of the stage truck animated crate By HeadHunters Island


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