A London Home

london house2

A London  Pied a terre  I actually love it , I say this cause I am not a great fan of modern look in houses and the Minimalist look I tend to like alotta clutter ( hahaha I don’t mean clutter ) like pictures and ornaments  just general stuff  around the house, but on rezing this house I was pleasantly surprised it actually was really calming and decorated just right not too much not too little and there enough room to personalise it and add a few of your own things but for a low prim house it’s actually perfect , everything you need a small kitchen , a sitting room with enough sitting space for a few people , a bed with a decent amount of animations in and a bath ooh and a dressing table and a sitting area outside  and the decoration was very well done all done in the style of london , in the red , blue and white with london street signs  and tube stations , images of our Queen and not to forget a tray for tea on the coffee table in the sitting room :))

london house 4

london house 3

London house 12

london house 5

london house 8

london house 9

london house 6

london house 10

london house 11Soo there my pics for you to see what its like inside and out and I think for  a low prim home its perfect , and one of my renters on my sim loved it and rented it straight away which put a big smile on my face .

where to get this house 🙂 By Kaerri and store Here

I hope to see more of this designer and massive big Thanx to We love to Blog for being such a fantastic group to be part of :))




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