I got a few cool things to show you this cute outfit from Velvet fox is nice n bright for the horrible winter days we having at the mo soo you know i love colour so this made me smile then I opend the box from Bad Apple  for the omgacha event and OMG was definatly the word this lil donkey ( Its is a donkey I think ) Is soooo adorable and as always the texturing was soo beautiful  I soo in love with them soo if you see me weeks down the line still wandering around  with a donkey in my arms you know why Im in love!!!!!!

omgacha bad apple 3 The face on them is so adorable I mean look at it how can you possiblily resist this cute thing?

the shoes I also Love from Milk Tea  they simple But went well I thought with my color scheme, the skin OOh well now the skin soft and soo pretty By 7Deadly{S}Kins  who have a great event on at the mo called B}UniGue , New event [B] UniQue, at mainstore . Will run for two weeks at a time. Starts Jan 3rd and only at 150 l thats a steal and this is going to be an on going event one to watch out for .

catwa hair, drbc gown 23

catwa hair, drbc gown 22

velvet fox 1

velvet fox 2

velvet fox 3

What hazy is wearing in the top two pics and the furniture landmarks:))

lolli sticks (Teal Bow ) Rare By Bad Apple  @ OmGacha

necklace- dreamers( Lemon Balm By Lark
necklace- jewelled ghost ( Blue) by Phoebe

bad apple omgacha 4

 What Hazy Is wearing…

pants-blue N white Print skinnies By Velvet fox
top-bianca vest by Velvet Fox

skin-Beertje By 7Deadly{S}Kins @[B}UniGue

shoes-glitratin ( Pink) By Milk Tea

toy- oh Bother ( owl rare) By Bad Apple @ OMGacha

patchwork ( rare)
Quilt (Rare)
clouds (rare) all by Bad apple @ OMGacha

left hand – cotton candy ( pear & Mint) By *.*Precious*.* lm unknow2n
right hand- boho bangles By Maxi Gossamer



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