we meet eye to eye .

well Christmas is nearly here  and a very busy time for us all  I am finding it hard to find time to blog at the moment  what with landscaping my new sim , which I can’t wait to finish  to have a permanent home to take pictures from again is going to be a privilege I have been without for a little while now , and then all the real stuff that keeps me away from sl , Grrrr No no I am loving life at the moment so I shouldnt grumble But I feel bad towards my wonderful sponsors cause I have been doing the bare essentials to get by and that’s not really good enough on my part , but I do sometimes wonder if designers realise how much time goes into putting an outfit together finding the right pose finding a spot to take the pictures , then editing the pictures  and then writing up the article It all take a huge amount of time , Makes me wonder how some blogger push out two or three posts a day cause for me it takes near two days to do a post from start to finish obviously not 48 hours  but a good 6 hours I would say . maybe I am peticular slow I don’t know , Id love to hear what other bloggers think . how long does it take you guys to put out a post from styling to writing up the post??

Today I am showing you this jewelery which is very pretty for christmas  with the snowflake and the bells , and big earrings , Earrings have to be big yes yes they do if they not big I wont wear them and these were perfect.

and the skin such a pretty skin Azure By 7Deadly{S}kin which is available at Designer circle  this is one my fav skin for this month the make up is very pretty and brought out my very fav eyes I wear all the time By Buzzeri .glint 7ds

glint 7ds5


glint 7ds6


What Hazy is Wearing…

Skin-Azure V1 by 7Deadly {S}Kins @Designer Circle

dress-Sharona( Fucsia) By Chrysalis

hair-Teta (black) By eXxEsS

earrings and necklace-gemmed snowflake & bells By Glint @ Silent Nights Hunts

Eyes , Voodoo (Nebula)m By Buzzeri

Happy Holiday peeps I am away as of tommorw and back day after boxing day soo see you then !!!!



3 thoughts on “we meet eye to eye .

  1. It takes me a few days too Hazy.. from thinking about the theme to the styling to the location, it can take a bit to really do something I like. I have become faster by sticking to a few good poses and using Hazardous as my background, though I need to start finding other places because I don’t want all the pics to look the same. I try to stick to what I know with editing because that way I can be sure to get a good result, though sometimes I do try some new things with lighting and such. That being said I still can’t do two or three in a day unless I am home all day and have the time to log on and do pics and then edit. So, don’t feel like you are the only one! This was a good post and I do like how you do your pics. Good closeups!

  2. Blog posts – hmm, yes. It takes me a couple of days in total to get a good post out. This is because I would rather do decent photos and think about the styling and the background PLUS I take all the raw shots into paintshop and alter them to look as good as possible. I don’t have a high grade computer and this is a very necessary thing to do. Then I try to write as amusing a commentary as possible to go with the photos and if I run out of time at least folks get a smile out of it – if nothing else. So first day I do the inworld photos and then work in paintshop on them, second day I do the commentary and post it all and if the post involves designers for a particular event (such as Cosmopolitan) I then need to inform them that I have posted, inform the group and put the url down on the blogger’s report. This all takes additional time.

    Glad to hear that you have a new sim now, Hazy, and look forward to visiting that when it’s all done 🙂 Best wishes for a peaceful and joyous Christmas break 🙂

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