Romantic and Dovey !!

saleria island 2

This stunningly stylish Dress by Topazia is available at Hunt Poe 7  as a gift Ooh boy and what a stunning dress to have just before christmas as a gift  I thought it made fantastic pictures the doves are part of the hat  It really is a fashionistas dress all fitted beautifully even the hat i didnt have to alter at all ,I normally have many issues with hats but not this one which was a huge relif this was purley a dress and go dress !!!

the skin OOh another wonderfully adorable skin from &Deadly{S}kins wow what a great selection of skin they have put out this year a really exciting  collection all year has made me a constant 7Deadly{S}Kin wearer I hardly wear anything else  as they are always adorable , sexy and beautiofully made the one I am wearing today Skyla Is for the Suicide Girl Aniversary soo pop along peeps and pick it up.


saleria island 7

saleria island 5

saleria island 4

saleria island 6

what Hazy Is wearing…

dress-miss Dove By Topazia @Hunt Poe 7 ( Gift)

skin-Skyla by 7Deadly [S]kins @ Suicide Dolls Aniversary

hair- Nahara By +Spellbound+

pose used Stylish By Eternal Dream


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