Lil Indian Princess

sweet sacrifice lil indian in the snow3Sweet Sacrifice has another se of adorable poses  Snow Princess out exclusifvley for The Fit For A Princess’s December round. For the Snow Princess set, the snowflake clusters are numbered to correspond with each pose. For example, Snowflake Cluster 1 (Add to Right Hand) is for Snow Princess 1, Snowflake Cluster 1 (Add to Left Hand) is for the mirrored version of Snow Princess 1, and so on and so forth. Gizza Has some smexy outfits out at the moment as i discoverd scrolling through marketplace  , I actually loved this outfit I came up with My idea was a child playing indians in the snow but with a sexy cute twist let me know if you like my styling i love to hear your comments xxxx happy last bit of the weekend peeps .

Ooh and my other bit of news is I bought a sim OOh yes your so right I did !!! I am petrified as I have no money in real so I have to make this work thro sl . I will have some rentals and we will  be having various events and stores happening But for now its relaly pretty styled to be like an ancient Inca island < for the moment , I did fancy doing winter But I think I will stickl with this till I get my trusted King on line to help me parcle up half of the sim , Come on by folks we love to see you and its a fantastic spot for Photography. I put the lm at the end this post I look forward to seeing you!!! Hazyxxxx

sweet sacrifice 3 1

sweet sacrificelil indian in the snow7

sweet sacrifice 3 6

sweet sacrifice  indian in the snow 3 2

sweet little indian 4

What Hazy is wearing…

bodysuit- spiked ( Black) By Gizza

nails -Halftone Havoc (B&W) by Koffin Nails

eyes- Voodoo (Nebula) By Buzzeri

headress-Haiwee ( Blacks) By Taketomi

boots- Moto By Cargo

tights- fishnet Ornament leggins By Bax

skin-winter V2 By 7Deadly{S}kins @ The frozen Frozen fair (only open till the 15th)

hands ( Casual) Feet (High) Avatar enhancements by Slink

necklace -gene ( Opal) By Earthstones

pose used snow princess by Sweet Sacrifice @ Fit for APrincess




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