Tune My Piano Baby

tune my piano 3OOh we got some exciting stuffs for you check out these sexy poses From somthing New is doing a new line of poses called Something Erotic and not being sold in her normal shop but in her finred club so be sure to go check them out cause ooh boy they some steamy poses

then ::Bad Apple:: has these really cute little horn with a frog clinging to it called Horny toad   I gonna keep it on foreva!!!!!!!!!

This skin By crow soo pretty I love the bluish tint to it  and the lips By [THD] is perfect with this skin I felt like a frozen diva spawled out over this piano Im loving this look what you think??

tune my piano By Somethign erotic

tune my Piano

look at me 2

look at me 3

look at me 4

What Hazy is wearing…

Eye decoration-face art( gold) by [The forge]

Lipstick-intense lips (Tone3.3) By [THD] The Hellish diva
eyeshadow – smokey eyes by [THD] The Hellish Diva

ring-“Euphoria” Polyspike by [CIRCA] @ Thrift Shop ( Winter Ed)

eyes-voodoo (Nebula) by Buzzeri

hair-Nahara (Pastels) By +Spellbound+

corset, stocking , neck bow and suspenders – raissa By *Butterfly Effect Designs*

shoes- Glam Punmp ( Blue Saphire By Hilly Haalan fashions

skin-Tatiana (Starlight) By Crow

nails-dark spring gold(dazzling blue ) By Zoz

hands- ( casual) feet( High) avatar Enhancments By Slink

necklace-Bellezza (Gold& turquoise) By Eclectica @ GiftWrapped Event

piercing -Nose swirl By Pekka
hair decoration- horny toad ( Pink )By ::Bad Apple::

pose tune my piano by Something Erotic ( a new line of adult Erotic poses available only here )

and the next poses are Look at me  By Something New  @feeb’s rascals ST sale room


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