Fall Into Bliss

aphorodite homes 3Another Heart Homes living room which is available @ Room69  I love this 3 piece suite  there is 3 colour options for the seats Red,green and cream with autumny cusions and rugs drapped over the sides with two candles on the table with a basket of squashes . Only 4 more days left @room69 so hurry hurry hurry …

aphorodite homes 9

aphorodite homes 8

aphorodite homes 5

aphorodite homes 7

aphorodite homes 10What hazy is wearing…

outfit – moulin rouge ( Mint) By Entice available for secret wednesday form 12 th till late tues next week  the fat pack will be released when the sale is over.

hair – brice by Emo-tions

feet- foot wrap rosa ( with Hud) For high slink feet by Muka

nails- cemetery nightlight by Dark Passion( Koffin nails)

necklace- alena ( Golden) By Pure Poison
lipstick- black cherry by HQ** (store lm unkown)
eye shadow -plate ( Pink) By MiWardrobe

skin-noella v2 ( taupe) By 7Deadly{S}Kins @Feebs- chiristmas market

earings-rini 3row hoop earrings by RYCA

piercing – nose swirl by Pekka

Living room suite- fall Into Bliss By Heart Homes @ Room69


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