And They All lived happily ever After …


Potpourii has some great items out for the Brothers grimm hunt pize , I wanted to try and be a cute  wicked queen If that makes any sense at all with the dress from Sweet lies Designs and shoes from ECRU and skin from 7deadly{S{Kins Im loving this look . So WLTB has a new manager and its getting us all in order  The designers are posting more and us bloggers are blogging our little hearts out  If your intrested as a designer or a blogger Hit up

Taliferrue Cathaldus and she get you sorted , Its a great group to be part of as the range is huge and is always something for everyone.

what Hazy is wearing-

Skin- sacha By 7Deadly{S}Kins

hair-Rula By Emo-tions

makeup-Saintly Shadows By {THD} The Hellish Diva

shoes- ritz (Slink High) By ECRU @ Designer show case

chair- happily ever after by Potpourri  designs@brothers grim hunt prize
starts 10 nov till 30th nov special releases during the hunt

special releases Wearable Basket of Poisoned Apples  by Potpourri Designs
Evil Queen’s Jars of Wicked Ingredient by Potpourri designs

and new releases Happily Ever After and Once Upon A Time Rustic Chairs each with 6 sit poses  by potpourri designs


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