I can be sexy for Halloween

Trick or treat By Masoom

Trick or treat By Masoom

So tis the season of halloween parties . Mot all want to dress up as a witch or a goul some want to look glamorous and this dress trick or treat By Masoom is just the job and toped with D!va hair and PinkFaun skin from 7Deadly{S}kins I think It all pulled this outfit together beautifully. Now what would they think if you turned up on peoples doors saying trick ot treat Grins!!!!

Jumper jacket By Dandelion Wine

Jumper jacket By Dandelion Wine

This Jumper jacket From Dandelion Wine is a great top for the colder weather coming Its cosy warm and very very stylish , what girl around town would want ot be with out this little number , the hud with it has some grerat colours in as you can see  from my picture above.

and still keeping in with the halloween theme  I poped on and old group gift from Pure poison  Bat wings necklace and the jeans from Lumiere which are high waisted (stone washed jeans ) I love them  with the topp and the jeans I could alomost feel the comfort that hazy was in :))

masoom and Dandelion wine are two of the designers in the group We love to blog , its a great group and im sure I told you many times about it before , they are always on the look out for new designers , and bloggers im sure i started blogging with this group  two easters ago so I been with it quite a long time ( as far as timing in sl goes) and I seen alot of designer s come and go , but its really nice to support new and up and coming designers and watch them progress over tiem and become  some the bigger names around the grid , and that gives me alot of pleasure to know I have supported them all the way , I love to see the lil ppl grow :))

what hazy is wearing in picture one-

Dress- trick or treat by Masoon

skin- Pink faun By 7Deadly{S}kins
makeup-eyeshadow Hippy( green) By Mons
hair- asami (Onyx) By D!va
piercing- nose swirl by Pekka

pose used emma by Yopulga

what hazy is wearing in pic two;-

mesh jacket by Dandelion Wine

jeans- high waisted (Hardwash) By lumiere

nails-bats&cats By Crow (group gift)

makeup-eyeshadow punk by Mons

necklace- bat wings by Pure Poison ( old Group gift)

skin -Pink faun By 7Deadly{S}Kins

pose used Trudi By Eternal Dream

hands (Casual) feet (High) avatar enhancements by Slink



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