let It Rain down on me

Yes yes well tis the season for the rain coat and yes I have two cute ones for you One from my blogging group Welove to Blog Made by the designer DandelionWine and the Other by one my lovley sponsors Lumiere They are both very diffrent but yet Both keep me dry ion the rain and both hugley glam. The wellies!ooh yes the wellies !No stylish girl about town should be with out these wellies  they come in two designs  ducks & frogs, OOh I so should have gone on an explore of sl and found one of those continuous rainy sims , But my puter hasnt been behaving at its best so I stayed at home with my lovley green boards !!!!! and when I can afford it (If ever) I will put my puter into be fixed and loved by the lovley apple store and hopefully will make it happy agaion so I can go back to more exploring ( yeah I miss doiung that . as how it is at the moment if I try to expplore It will take about an hour to load up then another 16 hours to move 3 paces forward ( I am guessing this is not good puter performance???)

and I am using the cute Pink faun skin again from 7Deadly {S}kins  cause I love it !!! and lastly the nails I have a new sponsor Crow at the moment she is moving store so there is no landmark to her store But watch this space as in a bout a weeks time the new store will be opening exciting stuff to come:)

dandelion wine

the 3 llumiere's

crow nails Lumiere wellies accessroieswhat hazy is wearing pic 1.

hair- Lux (pastels) By +spellbound+

skin-Pink faun By 7Deadly{S}Kins

coat-Trench coat by Dandelion Wine (with hud)

wellies- frog by Lumiere

makeup-eyeshadow punk by Mons

nails-bats&cats By Crow lm coming soon Watch this space

piercing- nose swirl By Pekka


Pincture 2

all as abouve

coat- trench coats( PLain) By Lumiere
coat- trench coat (Polka dots) by Lumiere

wellies- duck wellingtons by Lumiere
wellies- frog by Lumiere

picture 3

wellies -duck wellingtons by Lumiere

nails-bats&cats By Crow lm coming soon Watch this space

Happy halloween follks have fun xxxxx Hazy xxxxx

poses used for this shoot wassweet baby by Eternal  Dream


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