Ready or Not Here I Come

Here I got more great stuffs for you comeing from the Sl vogue event OOh its cute soo very cute Your gonna love it .

and this hair from runaway im in love with it the hud with such pretty colours, I would so have my hair like this in real ( well when I was 20 maybe !!!!)

tranquil tube by [A]

hair-tara hair By Runaway

makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

jeans-dagmar ( part of outfit ) By C.H

necklace drow priestess BY Deviance( sorry Idk If this store is still available but I couldnt find a link anywhere :()

eyes- voodoo(Siren) By [Buzzeri]
skin-wendy V1 by 7Deadly{S}kins

top- tranquil tube by [A}  @Sl Vogue

runaway hair [A]

Top -cropped( Pink) By Project Reject available @ Sl Vogue
skirt -split(Black) By Project Reject  available @ Sl Vogue
tights-ornamental By Erratic

skin- wendy (caramel) by 7deadly{S}Kins

necklace-heavy spikes by[Glow]Studio

hair– tara hair By Runaway


glamourous halter top by [A]

top-glamorous halter top (Pink) by[A] @ sl vogue

nails-edges fingernails&Toes By Figure free gift @Eloquence

braclets- cuban Gold cuffs by RYCA

necklace-choker(Gold) by RYCA
earings-rin 3row Hoop(Gold) By RYCA

jeans-leather skinny pants by Maitreya

makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

eyes- voodoo(Siren) By [Buzzeri]
skin-wendy V1 by 7deadly{S}kins

so pop on by Sl Vogue and see all the great items to be had :)) hurry along now !!!

sl vogue fb

sl vogue flicker

TP to Sl Vogue




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