Welcome to Pigeon Street


VelmSFLY Event Logo

A new event on the grid Sl Vogue some cute designers involved with this, It started on the 6 th of October and will be on untill the 3rd November, so I do have a bunch of cool stuff to show you and I know you be racing off to go buy once you seen them so I am not goning to ramble I go straight to the pics for you:))

Also Eloquence Has an event,  a grand opening of all free stuff ,I know right you did hear it correct, all free stuff and not crappy stuff either really wonderful Stuff that Im really loving some of it I have here to show you also . I am going to start with these pictures first:)) the seat Pigeon street By Junk I simply love it and with an old gift from LTD it looked wonderful. and through this event I have discoverd junk and so fallen in love with their items and went over and bought nearly the entire collection heheheh so you be seeing alot more of them from me 🙂pigeon street 1


pigeon street 2


pigeon street 3


pigeon street 4

pigeon street 5

What Hazy is wearing…

jumpsuit cant hold us (Sky) By Entice  free gift @ Eloquence

hair-sugar coated By Atomic @ The Candy Fair

makeup- saintly eyes by The Hellish Diva

nails-jucy strawberry By kawaii @ The Candy Fair

bracletes- boho bangles BY Maxi Gossamer

skin-Wendy V1 By 7Deadly{S}kins

Whats in the room…

pigeon street seat By Junk

pulley ceiling light by Junk

salvaged spring stool by Junk
water color painting by Intrigue Co

cushion on seat – ruffles (Lipstick) BY LTD (Old free Gift)

artist desk & canvas rack by Applefall

cairns coffee table ( Walnut) By DIGS

Valariea armchair ( VIntage) by DIGS

driftwood chandelier by[We’re Closed]

side table with books by LIsp

salvage display by Lisp

Restoration rug by Lisp

resoration Lamp By Lisp

phonograph by [Contraption]

Picture curtain (B/W) By Kalopsia  free gift @ Eloquence


sl vogue12


sl vogue11

sl vogue 9

sl vogue 8

sl vogue 7

Dress-cupcake (Black velvet) By [A] @ Sl Vogue
makeup -Saintly shadow by [THD]

hair- nahara By +Spellbound+

hands – casual Feet high avatar enhancments by Slink

nails-jucy strawberry By kawaii @ The candy Fair

salvaged spring stool by Junk

Picture curtain (B/W) By Kalopsia @ Eloquence  ( free Gift)

pulley ceiling light by Junk

canvas rack by Applefall



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