Don’t Back Me Up Against the Wall

C.H have a new outfit out perfect for the autumn cold night drawing in, Nice and cosy yet glamorous enough to go out for an intimate meal at a nice cosy restaurant with your loved one. pop along Inworld store and pick it up 🙂

Something new asI have said before love to make Hallowenny poses and props So this one which is for a hunt Nightmares Hunt which is on from September 29th-October 29th so there still time to hope over and have a go at the hunt , I am awful at hunts so I no help whats so ever But I am sure the questions arnt to hard to be able to find this great pose Nightmare in sl street


Nightmares In sl Street

Nightmares In sl Street


nightmare in sl street

Nightmares are terrible things. They make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. They make you panic when your nightlight burns out, or the moon throws monster shaped shadows upon your wall. They’re filled with gruesome creatures, terrifying scenarios, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. What are you afraid of when the lights go out?

Pose and Prop By Something New (Creator Allysondwyer Resident )  SN Marketplace   , Mainstore  , facebook  , flicker  so hop on by To find the Nightmare Hunt in store be prepared Its  nightmare !!!!

C.H dagmar outfit8

C.H dagmar outfit7

ch dagmar outfit6What Hazy Is Wearing…

circlete-Iona(Gold) by Bite&Claw @Mystic realms faire Location to be announced

top, jacket,clutch jeans,eyeshadow and lipstick and shoes -Dagmar outfit By C.H

nails -wild black silver by Zoz

hair-Rula By Emo-tions

-Skin – Morane V1 ( Gatcha Ultra rare) BY 7Deadly{S}Kins @ Sex Sells Gacha Fair

necklace- Freedom By Emo-tions
braclets- cuban (Gold) By RYCA

earrings -3inrow (Gold) By RYCA

dark wall & Poses By Magnifique Poses

and I am going to finish of with another pose from something new as I managed to grab my Boyfriend while he was on line and do this pose we were on the beach so I felt it was rather fitting:))

Our heart By Something New

Our heart By Something New

ahhhh I think he gonna let me fall helpppppp!!!!!!

Our heart by Something New

Our heart by Something New


Our heart By somethign New

Our heart By somethign New

Pose -Our heart By Something New

Have fun peeps Lots of cool hunts and events around the grid at the moment So have fun and see you there maybe xxxx Hazy xxxxx


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