Lets Make Potpourri

Hey check out The items by potpourri designs for the home  and garden expo. The Leather Library Chair in black or purple leather  I love the blue one  such a pretty blue and some cute sits in it  too, I simply love the fluffy heart black rug and simply adore the Dark Amethyst Flower table lamp ,I love how my pictures came out when set to midnight with the light on  im not going to ramble on It says it all in the pics So here you are guys:))

potpourri designs 3

potpourri designs 4

potpourri designs 5

potpourri designs 6

potpourri designs 7

potpourri designs 8

potpourri designs 9

potpourri designs 10

What Hazy is wearing…

hair-Eva ( Pastel) BY Mina @Cosmopolitain Sales Room

nails –

ring-Kuckle (crown) By *GFD*

necklace -Gypsy By Earthstones

eyes-voodoo(siren) Horror By [Buzzeri]

makeup-eyeliner hippie(Navy) By Mons
eyeshadow Hippie(green) By Mons

skin-Patience freckled By 7Deadly{S}Kins

boots -Kalie By Rowena Designs

Top&panties -summer breeze set By 1Hundred @ Cosmopolitain Sales Room

hands- casual Avatar Enhancement hands by Slink
Feet- high avatar enhancement by Slink

furniture set  includes -Leather Library Chair in black or purple leather. 9 single sit animations , Fluffy Hear Shaped Rug (Black), Blue Waves Framed Picture,Dark Amethyst Flower Light table (Touch bulb to turn on/off) By
Potpourri Designs Furniture & Home decor @ Home&GardenExpo

floor standing mirror by Lisp

restoration ladder bookcase by Lisp

diville 11 bookcase no idea who made it or where it came from sorry :))



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