7 Deadly Sins

7 deadly sins 3


So This month we got together for our monthly blogger project  in support of each other blogs  I love it as it has introduced me to a fine bunch of blogger I more than likley would never have meet before , I’m now an avid follower of all their blogs plus it gives each of our followers of our blogs the intro to all of their blogs What  fantasic idea I hear you say , and  yes we soo love more bloggers to come along to and get involved its open to all blogger on the grid , So send a note card to Mena Lancaster who is the brains behind all this and she will give you the info on what its all about 🙂

This month was 7 Deadly Sins , and we all took on our roles beautifully and portrayed the sins in our own ways but I thought everyone looked great and was definatly obvious who each sin each of us chose. so here are the pics I took guys .

7 deadly sins

7 deadly sins 2


7 deadly sins 5

7 deadly sins 7


lust my deadly sin  3


picture courtesy of Mena Lancaster 7 deadly sins –



this picture coutesy of wiccanbeauty

this picture coutesy of wiccanbeauty


lust my deadly sin 1

What Hazy ‘s wearing…

corset -pitch Black By [NN] Designs

top-enyo(Black) by !Sweet Poison!

Headband -Taela By ! Cellar Door

horns- Taela By !Cellar Door

ring- Wise owl By Kosh

eye shadow-eyeliner hippie(Navey) By Mons

skin–lust skin tone f By 7Deadly{S}kins

handprint on face & chest- warrants By Bite& Claw

hair-lux ( rainbow) By +Spellbound+

posture V_collar( woman) No 07 By (r)M red Mint

bands on ankles -::prisoner:: by l’Emporio foot collection

earrings- 3 in a row Hoops ( gold) By RYCA

arm wraps – briar arm wraps by lark

poses used in the single pics of Hazy – Kpop girls By Beppin

pose used in the group shot  for hazy- condemed to this earth by F*cking Ninjas


soo please please we want more blogger come and join us next month for the 3rd great theme and lets make this thing amazing 🙂 you be disapointed you wernt part of it

now for the libnks for all the other amazing blogger that are with me in the pictures:))

the brains behind all this – Mena Lancaster- http://thenewestwrinkles.wordpress.com/
кąгąʟεε DANGER ἶɾօղჩεმɾძ- http://nobodydoesitlikekaralee.wordpress.com/

บzϊ ℒบbϊτɨʂɔӇ – http://susannedrechsler.wordpress.com/

RikkeBa – http://theworldofba.wordpress.com/

Guest appearance by The Amazing Billy – http://www.flickr.com/photos/92782798@N03/

and for all that was involved thanx for fun time and look forward to next month :))

and to mena for all the organising:))



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