Who doesnt Love to shop at The Thrift Shop ??

Im going to make a really quick post for you guys tonight asd I have been editing pics till  stupid o clock but I desperatly want to get this post out before I go sleep Aghhhhhh !!!!

Ok So This post I am featuring My wonderful sponsor Of my favorite Poses IN secondlife Ooh demmit You Know who I am going to say dont You?? hehehe Lol Somethihng New  Has some adorable exclusive poses and one for you guys too (Yes and I actually got my `Boyfreind On to take pics Yes and he loves iT!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!) and these wonderful Poses are on sale at The Thrift shop for not alot of lindens Soo Hurry on down to see what you can find ( wait finish reading my post before you skip off now)

waagwan lord of his home 4

waagwan lord of his home 5

waagwan lord of his home 6

waagwan lord of his home 1

waagwan lord of his home 2

waagwan lord of his home 3 What Waagwan is wearing…

pants-jaw breaker grunge jeans BY Razorblade Jacket

Boots- tonka boots By Juice.:.

face tattoo -::manea:: By GhostInk

skin-leo ( goatee included) By Prodigal

earings-dragon ‘s tail gauge BY .HOD.

necklace-RINen&Hook(gold/Riosary By :Sey.

ring-bloodbond ring By Bloodlines

hair-gas760 By Boon

side table by Lisp

retro relax cushion/w vice mag by ::La Flat::

restoration ladder bookcase By Lisp

4 decorative license plates by Love To Decorate ( an Old free gift)

gramophone By Closet Freaks

two Posters made by Me Hangs my head in shame as I no idea who the artists are:((

Moroccan rug with 22 texture changes b y Harambee ( all proceeds go to charity)

Chair &leopard /w Pose -Lord of his Home By Something New @ The thrift shop



Ok hazys turn :))

MIRROR MY HANDS FINALWhat hazy is wearing…

carina corset & skirt By Rowena Designs

shoes-belle (Black) By ::Miss Canning::

necklace-zulaikha lattice By Maxi Gossamer

tights- ornamental By Bax

hair -Lca518 By Boon

earrings- rink 3row hoop By RYCA

makeup-maike eyeshadow (Blue) By Zisbka ( a touch of punk Nouveau)

nails-dark spring gold( dazzling Blue) By zoz

eyes-voodoo(siren) BY Buzzeri

skin-patience By 7deadly{S}kins

Hands-casual feet high By Slink

Ring- kuckle ring (crown) by {GFD} 

ring-indian summer ring ( black/silver)by {Glow}Studio

Pose- Mirror My hands  By Something New @Thrift Shop

thrift shop is on from the 8th september For 22 days



Thrift Shop 6.0


2 thoughts on “Who doesnt Love to shop at The Thrift Shop ??

    • yes he loves it:)) hahaha Not :)) yes he does dress well I love his style I get no say in it what so ever :)) but he always looks great well in my eyes maybe hehehe :))

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