come share the bath with me!!!!

The Unique Varied Event Logo September

This Event The Unique varied Event is on from the 8th to the 22nd of september taxi is here 🙂

Now What amazing finds will you find here ??

one thing I do know of is something new has a few unique Poses and props for you

“The Wet Kiss” & “The Wet Kiss Two.” sadly my boyfriend wouldnt log in for me grrrrrrrr so I wont be showing you those two today i am gutted as they both super cute and I was all excited to do a photoshoot for them But no no no was not ment to be LOL !!!

and the one for us ladies  “The bath In me Pose ” Time to spend  quality time on just ourselves and have a nice long soak  With the 5 super cute poses .

bath in me 6

bath in me 4bath in me 3

bath in me 7

bath in me 2Poses – Bath In me By Something New @ The Unique Varied Event

hair-Lux (rainbow) By +Spellbound+
earings-spiked gold By RYCA

Skin-lust skin tone F By 7Deadly{S}kins

shape-patients caramel By 7 deadly{S}Kins

nails- dark spring gold( comfry) By Zoz

hands -casual, feet -High Both By Slink

face peircings-eyebrow spikes- by [Bijou&T]HQ

eyes- Voodoo (siren) BY{Buzzeri}




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