District 5 leap Of faith!!!

District 5 Flyer 2014 v2

What a cool idea district 5,  What is your district?? Is it  Sin city, The Hamptons, The Scene or the Industrial Compound?

I think they all are really great strong influences  and Hazy has alil bit of each in her:))  But only about a week left of the event so hurry along and check it out .

The outfit I am blogging today Is for the industrial compound , which I think is  stempunkie/ goth and had fun creating this outfit ,It is alil goth influence in there  I  am happy with what I came up with do you like it? This outfit is specially designed for this event so hurry along to get it or you will miss out

The poses I used Leap of faith I thought wear perfect with this blindfold on as is exaclty what Im doing a pure leap of faith who will catch me?? ooh silly me I will catch my own fall and land on my feet as I am so cat like and agile hehehhe!!!

leap of faith 2

leap of faith 1

leap of faith 3 Poses used in these pictures are leap of faith by ( vix)


What Hazy Is wearing…


shape-patience caramel By 7Deadly[S}Kins
shape and skin available on the 13th september
skin-patience caramel freckles by 7 deadly[S]kins

hair- Lana(Onyx) By D!va

makeup and piercings-deardru face paints by HausOfDarcy

key in back-steam key by Yasum
blindfold- steam blindfold By Yasum

earings-spikes Gold By RYCA
braclets- cuban gold By RYCA

necklace-musical watch by MIwardrobe

necklace-alice medal by I love 13 don’t think this store still available

shoes-lace peep toe wedge by !(HIgh Rise 2.0)!

garter-garter- femme fatale BY *LC*

dress- marguerite:blood( exclusive for the industrial compound) By Adonis @ district 5

hands – casual and feet high both by slink

tights- fishnet by Bax

nails- dark spring silver (purple) by Zoz

I am missing my lil blogging companion My6 little jack russel Meg , my daughter gone to stay in the next town with her boyfriend for a few days and took meg with her < now bearing in mind my dog follows me to the loo when i get up she gets up when i settle down she settles down she is my shadow and has bveen for ten years always when I am blogging I sit on the side of my bed with a table in frount of me with my laptop on ( I have to put it on a table if i sit in bed with it i am garanteed to fall asleep  and is when major disasters happen :(()with meg sleeping either on my lap behind me or under the bed covers .  I went to the woods to collect wood today and I felt soo like I had left something behind  😦 but good news is she back tommorow yay I have missed her alot I also need her to bounce ideas off she a very good listener you know!!!!

Hugs happy thursday folks till next time xxxxxx hazy xxxxx


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