Artists Can Color the sky

keeping warm autumn is here 6

keeping warm autumn is here 5


keeping warm autumn is here 7

I am finding around the grid some great colours  I discoverd +spellbound +hair the other day and I so love her pastel hairs and rainbow colors the huds are simple and  I just love the styles they definatly quirky and funky for sure and I want all of them But for the moment I have to stick to the six I bought This One I am wearing in these pictures I love Its the lux rainbow range with a cute latex bow that your given a few diffrent color options for also.
I also poped along to [Glow]studio and bought nearly the entire range  and these I will show you over the next few posts

and then I was looking through the blogger group of we love to blog and found precious Designs who happens to  share a store with one my new sponsers Rowena Designs and Precious Designs also does equaly as cute stuff, So had to show you this outfit I loved the way the skirt flowed and the pretty color optins in the hud and not only this outfit but also slink shoes OOh im am in heaven :)) , I chose to go with the blue as it looked stunning with the pink hair and the blue jewellary

if you go to the store Precious designs are the red around the vendors and rowena Is purple around the vendors I had been told which side was wich but being dyslexic I got confused LOL Not hard to confuse me hahhah!!!

Ooh and before I forget some really exciting news 7deadly{S}Kins are releasing a new skin called patience caramel ( the skin I am wearing) there is going to be a big launch party On the 13th of september with lots of exciting things to be had Really great offers, freebies Music and much more so be sure to check that out


autumn hazy jpg

I know this last picture is alittle odd  I was playing so forgive me

the poses used in these pictures are -sweet baby + piece of sun both By Eternal Dream

and check out their blog –blog post here

What Hazy is Wearing…

skirt&top-i got a feeling by Precious Designs

shoes- i got a feeling ( slink) By Precious Designs

hair-Lux( rainbow) BY +Spellbound+

arm cuffs- crysantha by On a Lark

necklace- I am the one(Blue) by [Glow]studio

shape-patience caramel By 7Deadly[S}Kins

available on the 13th september
skin-patience caramel freckles by 7 deadly[S]kins available on 13th september

Hands Casual  and feet high Both by Slink

nails-dark spring silver (dazzling Blue) by Zoz


here is the info  about 7deadly{S}kins…





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