my memoirs of a geisha

OOh I had  alot of lag trouble at The fantasy Gacha i struggled for about 2 hours  walking of the cliff not being able to cam having to ask random people to tp me back up OOh my was a nightmare , then It dawned on me I had my graphics set to ultra and on sun and moon  & projectors OOh What a fool I am as soon as i turned all that off I was totally fine and could actually shop, I had missed a party Due to puter problems or so I thought . But Finally i found what I had come for and that was the !Devious mind geisha gacha OOOh it was so pretty . and I got alot of what I wanted Not all but I had very limited Lindens.

I have always had a facination with geisha , I read memoirs of a geisha before it came out on film and meny simular boks before that and many more after I find that world so intresting , so many think they are just prositutes but noooo noo no they are very much not that . the fact they start their training at about 8 years old , they are sent away by their families ( who think its going to be a better life for them) invarably it is but so many spend the rest of their lives workking to pay of the mother who looked after them from such a young age and nutred them. if they learn well and are clever they will do extremly well and not just fall for the first few men that put in a bid for them , they have to learn how to manipulate in a very clever way. Then there is all the tea cerimonies , and the instraments they have to learn to play to entertain the gentlemen with. OOh its all soo very fascinating

any way So here are my pictures I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed doing them ….

geisha  5

geisha 1

geisha 2

geisha 6


geisha 8


geisha 10


geisha 12




What Hazy is wearing …

makeup-Amidala  royal makeup **GOLD** by !DM @ The Fantasy Gacha

dress- Sakura shibaridress (ruby Dragon) By !DM @ The Fantasy gacha

hair-mera Luna By Emo-tions

fan-Satin fanW/Pearl strings (**Dragon**) By !DM @ The fantasy Gacha

flowers in hair-Red leaf flower cluster by -=Fuubutsu-dou

eyebrow spikes- by [Bijou&T]HQ

skin-LUst skintone F by 7Deadly{S}Kins

earings-chinese doll By Phoebie piercings

rings-four in a row by Ryca

nails- dark spring silver (red) by Zoz

poses used geisha still poses By Tuty’s


2 thoughts on “my memoirs of a geisha

  1. well the prob is when there is alotta lag is usually stuff colliding which so many sim builders dont seem to know Shakes my head why cant they just look at their scripted items and check there is no problems before they get started i never know there so much stuff u can do to avoid lag but hey ho on wards and up wards lol!!!!

  2. Beautiful as always, Hazy! I had the same trouble at the Fantasy Gacha Fair and in the end I just gave up – couldn’t even find what I wanted because I could hardly move lol They have got to make it easier somehow!!

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