Winter is in the Air

yes alas winter is on its way !!! I do love the autumn days with the crisp air  and the leaves falling  but yet there is also the thought of the cold coming  ughh and trying to keep warm this I detest , I so hate being cold  I wish we could make it like sl and hacve summer alll year round hahaha Im sure I would long for a cold crisp night then but how it stands at the moment Im dreading it .

so when My new sponser Rowena Designs passed me this adorable dress It reminded me of  being a young girl and wearing  a nice warm dress with nice wooly tights to keep me warm in those winter days . again as with all her clothing has a hud option with four colors to choose from for this dress I went for the teal green as it looked cute with my new pink hair I picked up as  a group gift from .:Chevaux:.

I also gained another new sponser yesterday 7 Deadly {S}kins  This has made me very happy as I have been wanting to experiment with skins as i have always stuck with my al Vulo skin that I love , but have been feeling for a while I should explore the grid alittle with being a blogger i need to experiment some more , so  when I got a reply back and acepted by the team It made me smile big as what a perfect company to start exploring skins with :)) Im so sorry if I am rambeling on tonight and not making a huge amount of sense I think i am very over tierd so im guessing im probally writing a big load of nonesense that I think makes sense till I look back at it again tommorow and think OOh my !!!! ( ploease forgive me lol!!!)

rowena designs 1



rowena designs 2


rowena designs 3

What Hazy Is wearing…

hair-pink By .:Chevaux:. (Group Gift)

makeup-eyeshadow spray(candy) By Mons

Nails-dark spring gold( orchid) by Zoz

eyes-voodoo(siren) By Buzz @The fantasy Collective

skin-lust B1 BY 7 Deadly{S}kins

necklace – corde amare By Rowena Designs

earings-Love BY [E.C] Jewelry

shoes -tiffany heels (slink High) by zoz

dress- lalita by Rowena Designs

Pose-demure By Something New

Till next time big loves Hazy xxxxx


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