She has snow white skin, some day my prince will come

I’m so loving my snow white skin Lust By 7Deadly{S}kins its made  me feel like snow white , I love it beccause all my makeup shows up beautifully on it , as I normally have a very dark skin often subtle makeups don’t show up too well ,

so the weekend is here  time for alot of sleeping I so got over tierd doing my real daily stuffs then staying on sl really late ( I know so many of us have this problem) so I am going to get this post out then sleep all weekend  so ~If you wonder where Hazy is she pretending to be snow White and sleeping till her prince arrives < well actuallly he will be asleep next to me but I wont tell ya that bit lol.

So have A wonderful weekend peeps  and relaly dont do anyhting I wouldnt do  as that would mean your having fun without me and that would never do!!!!!

Ok I am rambling again  sorry .

gizza new outfit 9


gizza new outfit 4

gizza new outfit 6


gizza new outfit 8


gizza new outfit 3

What hazy Is wearing…

skin-Lust skin tone F by 7Deadly{S}kins

makeup-zoa pink by +Nuuna+

eybrow sp[ikes- by [Bijou&T}HQ

necklace- isis solar magic by Maxi Gossamer

hair- jinx by Truth

left hand ring- 4 in a row gold by RYCA

Right hand ring-indian summer ring BY [Glow] studio

nails- dark spring gold( orchid) by Zoz

shorts& top- flowery perfume By Gizza

eyes- voodoo(Siren)By {Buzzeri}


Hugs Hazy xxxx




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